Chapel Street Cranes
Cranes along Chapel Street in Salford

Manchester crane count reaches new high over summer months

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

Manchester has reached the highest number of cranes ever recorded on its skyline, with 64 cranes currently on site at schemes including Renaker’s Owen Street, Select’s Affinity Riverside, and Legal & General’s Manchester New Square.

The number of cranes operational across Manchester and Salford has been edging up throughout the course of 2018. January saw 52 cranes on site, with the peak reached over the summer months, according to data from UrbInfo.

The last time 63 cranes were recorded was during the pre-recession construction boom in 2005.

Manchester Crane Count August 2005 June 2018

For one day in June a new record of 64 cranes was set, when a crane was set up at Salboy’s Local Crescent in Salford, however the next day a crane was removed from the third phase of Muse’s Islington Wharf, taking the total back to 63 across 34 projects.

As of today, an additional crane is being erected at Fortis Quay in Salford, bringing to the total back to 64. The list of sites – not reflecting the additional crane at Fortis Quay – can be found below.

The figure is even more impressive when compared to the drop in crane numbers seen over the last decade in the city. In 2008, as the impact of the financial crash started to be felt, the crane count went from 55 in January to 30 in December. By November 2010, there were only three cranes operational, the lowest recorded.

Since the start of 2014 numbers have been edging up, and the amount of cranes has doubled since February 2017.

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Project name Number of cranes
Affinity Riverside 1
Trinity Blackfriars 2
Downtown, Ordsall 3
Outwood Wharf 1
X1 The Landmark 1
Gore Street 2
Local Crescent 2
Riverside House 1
Chapel Wharf 4
Lightbox MediaCity 2
Erie Basin 2
X1 The Exchange 1
Burlington Place 1
Blossom Street (Mulbury) 2
Dakota Deluxe Piccadilly 1
Vesta Street 2
Kampus 3
Weaver’s Quay 1
Owen St Tower 1 1
Owen St podium building 1
Owen St Tower 4 1
MMU Arts & Media 2
55 Portland Street 1
Circle Square 6
125 Deansgate 1
27-29 Ellesmere 1
Manchester New Square 3
Polygon St Ardwick 1
Landmark St Peter’s Square 2
Axis Tower 1
Sir Henry Royce Institute 2
Angel Gardens 3
Hallmark Green Quarter 1


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Angel Gardens has been down to two cranes for some time now.

By Ben

A tremendous amount of cranes, is this set to continue?

By Man on bicycle

If you (like me) prefer pictures and more information, take a look at the SkyScraperCity Manchester crane count thread.

By Anders

Market Research and Development Maps by This website is definitely the “go to” place for property information on Manchester.

By Steve Birchall