LJLA outlines £100m investment in terminal and runway extension

Liverpool John Lennon Airport has revealed plans to spend £100m on a series of investments in its passenger facilities, including an expansion of the terminal building, new hotels, and a potential extension of its runway, as part of its growth strategy for the next 30 years.

The Airport first started consultations on its 2050 masterplan, supported by Turley, in August last year, and has now endorsed the plan which is intended to increase passenger numbers to 11.2m a year.

LJLA currently records around 5m passengers annually, and by 2030, it hopes to attract 7.8m passengers a year. This ambition will be supported by a major investment programme which is expected to cost £100m over the next 10 years.

This includes an expansion of the existing terminal; additional car parking; hotels; food, drink, and retail; and a possible extension of its runway. These

According to Turley, these could increase the Airport’s annual GVA impact to £625m and could support over 12,000 jobs across the city region by 2030. It also hoped the investment would help to bring more long-haul international routes to LJLA.

The Airport has also prioritised employment space at the site, which could potentially include logistics, advanced manufacturing space, and offices. It is estimated this could generated £270m a year in additional GVA, and would help to attract cargo and specialist aviation businesses to the site.

Airport chairman Robert Hough said: “Since investing in the business over 20 years ago, the Peel Group have always believed in this Airport’s tremendous potential and today sees the launch of the latest chapter in what has been a tremendous success story for the Airport and the region.

“We cannot afford to stand still in what remains a very challenging economic and competitive environment, which is why we have set out our strategic vision for the Airport going forward in order to deliver continued success.”

Peel reassumed full control of the airport in 2014, buying up the 65% stake it had previously sold. A 20% stake has since been sold to Liverpool City Council.

LJLA Masterplan

The masterplan went out to consultation last August

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Voted the UKs friendliest airport and a great Airport to fly from ,great news

By Dan

The airport has really improved over the last few years and is now a great airport to fly from. Continued investment like this will help raise the profile and hopefully see passenger numbers continuing to increase.

By Helen

Great news. Although I live 10 miles away from Manchester Airport, I prefer to use Liverpool Airport. LA is much more passenger/pedestrian friendly & there are some great destinations on offer to choose from. The airport should start to think about planning a direct railway route to and from the airport which will enhance further growth.

By Dave

I hope it does happen and why aren’t they aiming for higher passenger numbers, surely holiday traffic could be targetted more just like the old days of Direct Holidays, good luck anyway.

By Seat by the Window

You might find that smaller airports around the country not just like Liverpool are much friendly airports because their small and personal airports. its when they become really big airports like Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow that it becomes more of a production line of passengers. and somehow they lose that slightly personal touch and obviously bigger airports are more like towns. unlike the smaller ones which are easier to navigate because they only have one terminal. you’ll probably find in years to come if Liverpool gets bigger they will be the bad guys and Leeds/Bradford or humberside will be the friendly airport

By north

I believe it is the people who make it friendlier.

By Liverpolitis

I fly quite often and I pick Liverpool over Manchester as I find so much easier to use. I live between the two airports. Be good to have KLM back and / or one of the middle eastern airline to offer world wide connections.

By Carl Spurling

Voted the UK’s friendliest airport? All this nonsense stinks of parochialism. Friendly is a lot of use if you want to fly to Beijing or Shanghai. Liverpool airport is far superior to Leeds/Bradford though. Better terminal and easier to reach.

By Elephant

@Elephant, not sure what you are on about, but when we have the weekly catalogue about Manchester this and Manchester that, it’s not parochial then or is it, let’s be happy that we have two fine airports in our region, maybe three if Carlise succeeds?

By Seat by the Window

My point is who cares if an airport is friendly or not? It is a choice of destinations most people are interested in. This pathetic begrudging of Manchester airport’s amazing success really defies belief.I flew from Liverpool to Naples last year and I didn’t find it anymore friendly or unfriendly than any other airport I have flown from.

By Elephant

It depends on the context of the survey? Was it “User” or “family” or indeed “mammal friendly”?

By Seat by the window

@Elephant – your obsessed

By Lion

Hey Nelly, Don’t get your Trunk in a twist, relax and be friendly, you know it’s the best way.

By Jumbo

I do myself find Liverpool to be the friendlier airport (staff and despite living in Lymm I prefer to use Liverpool whenever possible as opposed to Manchester. This investment is great news, long may it continue to develop. I find the snide comments here from Mancunians a bit silly to be honest.

By Brian

There’s nothing about improving access to JLA!!
Extend the M57 south from Tarbock Island by upgrading the Knowsley Expressway and extend the M57 south of Speke Road to the Airport
We also need a new dedicated station at JLA, extend the Northern Line from South Parkway and link the Wets Coast Mainline into there as well

By Kayla Bibby

Given any environmental concerns would it not be advantageous to extend the runway to the western end as well to increase to 9000ft?

By Rob