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Historic England and the Victorian Society have both objected to the "harmful" plans

NPP brands Everton stadium delay ‘huge mistake’

Dan Whelan

The Northern Powerhouse Partnership, set up to drive economic growth in the North of England, has criticised the conservation bodies calling for the refusal of Everton FC’s 52,000-capacity stadium plan, and declared Liverpool’s World Heritage status as having “served its purpose”. 

Henri Murison, director of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, said: “Unnecessarily delaying a £1bn mega-project such as this would be a huge mistake. 

“Historic England’s reading of the requirements of the World Heritage Status, which has already served its purpose in establishing [Liverpool’s] visitor brand, shows that the time may have come when the disadvantages [of the status] for the city outweigh any residual benefits it brings.” 

Conservation groups Historic England and the Victorian Society have both objected to Everton’s proposals for a £500m stadium at the grade two-listed Bramley-Moore Dock on the city’s waterfront on the grounds that infilling the disused dock would be harmful to assets of historical value. 

The organisations have asked for the project to either be refused by Liverpool City Council or called in by the Secretary of State, which would scupper the club’s aim to start construction work on site early next year.

Everton FC has been working alongside various conservation groups to draw up the proposals and last week submitted an amended planning application for the project in order to address some concerns raised by objectors. 

In his statement, Murison added: “In reality, the power of such a scheme can prove transformative in unlocking the true economic potential of Liverpool and the North in both the short- and long-term.  

“Projects like this represent a critical example of the role that forward-thinking organisations such as Everton and their wider partners can play in investing in local communities and ‘building back better’ – closing the North/South divide one step at a time.” 

The topic of development in and around Liverpool’s docklands, which fall within the World Heritage zone, causes much debate between those who believe Liverpool’s Unesco status is good for the city and those who think it holds back its growth. 

Last week, Liverpool City Council launched a framework aimed at guiding development within the protected zone so that the city can maintain its Unesco World Heritage status, which is being reviewed by the European heritage body, while also pushing ahead with the regeneration of the derelict docklands. 

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These undemocratic bodies need to be disbanded immediately.

By Chris J

It’s time to see the back of WHS for the greater benefit of the city.

By Anon

The irony that the so called body that could try to block this would then happily see the site lay vacant another 30 years and the one key piece of heritage that is on the site, the hydraulic tower which the club intend to renovate may well be in tatters. Get it built, get the area back to life, accessible to the public, and kick start the rejuvenation of the northern docks. No wonder developers are put off having to walk proverbial tightropes. Yes protect heritage where merited, but it seems the only ones who can’t see how daft this objection is, is Historic England.

By L17

About time somebody stood up to the heritage bodies. Desolate land does not create tourism, jobs or prosperity – these docks need to be redeveloped and boost Liverpool’s waterfront & this stadium is a major stepping point in that catalyst for change. Any other European waterside city would be absolutely clambering over themselves to have these amazing pockets of land for redevelopment.


Couldn’t agree more …
Liverpool has been held back for far too long by the panoply of conservation bodies.

By Stephen Wade Legat Owen

What a stupid comment from NPP.

By Observer

The money that the stadium will bring into the city jobs for liverpool people will greatly overshadow enything that this bodies are trying to do
All that revenue to the city instead of a few seagulls flying round

By Ken hunt

It should be pointed out that at least one ‘Conservation Body’ – the Merseyside Civic Society – having been fully involved in consultations over both the World Heritage Site and the Stadium proposal, have (in these instants) supported the line taken by the City Council and their professional staff. My own view is that Historic England and ICOMOS have acted in bad faith on these matters. Liverpool City has put extraordinary resources and effort into conservation, and Everton FC have also gone the extra mile. The threat to have the scheme ‘called-in’ by the UK Government is outrageous.

By Trevor Skempton

Great news, they’ve served their purpose. This will look amazing on the waterfront and become an instant icon.

By Anonymous

The original plan wasn’t too bad. But the ‘outsiders’ wouldn’t accept it and it went down hill until it looks like a cowshed. Even thats not bad enoug for them . Joe Anderson needs to get some bottle and sort these nobodies out. First dump UNESCO.

By Geotge

UNESCO offers nothing to Liverpool. All of Liverpool’s docks north of Pier Head are 19/20th century docks with almost no historical value. Post WWII one of those docks has been converted into a sewer treatment plant. In fact, that dock is directly adjacent to Bramley-Moore Dock.
Liverpool should seriously consider foregoing the WHS title if it continues to interfere in developing the derelict north docks.

By Patrick Taylor

Dear Chris J: I couldn’t agreed more. It is time to end rule by undemocratic capital corporations. I know most people vote Tory to end democracy, but I disagree; rules by a self-interested self-appointed self-declared ‘aristoratic money elite’ is the road to ruin.

By James Yates

Dump UNESCO and Dump the Conservative run UK, let’s go for Independence.

By Stand up Liverpool or be buried.

Job creation, economic prosperity and regeneration of derelict and redundant land must start to take precedence over these ludicrous ‘heritage’ arguements. Add in the current economic climate and it is hard to understand how anyone can think turning down this development is a sensible course of action.

