No4 St Paul’s approaches full house as DTM moves in

One full floor at No4 St Paul’s remains available after DTM Legal took around 3,000 sq ft on the third, adding to Liverpool’s shortage of high-grade office space.

The law firm has taken a third-floor suite, leaving around 14,200 sq ft on the fifth floor as the last large available space. There is understood to be strong interest with agents suggesting the building is likely to be full in the coming months. Quoting rent is £20/sq ft.

DTM, which has signed a 10-year lease, joins other occupiers including Pegasus, Gleeds, Santander, Marsh, and Gas Tag.

Co-working operator Avenue HQ also agreed a deal to take 23,000 sq ft over two floors last October, marking its second site in Liverpool after Mann Island.

No4 St Paul’s Square totals 107,000 sq ft, and if the fifth floor lets, it will be the first time the building has been full since it opened its doors in 2011.

CBRE acted for the building’s owner, Aberdeen Asset Management, while Worthington Owen acted for DTM Legal.

Neil Kirkham, area director at CBRE in Liverpool, said: “This letting is a real coup for No 4 St Paul’s. DTM Legal is one of the fastest-growing law firms in the North West.

“Thanks to the progressive approach from Aberdeen, No 4 St Paul’s offers both a fantastic physical space and a healthy and positive environment – a winning combination and up to the high standards now demanded by the modern occupier.

“The accommodation here is filling up fast but there is still an opportunity for forward-looking occupiers to become part of the 4 St Paul’s Square success story.”

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Merseyside working for Liverpool.

By Heswall

@Heswall what point are you trying to make, Merseyside is Liverpool.

By Birkenhead

@Birkenhead. Merseyside is Liverpool, Knowsley, the Wirral, Sefton, etc. Although you would not think so when it comes to distributing wealth.

By Anonymous

Merseyside is Liverpool. The Wirral certainly isnt.

By Prenton Park 1912

The term Merseyside has officially been replaced with the Liverpool City Region and similar in setup to Greater London. It makes sense that developers/companies are going to invest in the center of this region, that just so happens to be the city center for those Liverpool boroughs you have just mentioned.

By Birkenhead

is that 4 their for when liverpool foolishly thought channel 4 might want to put there new offices in liverpool

By Sandgrounder

As someone from Wirral, there seems to be a few delusional odd people on here who think Wirral isn’t part of Merseyside and the Liverpool City Region. They need to look up history and reality as well. The area only developed as satellite towns and suburbs of Liverpool. Yeah sure a few old hamlets existed but all long dissappeard under suburbs. I thought the strange, moody people who insisted on writing ‘Prenton Cheshire’ on their addresses had died out, but seems one or two still clinging on.


With attitudes like Heswall displays, how do you think that Liverpool will ever work for Merseyside as a whole? This sort of attitude prevents co-operation and mutual interest and identity from developing. I was born in Heswall – but have an identity and a life which spans both sides of the river. Get out there – it’s a big world.