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NHS Nightingale in Manchester will total 1,000 beds

Manchester Central to become coronavirus hospital

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

The 190,000 sq ft Manchester Central Convention Centre is to be converted into a temporary hospital with 1,000 beds for coronavirus patients and is expected to be operational by mid-April.

Meanwhile, in Liverpool, the council has confirmed it will make 1,300 city centre parking spaces available for free to the NHS for the next three months including 1,000 at Mount Pleasant multi-storey car park.

The Manchester Central hospital was announced on Friday by NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens as he also confirmed a temporary hospital would be built at Birmingham’s NEC.

A hospital is also being installed at London’s ExCel arena and is due to be operational this week. Collectively, the special hospitals are being referred to as NHS Nightingale hospitals.

The smallest of the three schemes, Manchester Central will have capacity for 1,000 patient beds and is due to open in mid-April. Both NEC and ExCel have capacity for 5,000 beds.

Military services are being drafted in to build the hospitals. Further facilities are expected to be announced to prepare for the peak of the outbreak.

Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, said: “As the owners of Manchester Central Convention Complex, we have worked with the Ministry of Defence and health services to make the building urgently available for this vital use.

“The need to establish this new hospital underlines the serious nature of the Covid-19 pandemic we all face but also shows how seriously it is being responded to and I hope the public are reassured by the swiftness of this action.”

Further details are yet to be revealed on how patients and staff will access Manchester Central, and whether there will be any impact on movement in the surrounding area.

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By Rich X

Having seen pictures of NHS Nightingale at the Excel in London, fully kitted out beyond what I could have ever imagined, to the point it looks like a fully fledged hospital…

All you can really say is absolutely amazing work and thank you to everyone who has worked on it. And thank you to all those who will work on our own GMEX.

Lets all hope the good work is totally in waste though.

Thank you.

By Daveboi

EventCity could also do a job here

It’s 28,000 sq metres


As Liverpool’s cases now reach 157 (Manchester today has 91), might it be too much to ask that our supposed government also considers us urgently for facilities, in particular facilities that don’t require those in need among the 2.5 million of us to travel to Manchester?

After all, it was they who allowed 3,000 Madrileños to enter the city in recent weeks while Madrid itself was under urgent lockdown as the centre of the Spanish epidemic, and only one day before then telling British citizens not to travel to Spain.

It is said that the government has a broken social contract with the British public. After decades of economic maltreatment, and now this, I’m at a loss as to how to describe their relationship to us.

By Mike

Currently working at our local hospital in Crewe. How do we apply to support here?

By Stephanie

How do RGNs sign up???

By Simon

Hope the excellent military engineers working with the co tractors on the ground to make this happen get noticed for a change. Professionally qualified military engineers are too often left in the background!

By James C.

Once again we have comments from the victims r us brigade. We are all in this together and don’t think 35 miles distance will have any impact on who in the North West gets the critical care required by the hospital in Manchester.

By SteveH

Mike, are you that mmcd off The same one who has daily spats on Twitter? You really sound like you are.?Wasn’t you complaining it was a conspiracy when they started the isolation unit at arrows park? Wouldn’t you have said the same if they’d have made a hospital in Liverpool? Grow up and stop moaning. You live in London for gods sake.

By Anonymous

Seconding Simon’s question re how RGN’s sign up for nursing roles?


Why is Liverpool not getting one of these hospitals?

By Mary Baker

as Liverpool hospital still not operational, why is there not a temporary hospital planned ? we have a huge arena on the waterfront with land around it ,why not utilise this ?

By Freemo