New bridge in £38m M62-M57 upgrade opens

Motorway congestion into and out of Liverpool should improve tonight when a new bridge carrying Windy Arbor Road over a new link road now under construction from the M57 to the M62 eastbound opens fully to traffic for the first time.

Windy Arbor Bridge has taken 11 months to build, using 1,600 tonnes of concrete, 130 tonnes of steel reinforcement and has been erected from the top down due to a lack of working space. The cladding on the bridge will use reclaimed Cheshire bricks.

The overall Tarbock island scheme began in April 2007 and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Improvements include a free flow link road from the M57 to the M62 eastbound, a free flow lane from the M62 westbound to the M57 and the realignment of the existing westbound entry slip road to the M62.

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