Collyhurst South 2
Collyhurst South and Collyhurst Village form part of the 383-acre Victoria North. Credit via planning documents

Next stage of £4bn Victoria North gets green light  

Dan Whelan

Far East Consortium’s plans for 30 affordable homes in South Collyhurst have been approved by Manchester City Council. 

The proposals, designed by Buttress Architects, include 14 three-bedroom houses, four three-bedroom duplex apartments, one two-bedroom duplex apartment, and 11 two-bedroom apartments. 

The homes would be located on one acre bounded by Kingsfold Avenue, Whitley Road And Winscombe Drive.

This tranche of housing follows the 244-home Collyhurst Village, which includes 100 properties for social rent. 

Those plans, which include a 3.2-acre public park, were approved in June and are to be delivered by contractor Lovell. 

Collyhurst South and Collyhurst Village form part of the 383-acre Victoria North, previously known as the Northern Gateway. 

The £4bn Victoria North project, which FEC is developing in joint venture with the city council, could deliver up to 15,000 new homes over the next 15 years. 

The masterplan is split into seven neighbourhoods: Collyhurst Village, Collyhurst South, New Cross, New Town, Red Bank, Vauxhall Gardens, and Smedley Dip & Eggington Street. 

A key part of the masterplan is the creation of City River Park, a 113-acre park to be developed on the bank of the River Irk. 

“This approval represents the culmination of the planning process for our two sites in Collyhurst and, importantly, paves the way for development activity to move forward,” said Victoria Hunter, senior development manager at FEC.

“As part of the first phase of the strategic masterplan, Collyhurst Village and Collyhurst South will set the standard for future developments within Victoria North, with a focus on high-quality, affordable housing and a commitment to green living in the city.”

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These just look like new versions of the 1970s monstrosities along The Parkway/Hulme. Affordable housing is desperately needed but it does not need to look like this!

By 1981

Too many houses too close together, people need more space and privacy


There`s no sense of calm or space. No riverside walk and nothing to want to go home for. Manchester is landlocked, but this is no excuse for the lack of imagination.

By Liverpool Romance

A bit confused by the comments here, maybe the renders are misleading. The Buttress housing in Salford around Chapel Street is good, if they get close to that quality for affordable housing in Collyhurst that feels like a big win.

By Rich X

These are average, nothing more nothing less.

By The Squirrel's Nuts