Management contract out for New Islington

Acting on behalf of the New Islington Estate Management Company, Manchester City Council is seeking a managing agent for New Islington by offering a five-year contract worth £1m.

The contract is to cover the management of the common parts of the estate in Ancoats, including but not limited to Cotton Field Park, the promenade areas, the water spaces, the access road, five swing bridges and the Bascule bridge.

New Islington has come forward in stop-start fashion since being named as one of the UK’s Millennium Communities Programme areas. Funding to redevelop what had been called the Cardroom Estate was secured in 2002, with urban regeneration company New East Manchester the overseeing authority.

Works to the Ashton and Rochdale Canals were carried out, while lead developer Urban Splash brought forward its first batch of schemes, including the Chips building.

Over the last couple of years, development has picked up again, with Splash delivering both residential schemes such as HoUSe and commercial space, while Manchester Life schemes including the Vesta site fall within the area.

The contract, which could be extended for two years beyond the initial period, would also include the collection of estate charge from head leaseholders on a quarterly basis, establishment and management of an estate sinking fund and the provision of audited accounts to the management company.

The management and maintenance contract will be paid for via the estate charge on up to 1,700 residential dwellings and a limited number of commercial units. The contract does not include any management of the marina business or maintenance of associated equipment. The management of the contract will rest with the New Islington Management Company.


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There’s a great amount of potential in this area and the adjoining Ancoats, Miles Platting and Eastlands area. Lovell Homes are on site with their large development on the Rochdale Canal and piling has now started on Weaver’s Quay on Old Mill Street. The MMU and commercial developments at the Etihad will merely round this off! Great news!

By Northern Potential