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Miller presses on with Stretford resi

Plans to deliver close to 300 homes at the former Itron factory on Talbot Road, Stretford have taken a step forward following the site’s acquisition by Miller Homes.

Proposals for 191 apartments and 91 houses were unanimously approved by Trafford Council’s planning committee in February this year, and the site’s sale has now been completed, with Savills acting for Itron Metering Solutions (UK).

The development will now be branded as Novus. Calderpeel has designed the scheme, while GL Hearn secured the planning consent for Miller.

Paul Coggins, land director of Miller Homes North West, said: “We are delighted to have officially acquired the former Itron factory site. We have worked very hard to develop plans which will create an attractive gateway development, supported unanimously at committee stage.

“Our vision is to transform the site into a vibrant new community in Stretford. The scheme has a bespoke, high quality design which we hope will become the benchmark for future residential sites in Trafford. Now that the sale has been completed we will start to remediate the site immediately with the first sales anticipated in early 2020.”

Berit Rose, Associate Director of Savills said: “This scheme has been approved on the back of considerable teamwork and we are really pleased that the hard work has paid off. This will bring much-needed housing to Stretford.”

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Wonderful news on this desolate site.
Look forward to seeing this ambitious project.

By Joyce v Eaton

Miller Homes? Not exactly known for urban sites. Excuse my cynicism but I fully expect the end result to look completely different to this.

By Windy

Only for homeowners people will probably come from outside of stretford!! #gentrification!!


This is great news for Stretford, can’t wait to see the end result.

By Happy Resident

What’s wrong with people moving from outside of Stretford? If you had to be from Stretford to live in Stretford there never would’ve been a Stretford.

By Anonymous

Stretford is a hole. No idea why you wouldn’t want to see it gentrified. Some people just love to complain

By Anonymous

I imagine its a lot of green eyes, people who will have to sit by and watch people from outside Stretford purchase what they cant.

By Anonymous

How can people say these things about Stretford? Clearly trolling


This, a new university and the new Stretford general store and food hall. Is anywhere in Greater Manchester safe from gentrification?

By Clive

We have lived in Stretford for almost 20 years and our plan is to move to the new development, not sure what’s wrong with wanting to improve, that’s why we wok as hard as We do.

By Stretford resident

I’m really chuffed that work has started, and looking forward to welcoming new people to our little slice of Stretford, it’ll help it feel less industrial and hopefully support our local shops, parks, and other services.

By Gorses Resident Stretford

Update:I have just seen photos of all the beautiful cherry trees in full bloom being cut down on the site perimeter. Urgent communication by Miller to the community would be advisable re the tree and landscaping plans for the development, a lot of understandably very upset neighbours talking about this on social media tonight.

By Gorses resident Stretford

miller homes have just ripped out nine healthy trees in full blossom that have lined a street in Stretford for over 20 years. They have no regard for nature and are just concerned with profit. What a disgraceful company they are.

By Dan

Further investigation of the multitude of planning documents unearthed the letter regarding necessity of removal of ALL trees in order to carry out contaminated land remediation. Clear communication to local residents, including more detail on the plans for 67 new trees to replace the 25-30 removed, and perhaps some detail on other ‘wildlife friendly’ landscaping and planned swift and other bird box installation would be smart PR at this stage.

By Gorses resident Stretford

Hope you like living in the middle of a ex-council estate, how much are they charging for these throw up new builds, studentville is coming and all the current residents will be gone, Fallowfield and rusholme is a prime example. Stretford needs social housing not private development for the councils and builders to make a pile, you could have finished off the social housing and made the estate bigger, money always rules, oh I forgot it’s a conservative council of course!

By Stretford resident

By the way lived in Stretford all of my life, grew up there, went to school there, my mum lived there from the age of 14, she is now 92, every open space is being sold off to developers in Manchester and Trafford. Gorse Hill is going to become bedsit land by the way with multiple occupancys getting approved at every opportunity by the council. It’a just money making, it’s not out of concern for the community and people of Stretford, be careful what you wish for, actually reminds me of the 50’s & 60’s, what a mess that was, most of those buildings have been ripped down and are gone, tihis will pretty much the same. Did we really need another uni in Manchester ask yourself?

By Stretford resident

Sometimes gentrification is good because it pushes out the feral rats which infest some of our streets. I’d happily see rampant regeneration if it means our high streets are filled with young professionals and coffee shops, instead of chavs and betting shops. Bring it on I say!

By Anonymous

Stretford resident – it isn’t a Conservative Council. It’s been Labour controlled since last May.

By John

Genriification is always good.

By Pep

I’m a resident and Welcomed the development, made a few comments like many others when the planning enquiries were made. One of them was to ask for the only line of trees we have on the road to be preserved.

It was said there was something about contamination and they would need to be removed, however they would be replaced with a lot more. I wrongly assumed their removal would done in a more ethical way, They just been cut, all of them, while in FULL blossom, in spring.

The Council clearly stated wildlife should be preserved and I know for a fact those trees were full of birds, I doubt very much that was checked and I bet a lot of nests went down too. What happen to the commitment to the environment and preserving wildlife? Come on Miller Homes, those trees were healthy and as I said the only line of trees in the road,. Now they, the birds…all gone, no plan or so it seems.

A potential customer that is now already disappointed.

By Elena

Am interested in1 or 2 bedroom apt’s on the Stretford site. Would be interested in seeing proposed floor plans and prices

By Mrs Enid del Campo