Richard Upton Presenting At The Manchester Pavilion At MIPIM 2017
Mayfield owners were intent on demolition but plan is now to save buildings, says Upton

MIPIM | U+I sets out vision for Mayfield

Neil Tague in Cannes

The Mayfield Partnership, comprising developer U+I, LCR, Manchester City Council and Transport for Greater Manchester, have been describing their aspirations for the 24-acre regeneration project, releasing a new video featuring a voiceover by Mancunian spoken word artist Argh Kid.

With “meanwhile” uses set to be introduced to the area from May onwards, the masterplan for the scheme is still being put together by U+I and its architect, Studio Egret West. The bulk of the buildings in the area, centre around the former Mayfield station, will be retained.

Richard Upton, chief executive of U+I, said: “This is the most exciting regeneration opportunity in the city. When we pitched for this project, we didn’t agree with our partners, who wanted to demolish a lot of the buildings. The scheme Studio Egret West are putting together is about knitting together the past and present for the future.

“The way we approach development is to literally wear out shoe leather in our quest to consult with people and that’s what we’re doing here.”

With a gross development value of £900m, the project will include 800,000 sq ft of offices, a six-acre park and create 8,000 jobs, including those in the construction phases.

David West, partner at Studio Egret West, said: “Mature, ambitious and confident cities aren’t afraid of recognising their history – they realise it gives the city layers of complexity and take on the challenge.

“The site needs to respond to all directions – where will the incisions go? How will it address the Mancunian Way to the south? It needs to have an inviting edge, but also project a sense of an oasis.”

Sir Howard Bernstein, chief executive of Manchester City Council, said: “The key for us is enjoining Mayfield with other significant projects. When you put together this, the London Road Fire Station and the north campus of the University of Manchester, you start to see an opportunity that will drive growth for the next decade not just for the city, but the region.”

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