Moda Lexington Tops Out Drone Pic
Drone photography captures the core and structure of the residential towerf the

Moda’s 34-storey The Lexington tops out

Sarah Townsend

The latest residential tower at developer Peel L&P’s £5bn Liverpool Waters has topped out, a 325-apartment scheme designed by Falconer Chester Hall architects.

The Lexington is a 34-storey tower being delivered by Moda Living, the developer and operator of private rented homes.

It is one of several Moda projects that sits in a joint venture with real estate investment firm Apache Capital Partners, funded by Harrison Street Real Estate and insurance firm NFU Mutual, one of the UK’s largest private build-to-rent funding platforms. The Lexington itself was funded through a £58.5m debt facility from LaSalle Investment Management.

Once complete next year, the tower will contain 325 build-to-rent apartments, ranging from studios to three-beds, with amenities including shared lounges, flexible workspaces and a cinema room, gym and roof gardens.

The scheme will also offer 24-hour hotel-style concierge and property management services included in the rent, while the MyModa app will enable residents to report maintenance issues, communicate with concierge, book events, and more.

The Lexington will be the tallest residential tower in the Liverpool Waters regeneration project, which aims to transform 148 acres of historic docklands close to Liverpool city centre. The main contractor is China’s Beijing Construction Engineering Group.

Tony Brooks, managing director at Moda Living, said: “Topping out at The Lexington is another significant milestone and being able to see the tower standing tall along the waterfront is a proud moment for our business.

“This part of Liverpool is a truly exciting area and, with such substantial investment, Liverpool Waters is becoming an extraordinary part of the city with vibrancy and life all around…and our development will play a role in this.”

Moda and Apache Capital have £850m worth of projects under construction, with more expected to start on site this year 2020.

In June, another residential tower completed at Liverpool Waters, Redwing’s Hodder + Partners-designed Plaza 1821, a 15-storey block comprising 105 apartments.


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The North Shore area is indeed an area where Liverpool’s future will unfold. Ten Streets and Stanley Dock through to Everton’s stadium will all spread the Waterfront’s heart northwards. The city centre is getting bigger and the development of the North Shore will spread prosperity northwards.

By Red Squirrel

With vistas to die for (of course, figuratively speaking).

Liverpool`s such a glorious city. World renowned and often celebrated. That`s before any mention of football or the Beatles. There`s something for everyone. I can`t think of anywhere else I`d rather be.

Liverpool the Pool of Life.

By Liverpool romance

Such a great quality building.

By Merseyslider

Do they have a garden?

By Anonymous

Nail it down before they decide to carry it down the M62.

By Michael McDonut

Stunning views over Vauxhall, and Birkenhead on the horizon past the dreamy dark brown river.
There’s no view I’d rather have.

By Anon

Bet these have the best views of the slums across the street.

By Big Dub

Are they affordable ? These miserable little boxes in the sky are unworthy of Liverpool and not what our council should be building. We need real houses for real people not this half baked nonsense from rip off developers.

By Redrob

Wow!!! Something actually happening in Liverpool! Bread and butter stuff in Manchester this.

By Cheshire boy

Oh come on Mancunians, we’re better than this. The Liverpool lot can comment all they like on random Manchester articles but I don’t think we should be doing it back. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

By Anonymous

This is not what we want for Liverpool.

By Bixteth Boy

Overrated and average

By Anonymous

Good development and with the new tower due to start next to it very shortly becoming an impressive and well planned cluster of buildings

By George

Good looking building this,would like to see Moda plan a taller one close-by.
Patagonia Place hopefully progressing , plus the cruise liner terminal, which will take a few years to construct and be ready for the upsurge in cruising traffic.

By sound

Finally! Now plz get on with the next towers! Lose the UNESCO status because nobody even cares about that anymore, it’s more important to recover from the pandemic than preserve heritage let’s be honest! The US and India have already quit UNESCO lol

By Anonymous

So many not bothered about Liverpool comments coming from mancs, the river was always a cause of jealousy. Lovely building in an area they can only dream of.

By Anonymous

Not stuck in a dank hole like some other places though… Give me The ‘Pool any day!

By Vista

Certainly nice views westward when the sun’s setting.

Better than most other places in the north west.

