Muse completes final project in Smithfield plan

Muse Developments, in partnership with Manchester City Council, has finished its 14-year regeneration of the Northern Quarter’s Smithfield area, following the completion of the first stage of restoration at the historic Mackie Mayor building.

The 12,500 sq ft building on Swan Street is the only remaining fully intact building from the former Smithfield market. Opened in 1858, it was originally used as a fresh produce market, but had lain empty since the early 1990s.

Muse appointed contractor Galliford Try last year to undertake this first stage of works to restore the building, in order to appeal to potential retail and leisure occupiers. This included installing a new roof, replacement slates, extensive refurbishment and replacement of the stonework, as well as internal refurbishment and decoration.

Any later works will be subject to future occupier requirements, with a deal yet to be announced.

The wider Smithfield regeneration scheme has been delivered, in partnership with Manchester City Council, over seven phases throughout the past 14 years. It has delivered more than 350 apartments, the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Express hotels and 30,000 sq ft of ground floor space accommodating 12 new businesses, including the Bluu Bar.

Wes Erlam, development director at Muse Developments, said: “The completion of the Mackie Mayor restoration marks the final piece of the jigsaw in our wider Smithfield regeneration scheme. The project has transformed this important part of the city centre, improving the physical environment, creating new homes and commercial space and boosting the wider revitalisation of the Northern Quarter.

“By undertaking the first stage of the Mackie Mayor’s renovation we have allowed the building’s unique charm to shine through. We’ve been inundated with interest from occupiers who want something that little bit different in this fantastic central location. We’re confident that the Mackie Mayor’s future is an exciting one and it will play an important role in the area for years to come.”

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Wouldn’t go celebrating yet – what this is saying is that its not actually finished. Lets wait until some occupiers (who are willing to finish the refurb) are in

By Gregg

Altrincham Market?

By Sandi

This needs to be converted to an Indoor classy market,selling Fruit,veg and meat.Manchester sorely needs a decent market in the centre.The only one is the dreadful Arndale market.All European cities have decent central markets.Please please please,no more places for Hipsters,or restaurant chains.We have enough of those.

By Elephant

An indoor “classy” market? Elephant, what planet are you on… even the ones in Europe aren’t usually that classy, nor was the original Smithfield one.

Of course it will become a hipster place.

By Gregg

Oh Gregg do be quiet.Turn it into a branch of Primark if you want.I give up with people like you.

By Elephant