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Lovell lodges plans for next phase of £235m Miles Platting regen

Lovell has submitted a full planning application for 129 homes in Miles Platting in Manchester as part of its wider regeneration of the area.

The housebuilder’s proposals include two-bed and three-bed semi-detached and terraced properties, as well as an apartment block of eight homes, off Varley Street and Berkshire Road.

The site, known as Area 11, was formerly home to council houses, a swimming pool, and a doctors’ surgery, which were subject to a CPO and demolition to make way for the scheme.

PRP is acting as architect for the project.

Lovell’s plans form part of its wider £235m PFI regeneration of the area, which covers 264 acres in East Manchester. The five-year initiative will see Lovell refurbish 1,520 existing council houses and build 1,800 new homes and apartments.

The first phase of the project, Gener8, contains 85 two, three and four bed homes, the first of which were released to the market in 2014.

The wider scheme was given outline planning permission in 2006.

The PFI is being delivered through the Renaissance Consortium partnership, comprising of Lovell as developer, Adactus HA to manage the affordable housing, equity providers Morgan Sindall Investments, IIC and Adactus, and external funders Dexia.

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Gener8 was completed a few years ago, if they are the ones on Sandal Street, an update to the article may be welcome. Lovell have built more than a couple of hundred houses in Miles Platting in their previous phases of Platting Village, Bramah Place and the attractive ones going up at Lockside… this is one of the last phases.

Walking along the Rochdale Canal and seeing this new development in a quiet parkside location makes it a very different place to many years ago. Rents of £1000 pcm for houses here are proving that the demand is now there. Good job all round!

By M60

Quite ironic, bulldozing a swimming pool and a surgery,when MCC want families to move to Central Manchester.Every other day on here someone says how desperately we need these facilities for our growing population.Agree with M60 that it looks a lot better than when I was a boy,but there is still that air of lipstick on a gorilla.With Ancoats now the trendiest area in Britain,the ripple effect shoud eventually reach Oldham.

By Elephant

£1000pcm rents are a good thing are they?!

Lovell need to finish what they’ve started before moving on to anything else.

By Jonty

I like what Lovell produce and PFI schemes are pretty complex to deliver but MCC really need to push for the creation of genuinely walkable communities. This isn’t dense enough to support local services and encourage people to populate those streets as well as being a wasteful use of land.Typical short sightedness from MMC permitting suburban style development in the inner city.

By Good enough?