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Metrolink hit by widespread delays after overhead line damage

Metrolink services to Bury are still suspended as work continues to repair damage to overhead lines, which led to major delays on the network yesterday.

Repairs to overhead lines between Deansgate-Castlefield were carried out last night, allowing services to run as normal from this morning.

However, problems are still continuing between Bury and Queens Road, with no services running between the two stations.

Damage to lines at Radcliffe caused the complete suspension of the Bury to Altrincham line yesterday, with a replacement bus service running between Victoria and Bury.

Parts of the Bury line were re-opened this morning, with services running from Altrincham to Queens Road.

As of 08:00 this morning, services were operating between Altrincham and Whitefield, and between Queens Road to Piccadilly.

TfGM estimated full service would be restored by early afternoon, and added an investigation was taking place into the cause of the damage to the overhead lines in both locations.

Services on all other Metrolink lines are operating as normal.

Danny Vaughan, head of Metrolink for TfGM, said: “I apologise to our customers who are having to use alternative transport to make their journeys this morning.

“I understand that this is inconvenient and frustrating. Investigations have begun to find out the cause of the damage to the overhead lines but our immediate priority is to restore a full service on the Bury line as soon as possible.”

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The Metrolink is fastly becoming a joke! If it is going to build on the success has been having, larger investment is needed in the current capacity issues at peak times. These works must be done alongside expansion plans!

By Really?


By Anonymous

Embarrassing.Built on the cheap and subsidised by people who work for a living with fares which are daylight robbery.You can travel in Lisbon for 1 euro 20 for the whole day on safe clean trains which go all over the city.Metrolink is rapidly becoming just the Backdrop for episodes of Cold Feet.Pathetic.

By Elephant

I think getting the affected parts partially running by the morning and the network fully operational within 24 hours is impressive, actually.

By Town Planner

If this is vandalism or theft please be honest and broadcast it. Don’t cover it up for whatever PC adjenda is running. This is the railway. The public deserves the truth. If it’s a breakdown of equipment, these things happen. The Manchester metro system is one of the modern day engineering achievements worthy of note.

By John Fairbairn.

Haha “PC agenda” supposedly covering up for thieves and vandals. Comments straight from the Daily Mail!

By Town Planner

As a daily commuter to Media City, if Andy Burnham wants Manchester to become a global leading city the farce that is the tram service needs to be sorted otherwise there is no hope of continuing to attract top companies and business to settle here.

By NQ Resident