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MIPIM | Manchester rebuilds pavilion hit by flooding

Charlie Schouten in Cannes

Manchester has been forced to relocate its daytime events at MIPIM after its seafront pavilion in Cannes was damaged in the early hours of Monday morning.

The beach-side pavilion was hit by sea flooding on late Sunday evening and Monday morning, and the city has now relocated its daytime programme of events and talks into the VIP area at the Palais des Festival, the convention’s main centre.

Damage to the stand has rendered some AV equipment unusable, but Manchester’s team at MIPIM still plans to host evening events at the pavilion on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Work is ongoing to repair the pavilion and prepare it for this evening’s event.

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A statement from Manchester at MIPIM said: “Due to storm damage, all Manchester at MIPIM 2018 daytime events scheduled to take place at the Manchester Pavilion on La Croisette will now take place in the VIP Club, Level 3, Palais de Festivals.

“The rain has not dampened Manchester’s spirits and we’re still looking forward to an exciting week of exchanging ideas and building connections.”

Last night’s Manchester launch was moved last minute to the Majestic Hotel, where Manchester’s delegation of more than 100 companies heard a welcome speech from Manchester City Council’s leader Sir Richard Leese, and Liverpool City Region mayor Steve Rotheram. Leese has taken over from former council chief executive and MIPIM stalwart Sir Howard Bernstein as head of the Manchester delegation, but still invoked the memory of his predecessor by “echoing Sir Howard to tell everyone to get to work this week”.


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By Same Old Housebuilder Bashing

Couldn’t agree more with Same Old Housebuilders comments. I fully support the attendance of major City Councils attending this event in an effort to promote investment into our regions, but what I can’t understand is the number of overpaid agents whose companies fund a week in MIPIM which is nothing more than a corporate stag do for these individuals. The number of times we hear post MIPIM that the week has been “productive”, it’s nothing more than a university rugby tour without the sport! Not forgetting the ill fitting number of sunglasses purchased so these agents can ponce around La Croisette seeing which next free drinks do they can latch onto!

By Jamie T

Unholy alliance(s).

By Mike Rainer

Every post currently on LinkedIn: “Hey! Day 1 at MIPIM, up early doing real business with real people securing big deals. really porductive so far.

Translation: ” Hey! I need to post stuff to make this jolly look (at very least) slightly productive! I’m quite hungover but got up early to post some generic verbage so that I can be done for 3ish and get back on the lash” #MIPIM

By Same Old Housebuilder Bashing

@Jamie T if companies want to pay for their employees to attend these things, using their own money, why should you care?

By ladsladslads

Ooops! Manchester……….. rain and flooding, or was it that the tide came in? or is it just the wrong location?…… home from home!

By Billy

A very good summary by @ Jamie T and @Housebuilder, having been at MIPIM in my younger days I agree it’s nothing more than a jolly! More champagne is drunk in MIPIM than at Cannes film festival and I’m sick of seeing LinkedIn messages too! @Ladsladslads has a point, why should we care if these global prop co’s want to fund it but their time and energy could be spent much more productively more local to home.

By Gordon Wine

Those who say MIPIM is one big drunken party either haven’t been there or cant do it. (smacks of no Cannes do’s!!) like anything in life, bit of effort ignore the party poppers & selfies and work at it.