London Road Fire Station set to host outdoor cinema

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

Allied London has submitted a planning application for the temporary use of parts of Manchester’s London Road Fire Station for events, food market, and an outdoor cinema.

See below for plan + images of Fire Station

The application to Manchester City Council centres around the grade two-listed Fire Station’s courtyard, the 6,000 sq ft Engine Room, and Ambulance House.

The temporary uses listed in the proposal include events and exhibitions, markets, retail, and food and drink, leisure, film, theatre, music and workshops.

London Road Fire Station event space map

Allied London previously hosted a large outdoor cinema at Hardman Square in the centre of its Spinningfields estate. However the site is now the location of No1 Spinningfields, a 350,000 sq ft office currently under construction.

The developer bought the landmark Fire Station building next to Piccadilly station in November, and has rebranded it simply ‘London Road’.

The property has been the subject of controversy in Manchester for a number of years due to the property falling into a state of disrepair under the stewardship of owner Britannia Hotels.

Previously, Allied London has said that its plan for the property is to “create a mixed-use destination”.

At a consultation event last Friday, Allied London chief executive, Michael Ingall, revealed the preliminary vision for London Road as an important new destination for Manchester, redefining a new doorway to the city.

He said that “Allied London will use the fabric of the building in its original form to create a new kind of space for Manchester.”

The site will be “a place of experience, a voice to London and the rest of the world, with an international collective of world class operators, interesting brands and innovative hospitality.”

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Looking forward to this.


“a place of experience, a voice to London and the rest of the world, with an international collective of world class operators, interesting brands and innovative hospitality.” So, bit like the Arndale Centre, then.

By Pugh Pugh Barny McGrew

No, obviously not.


Clearly the venue for the Manchester International Festival

By JOn

Actually, we knock the Arndale Centre but in fairness it hasn’t half been used in some films over the years: Knock and Run (2012); Commando (1985); Groomers (2016); Teminator 2: Judgement Day (1991); Jackie Brown (1997), plus more.

By Keezer

Where was it in T2?

By arnie-dale

There’s nothing wrong with the Arndale, it’s the BHS corner that needs work, which isn’t owned by the Arndale.

By Heavens

Nothing wrong with the Arndale? Are you kidding? It is by some distance the worst thing about Manchester City Centre, blocking pedestrian routes, undemines the viability of other parts of the retail core, is bland internally and ugly externally (even the new bit), renders a huge part of the city centre inactive and inaccessible after hours, I could go on.

The only people who think there’s nothing wrong with it are retail surveyors and agents who can’t see the bigger picture, and of course MCC who don’t want to admit they failed to push PRUPIM for a better, more permeable redevelopment when they allowed them to build over Cannon Street.

By Specsaver

Specsaver, how does the Arndale block pedestrian routes?

By CitySpotter

CitySpotter – by being built right across them; Pall Mall, Brown Street, Spring Gardens, Church Street, Cannon Street and Dantzic Street.

All these streets terminate with a view of a wall rather than sight lines through to a different part of the city. A poor experience during the day made worse when the place is closed and inclaccessible. The Arndale is a fairly dysfunctional and thoroughly depressing place to be in or around.

By Specsaver

Pugh Pugh that’s actually quite funny, made me laugh not going to lie ! Other than there nothing and I repeat nothing in the Randal’s that’s not in any other city in this country , serves a job dosnt serve the cities brand !

By Ingall

Randal’s that’s iPhone speak for Arndale

By Ingall