Masterplan for 4,000 homes in Preston

Simon Donohue

A blueprint for the development of up to 4,000 new homes in Preston is being prepared by URS Infrastructure & Environment on behalf of Preston City Council.

The masterplan for north west Preston – which includes Broughton, Cottam, Woodplumpton and Bartle – is being produced in partnership with Lancashire County Council and the Homes & Communities Agency.

It is aimed at creating a framework for the "best possible development" of an area close to the M6/M55 interchange.

It will include proposals for road improvements, public transport, walking and cycling routes, locations for green space, schools and community facilities, and housing densities and house types.

Public consultation is expected to take place over the summer.

Cllr John Swindells, deputy leader of Preston Council, said: "Preston is a great place to live and there is much demand from housing developers to build and invest here. But it is very much a case of 'chicken and egg'.

"Preston does not yet have the roads, schools or community infrastructure ready to support up to 4,000 new homes.

"There's no point building the homes for people to get snarled up in traffic, or for children to have no school or play areas.

"It is also important to get the right mix of development in terms of affordable, starter homes and also family homes.

"That's why we are preparing a comprehensive masterplan of the whole north west Preston area.

"This will help to work out exactly what type of development and supporting infrastructure is needed for the new residents that will live there."

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