MAN Energy HQ, Hazel Grove 2
5plus Architects is the masterplanner for the site

MAN progresses Mirrlees Fields vision 

Dan Whelan

Engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions has lodged an outline planning application for 200 homes and a 43-acre country park on land the company owns next to its UK headquarters in Hazel Grove, south of Stockport. 

Mirrlees Fields, west of Bramhall Moor Lane, spans 64 acres in total and 53 of those are earmarked for use as open space. 

Some 10 acres would serve as outdoor space for the homes, while the remaining 43 acres are to be transferred to the Land Trust, a national charity committed to the long-term sustainable management of open space for community benefit. 

Under the terms of the agreement with the Land Trust, MAN would donate £1m towards the upkeep of the public space. 

While there are currently some rights of way across the land, the proposals for a country park would allow for “unfettered” access and provide greater flexibility in the way the land can be used by local schools, as well as staff and patients at nearby Stepping Hill Hospital, MAN said. 

MAN Energy HQ, Hazel Grove

Mirrlees Fields is west of Bramhall Moor Lane in Hazel Grove

The remaining 11 acres would house the residential element, which would feature a 50% affordable provision. 

The project team comprises Avison Young as the planning consultant, 5plus Architects as the masterplanner, transport consultant Curtins, Barnes Walker as landscape architect, and BWB Consulting as the noise and air quality consultants. 

Subject to planning approval by Stockport Council, MAN intends to sell the residential plot to a developer to build the homes. 

Louise Durose, general counsel for MAN Energy Solutions, said: “This planning application and the agreement with the Land Trust offer a unique opportunity to turn private land into a fantastic new public amenity with a sustainable future, while providing much-needed new homes in Stockport.” 

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Please leave the land as it is. It is the only green space we have , benefits as they stand outweigh the need to build on this land.
It is a haven for our wildlife and a haven for the residents of the surrounding areas. We would all be devastated to see this lost.
Please don’t build on this oasis of our community


This is disgraceful, we have had access to these fields for over 50 years. They have always been used by the community. It was a golf course, sports fields, etc. Man energy are not giving us anything we already have it. They will build on all the fields eventually it has to be stopped. Please use your democratic right and object to this through stockport planning department.

By Ruth Hewitt

MAN Energy fail to mention that Mirrlees Field is a strategic designated open space. It’s a very important green space for the local community. The area it’s situated in, has the least green space in the borough of Stockport. The site is home to wildlife, nesting birds, ancient oak trees, wild flowers, grasses, insects. MAN Energy built 200 houses 5 years ago on a Brownfield site. They promised not to build on the field. MAN Energy are part of the VW group. This housing development is purely to do with profit and does not benefit the community. The majority of the community are against this development

By Sarah Tyler

This is tragic. There are so many brownfield sites that could be repurposed instead, but instead this wonderful area might be sacrificed just to save some money. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! We are losing precious wildlife thanks to this kind of profit hungry agenda. I want future generations to be able to experience this wild green space. It’s vital for health and well-being.

By Claire

I understand the need to want to preserve as much land as possible. But if it were me I would be snatching their hands off at this. Yes there will be some new homes, but to know that the rest of the land can never be touch and will be there for generations to come, seems a bit of a no brainer to me and to be fair, we’ve been able to use the land with no issues when it is private land.

By Anonymous

I think this is a very reasonable compromise and it would be great for the remaining land to be developed into a proper country park instead of just wasteland.
I know a lot of people seem to be under the disillusion that they have some sort of right to land they don’t own. And that a right of way across the land somehow means a right to all of it.
But I think most reasonable selfless people realise that without a compromise such as this there is a real chance of loosing every bit of it, baring the right of way.
Let’s get it done and make something great for everyone now and in the years to come.

By Andy

More traffic on already congested roads
More Pollution
Less green space
They said they wouldn’t touch these fields and would leave them hem for the local people to enjoy.

By Fred Firth