New regeneration framework for North Liverpool

A 20-year plan to revitalise North Liverpool and South Sefton, written by DPP Shape and Keppie Massie, will be approved in the coming days by Liverpool and Sefton councils.

The plans aim to attract investment and improve the deprived wards of Anfield, County, Everton and Kirkdale covering 2,500 hectares. The new blueprint also takes into account Peel's Liverpool Waters, St Modwen's Great Homer Street development, the expansion of the port, Everton Park and plans by Everton FC and Liverpool FC.

Cllr Malcolm Kennedy, Liverpool council's cabinet member for regeneration, said: "The regeneration of North Liverpool is a major priority for us. It faces many challenges, but also many opportunities, with a number of schemes already underway which have the potential to transform the area."

Shelagh McNerney, managing director of DPP Shape, said: "This work was undertaken during a tumultuous period of change with economic and financial storms, a general election and massive changes in local and national politics. In spite of this, DPP Shape's professional team worked hand in hand with Liverpool and Sefton Councils and local stakeholders to ensure a coherent strategy was put in place to address directly the many economic and regeneration issues in North Liverpool culminating in a positive plan to deliver on the large scale opportunities to be unlocked.

"The Strategic Regeneration Framework for North Liverpool and South Sefton captures public and private sector interests across economic, social and physical development. It contains strategies, plans and actions for change over the short, medium and long term. The plan recognises whole heartedly that private sector investment, confidence and global markets are all impacting on local assets.

"Availability of durable investment will be the key to unlock these opportunities and delivery of real investment in North Liverpool inevitably will take some time.

"A fantastic example of this sort of investment is Laing O'Rourke's commitment to the area. One of the country's jewel construction enterprises has opened their new office in North Liverpool. A global company like this recognising the importance of the North Liverpool strategy is testament to the overall plan. Whilst a relatively small investment in the scale of the overall strategy, their office at Trinity School, Eldon Place, in the heart of this deprived neighbourhood, is bringing much needed activity and investment into North Liverpool the like of which cannot be underestimated."

The commissioning steering group contained Liverpool Vision, Liverpool and Sefton Councils, the North West Development Agency, Government Office and the Homes & Communities Agency.

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Laing moving in with the Eldonions isn’t genuine investment. Its just about scoring cheap political points for their bid on Alder Hey.

By Night Infiltration

It would be great to think that some of these consultants doing the master planning and design knew ANYTHING about the areas they are planning to change. But I doubt they do. It is all very well having romantic views of shared gardens and community areas etc etc these do not work in these areas and these designers do not realise this. People like anywhere in any walk of life need to know what is theirs and to look after it. They do not want the hassle of communal areas which some people look after and some dont so it is left down to one person to maintain or you have youths coming into your garden as it is shared etc. As for calling the Eldonian area ‘deprived’ this is highly insulting to the people of the area who are some of the smartest and intelligent with beautiful homes and a lot of pride (I can assure you if you go to these people’s homes you would seriously think your home could do with a makeover). As they say its not where you live its how you live! And these people live well they are not charity cases. As for Laing and the rest including developers and consultants too if they really really want to do good then why not get more involved with the West Everton community Trust? The Eldonians etc and set up some sort of trust where they sponsor local people to become trained. I know the West Everton Community Trust are constantly knocking on doors trying to find out how to provide labour for these schemes. Why not do this instead of making excuses and saying oh we cant really say who is working on the schemes from the local community due to data protection!

By Everton Brow