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The club expects a planning decision on the next phase this summer

Meis dropped from Everton stadium team

Dan Whelan

The studio run by US architect Dan Meis will not see the club’s 52,000-capacity stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock through to completion, after Pattern was selected the technical architect for the next phase. 

London-based Pattern Design worked alongside Meis Studio, which specialises in the design of stadia and arenas, to draw up concept designs but it will be the only architect taking the £500m project forward, under the club’s latest decision on the project team. 

Dan Meis, whose designs were popular among Everton supporters, described the handling of the situation as “one the greatest disappointments” of his career.

However, a source from the club said that the studio’s departure was “always part of the plan” and that it’s involvement had come to a “natural end” following the submission of plans for the project’s next phase.

Meis said: “In my 30 years of designing stadiums, I have never had our work taken over by another architect without remaining in a custodian or oversight role.” 

Meis, along with Pattern and several other studios, had submitted bids to the main contractor Laing O’Rourke earlier this year to be retained as technical architect for the build phase of the project, but they were unsuccessful, according to the club.

A decision on the planning application is expected in the summer. 

Dan Meis

Dan Meis’ studio drew up concept designs for the stadium

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Swish renders and grand plans seem only ever needed in Liverpool these days to get something through the planning hurdles. Once the presence of community of enthusiasm or hostility is no longer an issue, the value engineering typically begins. The community cheerleaders never seen to cotton on.

Still, on this, they could always etch an image of the original imagining onto the cladding of whatever does appear.

By Mike

I hope it doesnt come to fruition. There will be no cultural heritage left if the “get it built in the name of development” brigade keep getting their way. Everton have already got a stadium.

By Bixteth Boy

@Bixtethboy crawl back in to the 80s and do us all a faver

By Janet

Keep up the momentum guys. Was looking over at the site from Egremont near New Brighton on the other side of the river last week, and it will be spectacular… sitting just below the Anfield stadium at the water’s edge. It will be a spectacular site and another real boost for the city. Fits in well with Stanley Dock.

By Red Squirrel

Concept architects don’t always have the internal skillset to make their own visions work, so not a particularly surprising turn of events.

However, the departure doesn’t seem to have been planned or managed particularly well, sadly.

By North by North-West

Dan Meis’ studio doesn’t have the skills?? Hilarious.

Still, I agree that it’s not at all a surprising development, in Liverpool these days.

The main surprise around here these days is if things actually get built, and built to completion. Less surprising when they get a rooftop plywood “extension”, mind.

By Mike