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Office occupation climbed in September, says study

Dan Whelan

The number of people working from offices nationally leapt 120% from the start of August to the start of this month, but more than two-thirds of office workers are still at home, according to new data. 

The latest Office Occupation Index from building management software provider Metrikus is based on the firm’s sensors tracking the number of people using a building on a given day.

The data showed that occupation levels stood at 15% of the building’s total capacity as of the end of August, but had increased significantly to 33% of the total by the end of last week, according to Metrikus.  

The uptick in office returns came as schools across the country reopened.  

The data also showed that more workers are arriving at the office later in the morning to avoid rush hour, but meeting rooms are busier than they were before lockdown – suggesting a shift to a more collaborative working environment.

The figures could indicate the start of a what many people in the North West property industry have been calling for over the past weeks and months, to boost city centre trade, support junior workers and preserve company culture. 

However, rising levels of Covid-19 cases could yet curtail the trend and further deter the 66% of people still working from home from returning to the office. 

Michael Grant, chief operations officer at Metrikus, said: “The information we’re getting  from our sensors provides a huge amount of insight into how employers are supporting their staff back into a pattern of work that delivers the best outcomes for productivity.  

“Whether that’s a full-time return to the office or a mix with some homeworking, knowledge is power and our technology is able to place minute-by-minute data in the hands of companies to help them understand how they are using their buildings.” 

Metrikus did not provide a regional breakdown of its data.

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