Don Street Middleton

Major Middleton housing site on the market

A 32-acre housing site in Middleton with the potential for up to 303 homes has been put up for sale, five years after plans for the plot were refused.

Buckinghamshire-based investor Rock Co Capital, the site’s owner, has instructed CBRE and Knight Frank to sell the plot, which sits off Don Street, next to the British Vita factory.

Plans were first put forward in 2014 but these were refused by Rochdale Council in the same year, with members citing concerns over a loss of allotments, along with its impact on green space.

The proposals returned to committee in March 2017 and were approved by the council. The site is allocated for housing under Rochdale’s Local Plan, and under the plan, could provide more than 350 houses.

Steven Verity, northern head, UK development & residential at CBRE Manchester, said; “We are pleased to bring to market the Don Street site which has the potential to be transformed into a popular residential location.

“The position of the site on the Middleton boundary, coupled with the excellent transport links and host of amenities close by, will appeal to a number of investors seeking good quality land with high prospects.”

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Iam sure this was stopped because of mine shafts,

By Robert Greig

Excellent transport lInks??? (The usual planning wording no doubt to tick the box)

Amenities nearby? Have you been to Middleton Recently??? Its an absolute dump that needs money and infrastructure.

This will render the roads in the area TOTAL GRIDLOCK without some major investment…they are already at maximum capacity

By Anon

Appalling decision if true..More green belt destroyed.

By M.Cheetham.

More green land dies a death.

By Anonymous

I don’t live far from that spot. They must be mad building there. Before dumping more houses. The area needs a total revamp. Lived in Middleton all my life and it’s sad how the area has been left in a run down state.

By Pauline jarvis

How can they approve building on green belt land when there are 2 large mills in Middleton that are in such a terrible state, they should either be demolished or redeveloped before taking much needed green belt areas

By Steve

Rochdale would sell there sole .provided it’s anywhere but about building in norden little borough or Healey dell

By Glynn evans

No leave the green alone. We need trees to breathe and the roads are getting too congested along there . Then there is school time which get even worse , and the commuters who leave their cars next to Mills Hill station .. Its going to be bad enough when foxdenton development is finished . Never mind this one .!!!!!

By Margaret Masterson

Please leave the green belt alone. We have recently lost a large area over near Foxdenton Lane to a new housing complex. Another; albeit small area just off Bay Tree Lane, more housing being developed on Mills Hill Road. Put some money into areas not as affluent as the South of city and help local communities and it’s residents prosper. Community spirit has diminished as we feel we are being ignored. It’s us that try to stop such acts of disregard with comments, opinions and concerns of the residents that actually live here, we constantly hear each other having the same thoughts only to be overruled for profit which in turn is NOT for the local area as always promised. More congestion, more overrun schools, less police and more crime. When will we be listened to?

By Alison Dale

The time to raise concerns over the loss of Green Belt land was when the Council ran public consultations on their Local Plan. The site is allocated for housing. That is a decision made by the Council, you can’t blame a developer for coming along and building on land allocated for housing.

By NWPlanner

Appalong decision. There is no infrastructure, what transpoet links and the fumes that come from Vita Foam will only make it worse without the trees. Where does the wild life stand in all this ? Money for the council is just pure greed and it won’t go back to local services. Take land from where some of the Rochdale councillors are living. Bet that’s never going to happen !

By Deathofnature

I see they’ve started to clear the trees, unbelievable. ‘Quality land’ it’s a swamp, the area isn’t the prettiest however there is an abundance of wildlife that roam including dear. Along the river bats live under the bridges, the field is used daily by many dog walkers and as mentioned there will be a loss of allotments. There’s no indication of access to the farm, I’m sure the new residents will appreciate muck spilt from a tractor along the roads. The train station is already passed capacity, Oldham road is tailgated and what schools are these new residents to be taught in Middleton or Chadderton?. There are numerous brown sites that can be transformed in Middleton, if a Don Street car boot is started will this land be as protected as Bowlee?

By P

Shocking that the trees are being ripped up and replaced by shoe boxes for houses. More green soace gone and totally unecessary. Deer pass through here and there are numerous other flora and fauna given not a jot of consideration. I can see Boarshaw area complaining about smell and dust and dirt debris from Vita Foam when the houses are built. All too late then, the damage will be forever done

By Ceeemdee