Heswall Luxury Apartments
Falconer Chester Hall designed the project

Luxury homes mooted for Heswall

Dan Whelan

Developer Grosvenor Homes Heswall wants to build a four-storey block containing 12 high-end apartments on Thurstaston Road. 

Under the plans submitted to Wirral Council, each three-bedroom apartment would have two parking spaces. 

The project, which overlooks the Dee Estuary, has been designed by Liverpool-based architects Falconer Chester Hall. 

A spokesperson from Grosvenor Homes said: “We have seen the potential on Thurstaston Road and the requirements of the area to provide a well-balanced, innovative, high-quality residential development.” 

Martin Haymes, associate director at Falconer Chester Hall, added: “The proposed development is within a traditional landscape, which influenced the material palette we propose, including red sandstone and rosemary clay roof tiles – both indigenous local materials.”

Zerum is planning consultant and SCP Transport is highways consultant. 

The project team also includes M&E engineer Abacus Consulting, Omega Fire Engineering as fire consultant and DEP Landscape Architecture. 

Rachel Hacking Ecology is advising on ecology and Clancy Consulting on ground conditions. Trees Solutions is tree surveyor. 

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A beautiful part of Cheshire.

By Heswall

Another disaster for a now over crowded Heswall. The infrastructure and roads can’t support these low rise tower blocks replacing family homes. The prices people are expected to pay compared to £/sqm in large detached or semi-detached family homes is a rip-off and very poor vfm. The land in Heswall was also never meant to support so muh building. Mostly red clay. Cruel to the new buyers being chained to huge mortgagea for tiny spaces, more pressure and frustration for locals.

Heswall and surrounding areas need a preservation order to protect them from hungry developers. These blocks impose central Manchester/Birmingham city prices on a community that is an hour from Liverpool and 90 mins from Manchester. Chester and Cheshire hasve seen huge development and now have a lot of exisiting and old very high quality stock on the market. There is no need for this. There are not huge numbers of people moving inward to wirral to fill jobs as far as my family/friends know so where are all these people going to come from?

By A Cliffe-Davies

All this investment in Heswall, what about the wider region of Pensby, Barnston, Gayton?

By WM7

“High end” – awful phrase.

By ChesneyT

I know there is a lot of concern about over development in Heswall taking away established stock for blocks and houses without much space between or gardens. Carving up the last of the remaining green belt is also upsetting people.

The council need to be taken to task as it seems anything gets through the planning approval. New builds must give them income. These builders seem not know the local area too well you could think as they sell it as a vibrant luxury area when the young habitually move away and it has banks and shops closing left and right.

By Sarah Arrowe

These look nice. There does seem to be a lot of flats being built in Heswall. I don’t mind when they replace an ugly 60s building but I have seen some nice old looking houses knocked down to make way which doesn’t feel right.

Heswall definitely feels more part of Liverpool than Cheshire. Also its only about 20 mins by car and train to Liverpool and about 40 mins by bus. About 1 hr to Manchester by car to Manchester and I’d guess about coming up to 2hr by train.

By Chris

@A Cliffe-Davies – in all my years of reading NIMBY comments, I’ve never seen somebody accuse the developer of being cruel for forcing high mortgages on buyers! Incredible. Also, you must take a very scenic route to get to Liverpool in an hour!

By Ardy

Great part of Merseyside

By Anonymous

Great part of The Liverpool City Region

By Anonymous

No more building on the wirral its over crowded enough and will not stand anymore

By Mr C Page

The traffic on Thurstaston Road has become a problem, we don’t need potentially 24 more cars adding to it, particularly with a Primary school and a stretch with a pavement on one side only which is too narrow for more than one person. We don’t need more “high end” apartments in Heswall we need more affordable starter and family homes in Pensby.

By Anonymous

More traffic through Thurstaston Road which only has one narrow pavement in places . This is close to a primary school. Type of housing doesn’t fit with the area. The 12,000 houses said to be needed in the Wirral is not backed up by other independent studies. This proposal would add to the traffic and over crowding in Heswall. I expect lots of objections including mine.

