Blackpool Winter Gardens Cgi
Blackpool Council's plans for a £25m conference centre at the Winter Gardens will be funded by the Lancashire LEP allocation

Manchester gets lion’s share of £556m Northern funding

The Government has announced how the North’s £556m latest Local Growth Fund allocation will be split across 11 Local Enterprise Partnerships, with Greater Manchester receiving the highest award at £130m.

The three largest allocations go to LEPs in the North West. Manchester tops the list by a lead of £60m; next is Liverpool City Region at £72.0m, followed by Lancashire at £69.8m.

Overall the North West’s five LEPs will share out £327.8m from the pot.

In order of size, the 11 LEPs awards are as follows:

  • Greater Manchester £130.1m
  • Liverpool City Region £72.0m
  • Lancashire £69.8m
  • Leeds City Region £67.5m
  • North Eastern £49.7m
  • Cheshire and Warrington £43.3m
  • Sheffield City Region £37.8m
  • Humber £27.9m
  • York, North Yorkshire, East Riding £23.7m
  • Tees Valley £21.8m
  • Cumbria £12.7m

LEPs are area-based economic advisory organisations established by Government, with public-private boards allied closely to local authorities and combined authorities. LEPs handle EU funding bids, Local Growth Fund programmes, initiatives such as enterprise zones and they help inform industrial policy when called upon by Whitehall.

Specific North West projects which are set to receive support from the Growth Fund include £10m towards the joint Greater Manchester and Cheshire Life Sciences Fund, and £10m towards development in Crewe town centre.

Lancashire has announced a roster of priority projects, including a £21m conference centre at Blackpool Winter Gardens; an Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the Samlesbury Enterprise Zone; new housing and employment growth opportunities in Padiham, known as the North West Burnley Growth Corridor; and the expansion of the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate.

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Good to see the Cabinet visiting Warrington and Daresbury in Halton, both deserve the attention and any future investment opportunities.

By Man on bicycle


By Altmouth

Why on earth does Manchester get given so much. Highly unfair!

By Bob Dawson

Fine but, when see how much they invest in London for such as CROSSRAIL, the money is PEANUTS…..What does Manchester do? We shout LOUDEST and stand our ground…Others should try doing the same.

By Schwyz

GM is just under 2x the population of LCR. It got just under 2x the funding. Both cities have done well out of this.

By Rooney

Manchester always gets the most,because it has the biggest population.The amount spread across the whole North, of half a billion is really quite pathetic. That is a third of what George Osborne gave to extend the Northern line through Battersea power station. That level of investment should be going into each Northern city. This is not big money for 13 million people. Crossrail two is costing 20 billion.This level of investment will not make a jot of difference to the North/south divide.

By Elephant

What, no visit to worship at the shrine of the northern powerhouse, agglomeration central, supercity of the future???

Were they ill or something?!?!

By Gillespie

Manchester gets the most handouts again with its very large begging bowl . Unbelievable

By Developer

There is a good article in the Guardian about the ratio per head, Manchester seems to do well and even better than the Leeds City Region, who have a bigger population of 3 million. https://www.the…st-west -divide, food for thought.

By Green man

Surely Leeds City Region has the biggest population in the “Northern Power House”

By Man on bicycle

Schwyz hits the nail on the head. Time for LCRCA to collectively bang heads together and start quoting its city limits as generously as Manchester has done… Liverpool’s metro population is over 2.5m but Centre for Centres, the ONS, GMCA etc have a conception that the city ends at Birkenhead and Bootle yet appear to accept unquestioningly Stockport, Salford and Bolton as mere suburbs of Manchester! Ellesmere Port, Ormskirk, Skem, Prescot, even North Wales are all culturally and economically closely tied to Liverpool, and the more the LCR argues the case to Whitehall the more that infrastructure, investment and jobs will have to follow.

By LEighteen

How does Leeds have a population of 3 million? West Yorkshire doesn’t have that big a population.Is North Yorkshire economically dependent on Leeds? LEighteen’s point about Skem,Ormskirk,North Wales and Ellesmere Port, although valid,does not take into account that these places are not in Merseyside. The difference is that Salford,Stockport and Bolton are in Greater Manchester and part of the devolved powers.

