Man Airport T2
Terminal 2 reopened in July but will now remain closed until further notice

Manchester Airport to shut T2 on dwindling travel 

Dan Whelan

The airport will close Terminal 2 indefinitely due to low passenger numbers on fresh Government travel restrictions, and will operate from only two of its three terminals from September.  

Manchester Airports Group took the decision to close terminals two and three in March at the beginning of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown when the Government warned against all but essential travel.

Terminals 2 and 3 reopened in July but, as of 2 September, Terminal 2 will once again close due to low passenger numbers. 

From that date, all flights will operate from terminals 1 and 3 and terminal 2 will remain closed until further notice. 

Charlie Cornish, chief executive of Manchester Airports Group, criticised Government’s handling of the situation on overseas travel and said it had failed to acknowledge “the long-term prospects of the aviation industry”, which could be hit due to heightened restrictions. 

Several countries, including France and Spain, were originally designated as air bridges, places people could travel to without needing to quarantine upon their return. 

However, those countries and others have since been removed from that list with holidaymakers forced to isolate for 14 days when they return home. 

This has resulted in many passengers cancelling or rearranging trips, which airports claim will have a damaging impact on the already struggling aviation industry. 

Karen Smart, newly appointed managing director at Manchester Airport, said: “Throughout the pandemic, we have worked closely with our airlines and retailers to align our operations with demand and deliver the best possible customer experience. 

“Having reopened terminals 2 and 3 in July, we have continued to monitor the travel patterns of our airlines and passengers, in order to adapt our operations accordingly. With that in mind, we have taken the decision to close Terminal 2 again from September 2. 

“All such decisions are driven by our commitment to deliver the best possible airport experience to customers, colleagues and our airline and retail partners.” 

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Manchester isn’t just a bucket and spade destination airport. There is a significant loss in long and short haul business by global carriers that are continually pushing back plans for resumption of service to Manchester (as well as other airports).

By MP3

A few weeks ago on this site many Mancs were bleating on as if Ringway would be exempt from the fall out from Covid and the damage to air transportation. They said the bucket and spade airport down the road (LJLA) would close down before there was any effect on Manchester. The decline for Manchester was obvious, and it will take four or five years to recover. One would only hope that with the current levels of investment that cannot be stopped, Manchester does not run out of money. I know the rose tinted mancs will say there is pots and pots of money and everyone wants to invest in Manchester, but it looks like it may need to financially restucture and it will lose some long haul. LJLA is an entirely different animal. That will be affected too, but nowhere near the level Manchester will suffer.
WE all need Manchester to get back on its feet and succeed, its a regional airport, it serves Bradford, Sheffield,Leeds and Liverpool not just Manchester

By Billy

The ripple effects of this will affect many people in support industries if it continues, let’s hope our aviation industry in the NW resumes to normal asap.

By Hoping for the best.

It will be back. We need to remain optimistic.

By Elephant

Which terminal will TUI be flying from after 2nd September 2020

By Don

I prefer the simplicity of John Lennon. Less queuing, less security, and rarely if ever do you see a delay. An all round better experience. LPL will always be my airport of choice.

By Liverpool romance

Manchester will recover. Boris will make sure of that. Liverpool will get the rug pulled.

By Michael McDonut

What a farce, we need a real Tory government, not this Lib Dem Boris crew.

By Dan

All those Covid Bedwetters own this …

By Eddie Yates

Hopefully they use this as an opportunity to renovate the old T2 and merge with the new terminal and get that opened sooner. 1 more efficient terminal with benefit them more than duplicating resource over T1 and T3.

By Simon

I see my mate Liverpool romance is back, what a dimwit. Liverpool Airport is your choice is it? Well that’s great if your going to the Isle of man but not for the likes of Singapore.

By Phildered

Liverpool Romance, booking every trip directly through Ryanair, enjoy Benidorm mate, I’m off to Dubai.

By Dan

We due to fly from t2 on 26th September. It is closed now indefinitely what happens now to our booking for holiday and parking we have booked at the airport. We have heard nothing from Tui
Regards Dot

By Dorothy McClelland