By David Sleath

Can’t say as I have ever met or seen one tourist who visited Liverpool docks to walk around a disused dock that is not in the best condition. Why are we who live here at risk of losing a major redevelopment because of these beaurocrats.

By Geoffrey jones

We at the titanic hotel managed to build and stay in the Whs, as a company we would welcome everton into the community, but we welcome the Whs more and If we have to choose we want the Whs, Everton being the lesser of the two clubs they wouldn’t really bring much, but if it was Liverpool fc then we would bend over backwards to welcome the true giant of Merseyside and it’s great fans.

By Titanic hotel

It’s not true that ‘Unesco offers nothing to Liverpool’ but like most organisations it is bureaucratic and rigidly bound to its own rules even where these create anomalies. In these times organisations like UNESCO should learn to be creative and flexible, and that goes for Historic England too. A World Heritage Site Boundary should not be set in stone. Places evolve, and our appreciation of the heritage and what is important should evolve too. If, however, the filling in of this peripheral dock is a ‘no no’, TAKE IT OUT OF THE WHS. Review what has happened in terms of the conservation of the 99% of the site and heritage assets remaining and if that is largely in good order, which it is, take a proportionate view. There’s nothing about Bramley Moore that makes it crucial to the WHS integrity, and the Everton scheme is extremely respectful and enhancing of it’s dockland setting.

By Roscoe

The bizarre thing is this proposal isn’t in its infancy. Everyone outside of Liverpool knows about it so how have Historic England only just woken up to it after Everton, the council and other bodies invested so much of time and expense

By Anonymous

I agree with Titanic Hotel. Everton need to build a team and the rest can follow later.

By John Burns banned again

I can’t see why it’s a problem it’s an eyesore at the moment and will not only make the area look better will bring jobs to more people who desperately need them, these people are not thinking of bothered with their views

By Pam Kershaw

We were a trailblazer in this part of the city and it’s clear to anybody that more investment is desperately required in the area. Having a Premiership football club on our doorstep – especially such a storied and significant one as Everton – would give us, and the whole of the waterfront, an unimaginable boost. Heritage is important to the city and these proposals offer more positives than negatives. That much is obvious.

By Titanic Hotel

Why are they complaining about the Stadium it’s a great iconic design which will be built on an eyesore site which has been empty for years it would bring great economic growth to the Area and attract lots of other Developments

By Eddie Doyle

why did they object at the time of the project when the Stadium 12 months ago. I hope it gets approved.

By Mr Procter

Go forward not backwards bramley dock is dump

By J Griffiths

I think everton and liverpool borough council are doing the right thing and steps to make liverpool more of a place to visit being in revenue to the city to make a difference to run down areas that would transform the areas.

By Peter carbert

At least no one would be forced out of their homes in this scenario eh @Titanic Hotel? Unlike some…Maybe they should just flatten your hotel and build it on there :)

By PrentonEnd

Everton FC the mother club of our great city a history that’s 2nd to none would be the ideal organisation to occupy the heritage site that is bramley Moore dock also Everton fc notoriously known as the people’s club who would spread the wealth this project would inspire this is a wonderful opportunity for our great city to benefit instantaneously & in the future it’s a absolute necessity this opportunity is grasped with both hands by everyone in our great city organisations like historic England that object to projects such as this dont have the good of our city at heart otherwise we would be having this debate what happens if these organisations win this argument this already derelict sight would detonate beyond d redemption stop this ridiculous campaign let’s get going with this wonderful project for the benefit of everyone in our city

By John corby

As if the Titanic Hotel would snub having a much sought after destination and upcoming area on its doorstep. It’s a lovely hotel in a rundown area and miles away from anything. The stadium and other developments would change the area for the better and beyond recognition. Liverpool needs this development to happen, heck the North West does! Probably now more than ever with Covid and Brexit.

By Apyoud

Will that been the same Historic England and the Victorian Society that turn a blind-eye to the substandard maintenance of 2,500+ of Liverpool’s listed built assets…

Hypocrites…the lot of ’em…

By North by North-West

Call in the government and Boris will say ‘build, build, build’! He is a Blue after all! Up the Tories. If it was Labour they would be on the side of the objectors so the stadium would be doomed.

By Ron Morgan

A hole in the ground full of water in a derelict eyesore area has served its purpose and we must move on. Our City needs jobs and the infrastructure that surrounds that area. Why someone who has no idea what Liverpool needs should not be allowed to jeopardise this wonderful scheme. Get back behind your desk, put your PlayStation on and leave us to get on with developing our wonderful city for years to come.

By Colin Longmore

This is a load of nonsense, it’s all because it’s Everton football club, if it was liverpool fc not a problem fact. This project is happening for the good of the city of liverpool.

By John Michael lynch

Meanwhile they one true heritage asset, the hydraulic tower continues to crumble… Beyond parody

By Ormskirk

Have Everton actually confirmed they have a full funding package in place for the scheme yet?

By Mark Gilbertson