By Elephant

Leeds City Region is about 3m.
Accept it! Manchester is not the centre of the world, only in its own eyes.
We are talking about City regions here not individual Cities.

By Green man

What constitutes a city region then? Where does the Leeds city region incorporate?Im not disputing what you say.I just wondered what this city region entails?

By Elephant

Google Leeds City Region and if it doesn’t reflect your view on what it should be well, Welcome to the real world and not the Mancentric Capital of the World, rose tinted glasses of that seems to prevail in your part of the region. Have a nice day.

By Green man

All the City regions will have devolved powers, thats why they are being created, some a little later than others because of various matters and others because they did not lick the shoes of the Tory Government bringing shame on the past Socialist and radical history of that City.

By Man on bicycle

Liv/Man battling has been replaced by the Wars of the Roses 2. This is a North West website, so you can forgive us for not really caring about what Leeds got per head.

Personally, I dislike a lot about Manchester, but it has the momentum and is a far more credible contender for ‘Second City’ than Leeds. I doubt anyone outside of the UK has even heard of Leeds!

I think its cheating a bit to directly compare Leeds City Region with Manchester City Region – the populations are similar but Leeds City Region covers over 4x the area. Barnsley is in there despite also being part of Sheffield City Region! GM is a fairly contiguous area and of all the regions, GM has the strongest history of working in partnership.

Liv has long-term cultural and employment links to the likes of Skem, parts of Warrington and Cheshire and North Wales, but I think its a bit fanciful to start including these in the Liverpool City Region. Liverpool is about half the size of Manchester, Liv City Region is about half the size of Manchester City Region. Funding has been awarded accordingly. As a Liverpooler I am fine with that.

By Rooney

Green man your White Rose chip needs another dip in the lard.

By Elephant

If we are talking about true City Regions, then Manchester City Region – like Leeds City Region – is bigger than Greater Manchester County and includes quite rightly large chunks of north and east Cheshire and the High Peak of Derbyshire……population 3.3million when Googled.

By 5373

The whole debate was about distribution of funds for the Northern Powerhouse and as soon as the “Inconvenient truth” emerges that it has been unjustly delivered and that Manchester is not the biggest in the NP, the status of LeedsCR, is brought into question and the fact that someone has the temerity to mention it and question misconceived ideas and propaganda eluded by the same old posters on this site, makes one consider if in fact some of them have any connections with Manchester lobby groups.I have not criticised Any City just pointing out the inaccuracies of the comments on here. Also as soon as you start to lose a debate you quickly decent into insults and parochialism. Look up Leeds CR. you will see what it encompasses and it does not matter where I come from, I free to comment on here.

By Green man

The money is going to Greater Manchester not it’s City region I believe, so it does not apply.

By Man on bicycle

Yes totally agree re the comment regarding ‘Manchester’s generous city limits’ joking aside it feels like Warrington will be in there next! And yes the squeaky wheel gets the oil as they say!
However when looked at overall agreed the North isn’t getting much – should be called the Northern Poorhouse! Not Powerhouse!

By Mary Smiley

If we were looking at city regions as most countries do North Wales, West Lancs etc would definitely be part of Liverpool. Liverpool and Manchester would in fact be one mega city region with two central cores, as in fact it is. Both cores should be treated equally on a number of different levels.

By Altmouth

Manchester city region is Greater Manchester, they are the same thing.

And Rooney there is no “Liverpooler”.

By Mike

Has somebody seriously just questioned the inclusion of Salford with Manchester but claimed that North Wales should be included as part of Liverpool? Seriously?

By Loganberry

There are Liverpolitans! This is an old term but it’s gaining new currency in the context of the city region and the metro mayor. Liverpudlian (or Scouser for that matter) could be seen as people who come from the old city core while Liverpolitan is useful to refer to people who feel associated with Liverpool in the wider area. The term goes back hundreds of years but Liverpudlian won out in the 60s.