By North by North-West

Just when I thought Liverpools investment was nothing but a failed hospital and a zip wire. this turns up. Well done Liverpool you’ve joined the 21st century!

By Wiganwarrior

Just what we need now the world is in lockdown and headed for a depression. How they going to fill these shoeboxes now the Chinese have all gone home, given em to the homeless? What we need are houses with gardens that ordinary people can actually afford to live in.

By Aigburther

I’m so excited for this. Let’s get on with starting more developments please. Even though Manchester is putting buildings up right left and centre, I’ve got a feeling Liverpool has its own plan to turn make this city even better in its own unique way. I’m just hoping the Everton stadium gets granted permission to be built. It’s going to look epic!

By David

@Anonymous, they’ll have cruise ships at the end of their garden. What a view too.

By Anonymous

@Anonymous. Yeah ships at the end of their gardens but they are not called views in Liverpool, they are called vistas.

By Kenneth Nose

Not helping the local people as usual !!! Private investment for people who want to make money and use r city!!

By Stephen menagh

Jealous? no, not sure of what. It just looks like some are having a tongue in cheek dig back due to the level of bitterness you see on Manchester based articles.

By Anonymous

Manhatten-on-the-Mersey…..let’s see the WHOLE area up to Bootle similarly developed…the river is a winner for city living

By Tercol

Nice if you like living in a jenga block. Who would pay the ridiculous amounts they ask for these pokey little flats.

By Anonymous

Can we please have some offices instead? Average Liverpudlians can’t afford to live in expensive tower blocks. If we can’t attract jobs first how are going to fill it.?

By Anonymous

Now , if they move the zip wire here instead and extend it a bit, I’ll be able to get home at night!

By Wirralwanderer

another horrible skyscraper on the historic waterfront its a discrace that they are using this iconc waterfront for profit and not thinking of the people who acculy live in Liverpool its all im seeing is skyscrapers everywhere in my beautiful city wot a joke

By John

Carry on building, we’ll soon be the capital of the north. All we need now is business to start moving north.

By Phil Wallace - Hughes

34 floors of stunning vistas! The Gilded age of New York nor La Belle Epoch itself could hope to match twilight over Birkenhead after the pubs have closed. Doubtless I may buy one of these myself as I have always been a firm fan of the shoebox in the sky. As I gaze westward ,ever westward at the thunderous herds of wildebeest galloping majestically across the Mersey estuary I shall think ….ahh!..there is no place quite like home.

By L8romance

They could put the zip wire here it’s high enough.

By Managing my decline

Where are the balconies? Have they run out of money? Surely if youre trapped inside one of these you’ll want more than just a view, you’ll want to get outside.

By Realist

@wiganwarrior Liverpool is stunning , drove through Wigan yesterday, omg youve got a cheek

By Llfc

It’s a nothing building. It was built by the same company that built Angel square in Manchester and bits fell off it last year.

By George

Wow what a view looing over the sea with fantastic fresh air and beautiful sunsets

By Anonymous

Lovely views of the Welsh mountains, stunning sunrises and sunsets, majestic vessels upon the river, a real sense of being apart of the downtown scene, this is a fanstastic location to view them all.

By I can see clearly now.

Absolutely fantastic building in a world class location. Right in the city centre, cruise ship terminal and Liver Building to look out on, what a location! I really like the design too, FCH have pulled it off this time. I hope Moda build more towers in Liverpool if this is the standard they set. Well done!

By L15

It may be in reality this is a very average tower block compared to what’s being built elsewhere but it a start isn’t it? Sort of?

By Realist

When all the rewritten Hyperbole about the ‘majestic views’ blah blah blah has been said and done, can’t help feeling these have come at the wrong time. I can hear the tumble weed blowing now and it’s going to be blowing for years.

By Anonymous

Hopefully will get a better clientele than Angel Gardens and Deansgate Square.

By Dan

@George this is not Angel Square so they would have learnt from the mistakes they made building in Manchester on the cheap.

By Daniel

Nice to see a concrete frame actually reach full height in the city for a change.

By Anon

plenty of activity in Liverpool

By Anonymous

They could zip wire straight into the Mersey, imagine. From aeronautic to aquatic in 7 seconds.

By Suman