Mulbury Boothstown

Mulbury reveals Boothstown plans

The residential developer’s Mulbury Living open market division is to build 20 homes on vacant land off Simpson Grove in Boothstown, Salford.

Mulbury acquired the site with outline consent in place from Peel Land & Property in February this year.

The business said that its plans for the site include significant landscaping and improvements to a grassed area opposite the homes to create a small park and recreation space, including the creation of new footpaths, an informal space for ball games, seating areas and new tree planting. The development will be known as Simpson Gardens.

David Wroe, operations director at Mulbury, said: “We’re excited to be bringing forward this new development which will provide attractive new family homes in this part of Salford.

“We’ve worked closely with our architect and planning team to create a scheme that’s in keeping with the area. The extensive landscaping will significantly enhance the site for new and existing residents too.”

Mulbury is proposing a mixture of detached and semi-detached properties with a traditional appearance. The project is due to be determined in June, with the housebuilder hoping to start work on site over the summer.

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I hope the people they try and sell them to are made aware of the fact that they won’t be able to move anywhere for traffic, get school places for their kids and not be able to register with a doctor.

By John

I agree with the comment below, good luck trying to get anywhere at rush hour, local dentists and doctors are not taking on new patients and the school albeit very good are at full capacity, other than all this its just great

By Zoe

It used to be a nice field that children could play on and where people could walk their dogs, a good bit of green space behind the houses. Salford Council should be putting the block on this if only for the sake of the residents of Simpson Grove who will have all the construction traffic using their narrow, residential street.

By Steven Robertson

Great place to live if you never need to use your car between 6-10am or 3-7pm, can manage the mile walk to the bus stop to get into Manchester, never need a doctor or have no kids.

By Gill

I live on Simpson Grove I hope the prospective buyers will be made aware of the fact that the land was originally a quarry then used as a tip to fill up the hole. It has a history of leaking methane gasses into the surrounding houses on Birchfield Drive. That is what the grassed area will be as they cannot build on it.

By Lyn Webster

Great news for this development! Well needed in the area and will look well

By Anon

Great if we get the field back somewhere for kids to play, don’t care about the houses,sick of hearing all the moaning about traffic don’t see many people upping sticks and moving

By Zylo

Think twice before moving to Boothstown. Traffic is horrendous, doctors and dentist full. No facilities for young people so vandalism. No green spaces because of a council who build on every inch of green. All this before we also get the nightmare which will be the traffic (and further building ) from the RHS.

By Sandra Edwards

Lord above! Is there going to be anywhere that’s not covered in houses and traffic?? Leave the field alone

By Ruth

Let’s hope they’ve sorted the methane problem on that field before the new people move in. Oh, and I hope you atexplanning to also build a new school and attract Drs and a dentist as the owners have no chance of getting themselves or their children in the existing ones. Every cloud though, they can pay to visit the RHS and at least they can walk to that !!

By Kerry Hodgkiss

The traffic in Boothstown is a total nightmare. It’s got so bad that you can’t escape traffic queues all the way to the M60, even at 6.20 in the morning. Want to get a bus to town to be in work for 8? You’d better be at the stop just after 6AM. Boothstown’s great, as long as you never try to go anywhere

By Anonymous

This site used to be the local tip years ago and was still under going tests just recently to see if safe to build on.
The small road leading up to this land already suffers with parking problems in addition to issues getting out on to Leigh Road in the mornings due to traffic. Its a lovely area albeit too over crowded already.

By S

Looks good!
Popular places like Boothstown are sought after, and that building things and expanding!

By Anonymous

Great news for the community

By Mia

This land covers a former tip, leaking toxic gases for decades. Houses nearby have had to be rebuilt because of the dangers from this land affecting the residents, so how can it possibly be safe to build homes actually on top of this poisonous area?

By Rita

So what you mean to say is we are building houses at the top of a cul de sac with no other way in or out of the street meaning children are at further risk of traffic accidents. Then you are only building houses on the left side of the field as this is the only part of the field that is safe to build on due to the leaking methane fro the old tip that is under the field. The gardens and recreation will of course be right next to the new road you will look to extend from Simpson grove to the new builds so of course children will be breathing more toxic fumes whilst playing football. I know mulberry why don’t you do the right thing and build another school a they field is part of the school or another medical centre or gateway where residents who can’t get on the local doctors and dentists registers may have a chance and help to reduce further stress on what is labelled as a village. Ahh I know why you don’t care as long as you throw a few houses up in about 6 months that you can’t swing a cat in and charge people 250k or more to live in them which of course is your idea of affordable housing for the area just give the field back let children be children and have a place to play cos right now boothstown has nowhere for the kids

By Anonymous

This field is used by many families and children love to play on it. Parents can see their children from their windows playing on it which is always a good thing. It’s the only recreational place the Children round here have to go now as everywhere keeps getting built on. The area is also saturated to a point school’s, doctors, dentists etc are full. The traffic and fumes from the extra traffic is causing health problems for many Asthmatics myself included. Where does it all end. The residents of Boothstown and surrounding areas have had enough as there is just far too much been built.

By Mrs Angela Wright

Some cracking Nimby sentiment on here this afternoon!!
Get a grip. Private land, housing crisis. job done.

By Nimby loather

What are the schools, doctors and dentists like in this area? Plenty of capacity I assume? Asking for a friend.

By Dave