By Lian Cheyne

Some very negative comments on this thread. Can I add a positive one-I think the character and scale of the scheme is very well considered and it is a decent bit of Architecture. Well done.

By Adam Ash

‘High End’ is another phase for expensive and lucrative for the developer. One only has to look at the abundance of properties in Thurstaston Rd and indeed Lower Heswall as a whole to see how cramped the area is. They are only interested in that spot because a view can command up to £10,000 more. I have seen how spots in the area have been spoiled by large 5bed eyesores let alone a four storey apartment block. When a plot doesn’t sell as well as a developer has envisaged they put in to change a plot to apartments to get more money.
Go play somewhere else amd leave us some nice spare land left for which the Wirral is renowned.

By Anonymous

This will increase the already very busy traffic on very narrow roads, with little to no pavement, next to a primary school. Think about the safety of our children getting to school before lining your pockets with yet another “luxury” apartment block!!

By Michelle Murray

The bubble burst on Heswall years ago, too many scousers thinking they are upmarket, the reason so many houses are for sale.


leave the area well alone! Stop building on it. Us locals really don’t care how high end the apartments are we like the green and the space and views, thats what makes this area beautiful. Not more buildings.

By Littlestlottie

Absolute disgrace! Yet another beautiful old house being pulled down for what likes 60’s monstrosities!! How they are in keeping with Heswall who knows?? It appears that Heswall is becoming apartment city. Guess the developers are rubbing their hands with glee at the profits to be made. As a Heswall resident I’m just seeing buildings that won’t pass the test of time and more traffic on the roads! 12 apartments with 2 cars minimum each horrendous.

By Emma

In the future, Wirral council could come to curse the day it destroyed its “high end” suburbs. For the sake of a short term gain, it is in danger of creating a situation in which well off families will end up living in Cheshire in order to have a quality of life that they can no longer find on the Wirral. The council could discover, too late, that its tax base has evaporated. Sadly, this happened in Liverpool a generation ago, which is the main reason why the city is chronically dependent upon central government subsidy (and thus chronically short of cash). Nobody feels any sympathy for the rich, but they sure as hell miss their money once they’ve gone.

By Moomo

Again, very easy planning permission given..yet again in Heswall…how??

By J Banton

Where on Thurstaston Road is this monstrosity going to be thrown up? I can’t see any space for this…. Unless… another old house will be levelled to make way for the greed of the developers. WBC letting them get away with it again…. Absolutely disgraceful. Soon you won’t be able to put a pin between the already crammed spaces… Agree with previous comments… Shops are closing left right and centre here… So where’s the vibrancy? Go and disappear greedy developers and get an honest backbone WBC for once regarding sale of land

By Beryl Williams

We need to get out of the Liverpool city region. Either with Cheshire West, or as an autonomous region within the UK. It just isn`t working as it is.

By Anonymous

A beautiful suburb of Liverpool, not far from the Royal Liverpool Golf Course, Merseyrail stations, 472 to Liverpool city centre etc etc yawn

By LEighteen

The Heswall to Bidston line needs electrification to fully integrated with Merseyrail’s Wirral line. Yes, it’s 20 minutes by car to the city centre and there are good fast buses, but that line is long overdue an upgrade to bring the best sustainable transport to Heswall and reduce the need for cars. You’ll get a younger population profile and increase the area’s desirability even further if you do this. Work closely with the Welsh Government to get this line upgraded all the way to Wrexham opening up employment opportunities between Deeside and Liverpool.

By The Crows Nest

Unfortunately, there’s some odd characters on this peninsula. I’d much rather be part of LCR, i have much more affinity to the city of Liverpool than I do of Cheshire. Some people need to grow up. This development looks nice, people moan about lack of investment, people moan about investment. Cant win!

