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Motorists face £90 fine from today for driving through Oxford Road bus gates

Motorists are reminded that Oxford Road’s bus gates will be fully operational from Monday 4 September, meaning that sections of the road will only be accessible to buses, black cabs and cyclists from 6am to 9pm every day.

As of Monday, drivers who enter the bus gate areas of Oxford Road during the prohibited hours could be fined up to £90.

Cameras were installed months ago to police the bus lanes as part of the wider traffic calming work on the busy student thoroughfare. However, until now a grace period has meant motorists were not fined for entering the restricted areas.

The bus gates are marked with standard ‘no motor vehicles’ signs – a red circle, with a motorbike above a car inside.

One bus gate covers the area from Hathersage Road near Whitworth Park through to Booth Street East and West near the Royal Northern College of Music, in both directions. The other bus gate covers the area from Whitworth Street to Portland Street. This section just covers traffic heading north, towards the city centre.

Work to create pedestrian, cyclist and bus-friendly spaces on Oxford Road and Wilmslow Road has been undertaken as part of a £1bn package of city centre infrastructure improvements, designed to boost transport in the growing city centre.

The new look Oxford Road forms a key element of TfGM’s Bus Priority Package, which has now seen more than 25 miles of Greater Manchester’s bus network improved – the largest investment of its kind in decades.

Oxford Road Cycle Counter By Night Bus LaneOxford Road is one of Europe’s busiest bus routes and so new bus lanes and stops have been added, along with new segregated ‘Dutch-style’ cycle lanes and bike bypasses, separating cyclists from buses. At bus stops, instead of overtaking a bus, the rider can cycle behind the stop.

Cllr Angeliki Stogia, executive member for the environment, said: “Bus gates have been introduced as part of our plan to reduce bus journey times into the city centre and increase reliability. This measure is part of a wider scheme that is helping to produce a better service for bus passengers and creating a better environment for pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging greater use of public transport and active travel options.”

Bus gates locations:

Northbound: one between Hathersage Road and Grosvenor Street and a second between Whitworth Street and Portland Street

Southbound: between Charles Street and Hathersage Road. Within this section there is an accessible southbound service loop between Dover Street and Nelson Street for access only.

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Another money making idea. Manchester isn’t a very friendly City towards visitors using their own vehicles.

By ACynical

ACynical – cars don’t belong in cities anyway. Perhaps it’s time you got on your bike or on public transport instead of polluting the air and being lazy? Cars aren’t needed in a city with a decent public transport network like Manchester.

By Anonymous

Let us hope they start fining cyclists for speeding on the pavements too.They won’t be happy in Manchester until the city looks like a Jeremy Kyle Copenhagen.

By Elephant

“decent public transport network like Manchester” -what a laugh -been unable to get into the city by train Chorley-Bolton-Salford Crescent

By snowman

About time they started fines. People are generally ignoring these gates. I hope this is the first step on a journey to creating a car free Manchester and giving the city back to human beings

By Mancunian

it would help if they would put road markings on the road to specify when a buss gate starts and the permanent white line on the out side to tell you if your in a bus lane/gate like you are meant to by law.


i don’t live in Manchester, the signage is terrible and it is NOT clear where the bus only lane starts (nelson st) it seems designed to catch unsuspecting motorists. clearer NO ENTRY road paint would be good, and earlier warnings further up the road.

By art

Because signs are not clear people avoid other bus lanes, even when they are not in use, and this causes congestion and confusion at times…

By Schwyz

Lack connecting public transport means a car journey for me. 30 minutes by car. 2 hours public transport.

By Janice

Got caught by this the other day, but some points. I don’t live in Manchester but Fleetwood. despite that I was at Uni there 30 yrs ago and travel into it about every 2-3 weeks. I thought I knew the routes, and the city well. Got caught on Oxford Rd, and I am VERY wary of both speed cameras and bus lanes!!. The problem is they have crammed the Rd with road works and a mass of confusional signage. With driving, navigating this mess, and avoiding traffic is it any wonder people are being caught. I know the place well, so got help any total strangers. I see many people have complained and appealed but i dont know if its worth it. I do know this though, it a form of entrapment, and the fine is way disproportional to the so called ‘offense’. I do hope someone takes the Council to the cleaners over this and has their day in court

By Dr Malcolm Lewis