By Altmouth

It’s all about economic links. Liverpool and Leeds have relatively weak links to the farther reaches of their hinterlands whereas Manchester’s are strong.

You need a rationale for distributing public funding that has as its objective driving economic growth (rather than stimulate regeneration). Manchester tends to do better on the former; Liverpool always better on the latter.

By Mildred

Liverpool’s economic growth potential is manifestly much greater than Manchester’s and it’s growing faster on many counts. Manchester didn’t have the massive restructuring Liverpool had to undergo over the last 20 years. Liverpool now has a clear direction of travel and the only way is up. It’s a beacon for the north and it deserves equal treatment with Manchester.

By Altmouth

I don’t like ‘Liverpudlian’, it sounds like pudding. ‘Scouser’ has been used as a perjorative so much that I’ve noticed the more polite wools avoid using it to my face.

By Rooney

Interesting, but many negative comments; Liverpool will never become a commuter town of Manchester; and if it ever becomes a backwater, then Manchester is finished too. Manchester needs Liverpool more than Liverpool needs Manchester.
Everyone would welcome more jobs (Manchester too) but let’s not forget the already 10,000 hi-tech Bio-science jobs announced this June for Liverpool; or the investment Bill Gates puts into LSTM; or that Liverpool remains the second wealth management city in the nation beating Leeds, Edinburgh, and errr Manchester (significantly)! Even ‘Manchesters’ Co-Op (sorry Rochdale) has its Financial Services based in Skelmersdale (not the Bank HQ); and M&S Financial at Chester, Alliance & Leicester in Bootle. Or the fact the Centre for Cites research puts Liverpool at the centre of the nation’s second science cluster, based upon aerospace, chemicals, bio life and medical sciences, and new vehicle research (JLR have announced major investment in electric vehicles); with Daresbury, Preston, Runcorn, and Warrington surrounding and sharing expertise. Liverpool has headed the entrepreneurial city list for the last two years ( ). This before we mention CV-Library’s research showing Liverpool’s job growth rate at 45%, or Liverpool Waters, the Knowledge Quarter, the 30 acre Paddington Health science park, the Cruise Terminal expansion, the fact Royal College of Physicians has chosen Liverpool ahead of Manchester and Leeds for its northern HQ, or that Liverpool already hosts several Japanese European headquarters. Also not mentioned is Liverpool’s food industry; not the classy restaurants and the dockside cafe; but an industry that vital to the nation. Five of the Europe’s top container shipping lines are based in Liverpool, one moving its HQ out of London. We all know about lie, lies and statistics; but Liverpool resident earnings overtook those of Manchester before 2010 and have maintained an annual increase. THIS is just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t matter that thousands of jobs will be created in Tourism (yippee); and that means more hotels, restaurants, taxis, shops, and city events etc, etc (yippee), all those scientists, researchers, and hi-tech managers and employees will all need houses too.
One must know how a city works before one dismisses it. Wake up, Liverpool is a very different city than it was 5, or 20, or 50 years ago. Long may it succeed,……..and Manchester too, and Warrington, and Blackburn with its 4,000 holes.
Those who seem to want Liverpool to fail, think again, for if it were too; the entire northwest of England would suffer economically.

By Billy

Unfortunately companies base their investment decisions on careful analysis of statistics and robust economic data rather than cut-and-paste bla bla posted on readers’ comments.

By Mildred

@Mildred, “Yes dear”

By George

@Mildred Facts my dear!!!

By Jack

Manchester isn’t twice as big as Liverpool

By Frank.

Having spent roughly equal amounts of my time in Leeds and Manchester, I can assure you that Leeds is in no way shape or form ‘bigger’ in terms of population, or physical size. I don’t know why somebody from Leeds would even bother saying it really – presumably never lived anywhere else. Not arguing which one is better or worse, that tedious argument will carry on for centuries, but sorry Leeds you are flogging a dead horse on this one. Stick to your plus points and let this one ride.

By Logenberry

@loganberry, Are you talking about actual City or City region?

By Rosie York