By Sippy

Luxury development clobbers us all

WBC has no integrity whatsoever. It has been greenlighting land ‘clearance’ for ‘high end’ Band H plus property developments for a fictitious 12,000 central govt housing ‘requirement’it is pushing on WBC, presaging the removal of trees and the turning over of green sward, sale of green space/virgin land, most of which, like this site, is on or adjacent to SBIs, SSSIs or part of Green Belt. It does this by demolishing perfectly serviceable buildings and houses and by creating brownfield from green reclassifying green land as ‘brownfield’ having turned it over by bulldozer, maxi digger and chainsaw.
To this end, it has been allowing and participating in the felling of over 10,000 trees since 2016; 5,000-plus on Council land and 4,800 (and counting) on privately-owned land. It does so under the pretext of mitigating the ‘risks’ that trees present by, err, killing them off and selling them to biomass energy production as ‘renewable’ resources, when this is the most unsustainble activity imagineable. Its relationship with its non-local Contractor, MancoedVM, is analagous to that of Sheffield City Council’s with Amey.

Trees are our most valuable, yet most threatened living resource.

I was born and brought up in Heswall and have seen the wanton destruction of Lower Heswall and North Heswall in particular, and Wirral in general by developer, infrastructure and other commercial interests. There are (still) 5000 plus empty homes on the Wirral and hundreds of thousands of unused and underused buildings on the Wirral. Preston CC’s office-to -residential is a scheme that Councils need to apply with their own areas of jursisdiction and a scheme in Market Street Birkenhead to use empty retail spaces, mooted years ago, would still serve as a model too.

Louise Stothard (Environmental Officer, Birkenhead CLP, Sec. For Trees)

By Louise Stothard

re Momoo – your comment about the wealthier home owners leaving. I think that is in progress as Wirral is not an easy commute to Chester/Manchester compared to other spots but selling the houses is difficult as less high earners remain behind. House prices need to drop 15% or therabouts the estate agents need to be fair and realistic and work harder to try and sell them as 2 beautiful fairly priced older homes near us get few viewing while expensive new builds gets lots of promotion. The apartments in these blocks are priced the same as some detatched houses that are being picked off for building. Watching how this develops will be odd. Heswall is merseyside still but Cheshire may add a hefty chunk to asking prices. It’s sales.

By Anon

An interesting ‘mid-century modern’ flavour to the design of these dwellings.

Sippy – you’re bang on with the Cheshire ‘odd characters’ statement. Cheshire and Liverpool, although neighbours, have very, very different histories and people. Around the same time Liverpool was founded as a borough, Cheshire was still administered by baronial lords.

Cheshire people are different to Lancashire people, and very different to Liverpool people.

By North by North-West

No, absolutely not….. West Wirral has enough housing…. but there is plenty of land overlooking the River Mersey, go down there and build your houses. Leave us alone

By Janette Bibby

Utterly disgusting. Top end prices, with lack of enough room, ruining the area with more flats! Why ?? We need houses not flats. The infrastructure in Heswall is being ruined by greedy developers who care nothing of the people and the affordability of property .

By Anonymous

There is a huge problem with the council passing luxury developments and allowing back garden developments that make the neighbourhoods far more cramped than people living there now would ever have bought to live in.

Therefore the developments ate fundamentally changing the character of Heswsll/ Gayton and also Caldy while we’re at it.

The Thurstaston development, I assume the lovely and LAST Edwardian/Arts and Crafts era house with large gardens left on that road will be demolished. It’s under offer at 1.3m. A huge over price. at 850/900k could be affordable to hugh earners as a family home.

I think the property prices are possibly pushed out of the rich of middle class families that fuels the developer speculations. I’ve also looked online and been very surprised to see small detached houses in Thurstaston planned for 580k that would still by a good sized detached property in most of the peninsular and some of Heswall. Thurstaston village just north of Heswall is supposed to be protected as part of he nature reserve area last I knew of it.

Yes, Heswalls character has been changed beyond recognition in the last 20 years by developments especially in the town centre. When relatives return to peninsukar for Chrustams /NY you get an sense of horrfied shock when they see what’s happened or a tut and ‘oh no’. Like I said pricing family houses over 1m could be driving this. The blocks in Heswall are taking many years to sell in some cases with some a jutying grey building in the town centre switched for office use and still part empty in 5 years. A beatiful home was bulldozed for that.

I hear the Farr Hall lanes and road area have a huge problem with developers targetting them and 120 year old drainage systems and unmade single tracks can’t cope with houses being levelled for blocks of 8-12 households. It’s the population density and risk to children never mind electtics and black out risk the coucil ignores. We need budget affordable housing in wirral not band h at 3900 p/a council tax and band g at 3200 p/a council tax. Few families of drs and lawyers want a 40k council tax bill in 10 years! Also in Whitehouse lane the proposed cramped new build has some neighbours talkinv about selling! Squashed terrace houses and 3 detached in a road of 1930s and 50s detached houses looks very out of place and it’s turning into the sunked blind bend under the train line.

So who can afford all these houses? Beyond teachers, medical professions I think the biggest employer could be the building trade and yhe coucil. The latter with extensive pensions liabilities and payroll and we know from the Hoylake golf debacle, a huge hole in finances. May-Oct 2019 I believe many millions 14 or so was billed and paid out without reveipts. Google this.

The local council are responsible for mishandling the area leading to quality houses being bulldozed for cheap-looking thrown -together blocks and cramped detached developments with little garden or privacy.

As a man who raised a family some years ago I would not move to the green suburbs of heswall to live in a flat 3 bed or 4 and have children playing in a garden shared with 11 other households i did not know. Just my opinion but no privacy/security to my mind. This has to stop. Chester is a long drive and a single or only dual carriage that struggles in rush hour. Liverpool a 40 min drive to centre and many firms locate outwards to the manchester direction so a big travel commitment. flats belong in city centre bar elderly and dissabled spaces.

By Observations from a Wirralian

I agree it doesn’t feel right to have flats in Heswall, although families with children do need to be encouraged to live there, to keep the area alive into the longer term. Good jobs nearby plus good places to live equals places with high streets that can support populations and facilities for all ages. Is it via things like these flats? Or something else?

“Trees are our most valuable, yet most threatened living resource.”

Couldn’t agree more Louise. If you could enlighten your Labour colleagues on the other side of the river, who have turned a previously quite green city centre into a pastiche of 1980s Birmingham, and who seem to think weeds are trees, it would be appreciated.

By Mike

I can fully understand why some in Heswall, and Wirral want to revert back to Cheshire.

By Bixteth Boy

Of course North by North West people in Cheshire are different to Lancashire people! Dukinfield people are a different species to the people of Ashton Under Lyne. In what way are they different? I was born in Oldham and have friends in Stalybridge and don’t recall us being any different.

By Elephant

The most irritating thing is the disingenuous dishonesty of the developers who pretend that this monstrosity fits into the area because it contains “red sandstone” and “rosemary clay roof tiles” (both so insignificant as to be largely invisible). The fact that the building is hugely oversized, composed mainly of industrial brown brick and glass, makes no reference to the traditional Edwardian character of the area, and adds 12 new cars to an already crowded road is entirely brushed under the carpet. Of course they don’t expect anyone to believe them; it’s just that they need to provide some token excuse to the officials who pass the developments.

By Moomo

Liverpool was once part of Mercia along with the whole of South West Lancashire. The ‘neutral’ Liverpool accent was long more akin to Cheshire than much of Lancashire. Many people in Chester sound like people from south Liverpool. This linguistic area stretches to the Isle of Mann too. We have similar histories, all linked together, along the coastal areas from Chester to North Meols (Southport). Wirral grew on the back of the trade developed in Liverpool and on the Mersey. It was a collection of hamlets not long ago.

By The Crows Nest

@Elephant: I think the pro Cheshire lot are not necessarily seeing themselves as different people. They just want to get out of a poorly run region. The same as many feel in Southport and the coastal path.

By Sandgrounder

It is only the snobs that feel that way, and they are a dying breed. The Sefton Coast has been Liverpool for long, long time now. And most Wirral people are happy to be called Liverpool. Paul Hollywood is a good example.

By Red Squirrel

Because of transport and employment…all of Wirral strongly linked to Liverpool…..would actually make a lot more sense if Cheshire west cane into Liverpool city region and Cheshire east went to Greater Manchester

By George

@George – Chester will never be a part of the Liverpool city region.

Please don`t mention Merseyrail because sending a train somewhere doesnt mean you own that city.

By Deva Victrix

I had thought a while ago about Heswall / Thurstaston /West Kirby tagging onto Cheshire to get out of a badly run area. There will be some snobs but from the pre norman conquest until about 1971 it was in Cheshire. As an other noted it was Mercia and also part of Wales around he time of the normal conquest. The very south west of wirral is technically over the welsh border. How you would in theory split the peninsula would be odd but it could be a way out of the ongoing mess we’ve had in the last 20-30 years. Time to look for a new plan. Cheshire is seeing some development but I haven’t seen any messes as bad as what’s happened around east and west wirral there yet. I’m no geologist but west wirral wasn’t heavily built on- I mean the coast at heswall, caldyand nestin until the last 30-50 yrs and I’ve no idea how all that sand and chalk copes. Neston does have a subsidence problem in places due to its mining past. I’ve met people whk have experienced it.

By Observing Wirralian

From Hilbre shore to Blacon Point..
I’m for joining Liverpool, Chester has always had a lot in common with our friends across the Mersey.

By Blacon

Go to anywhere in the world, they ask where you live. on the Wirral near LIVERPOOL. No one goes ‘oh near Cheshire’.

By Clive the Caldy Man

Well I’m from Chester and I think it would make sense for it for it to be part of the Liverpool City Region. It can benefit both. Chester would not lose its identity.

By Chris

@Clive the Caldy Man. Correct, no one says near Cheshire. They say IN Cheshire.

By Anonymous

@ George
Why would Chester even consider joining the Liverpool City Region when Liverpool’s not doing great as it is.
Half the time people are moaning about office space not being built. You don’t keep adding to an already poor situation and hope it gets better.
Also Chester is a much more defined city that should stay separate from Liverpool IMO.
While places like Macclesfield and Knutsford would be a much more natural extension to the GM region compared to LCR, I don’t really understand the obsession with extending the wider city regions. Not for a while yet anyway.

By Anonymous

Northwich and knutsford were supposed to be included in with Greater manchester in 1974 boundary changes but chester council objected and of course the government of the day changed too! So it never happened! at the Present moment Northwich is trying to get its own unitary council set up as the people of Northwich a truely sick of being in with Cheshire west and chester council. they have done nothing but harm to our town and district of 80,000 people since our beloved vale royal borough council was taken from us!
so new unitary council for northwich and district.
and also new combined cheshire authority for new devolution powers! would be great!

By Northwich

Maybe Liverpool could join Chester and become part of a newly formed Chester city region?

By Anonymous

More so called luxury apartments – Heswall is flat land. It’s all about money for the council and for the developer. If I had that kind of money I wouldn’t live in Wirral – too crowded and cramped. Travesty demolishing a character house for they type of development you can see anywhere. Heswall is a lost cause.

By Bet Carbery

Hideous. Such a shame to replace such an amazing building, and with something so ugly.


After reading many of these notes the developers and council should take a long hard look at what has happened to Thurstaston Road and the Farr Hall Road/Drive area. Axenholme at 76 Thurstaston road should never have been allowed to be knocked down. It is quite a shock to see such change. The developed building now standing there pushed up against the thin boundary to Farr Hall looks like a city centre residence. The character and look of the area has beyond doubt been fundamentally changed by this and similar developments. The demolition of two houses say to create a whole cul de sac of cramped ‘luxury’ dwellings elsewhere is a travesty. Lower Heswall now has a very different feel to 20 years ago let alone 40 years ago or more when it earned the reputation that the developers are using for maximum capital gain. I grew up near here, my children did also and like me visited it many times to friends and relatives but they would never consider living there with their own families. Wirral Council, what have you done? Is this inverted snobbery striking back? When you have qualified planners speaking against the over development what on earth is going on at the council. I also concur with a writer above that these speculating developers may not know the area too well on a personal level as anyone who does can see how packed out it is now already and yet there appears to be a ‘land grab’ for more development. This council needs reigning in from above in central government and a sound ticking off for the destruction of the neighbourhoods architecture so far.

By Tina L