Queens Drive Flyover Liverpool

Liverpool to cut ‘commuter misery’ with £120m Rocket Junction redesign

Charlie Schouten

The city council has put forward a bid to the Government to radically remodel the junction with the M62, including knocking down the Queens Drive flyover, in a bid to cut congestion.

The bid, which forms part of a wider pitch by Transport for the North for central Government funding, includes the demolition of the flyover and replacing it with a roundabout and a dual-lane underpass.

According to the city council, the junction is currently functioning at full capacity during peak hours and this is expected to “deteriorate further” through to 2024.

Investigations have also revealed signs of weakness in the flyover’s structure, showing “significant investment” would be needed to upgrade the structure.

According to the council, the works to the junction could reduce journey times by 15%, and increase traffic flow by 30% by 2030.

Removing the flyover could also create the opportunity for “a significant landmark piece” for the gateway site, one of the key routes into the city centre.

Liverpool’s bid is for £92m from the Department for Transport, with the remainder of the total £120m project value to come from the council’s £500m Better Roads programme.

If approved, works are expected to start in 2023.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “The Rocket is not fit for purpose – it can no longer cope with the traffic coming into the city via the M62 and as welcome to Liverpool is a hugely negative experience.

“As we all know, the junction is flawed as the motorway should have come all the way to the edge of the city centre but stopped at the Queens Drive ring road instead.

“In its current state the Rocket junction is causing commuter misery every single day and by its flawed design is causing congestion and contributing to greater air pollution.

“We need the M62 to work for Liverpool and the wider city region – for our economy and our environment. This scheme needs a huge amount of development and consultation to get it to the stage of delivering it but if the government is serious about investing in the Northern Powerhouse, this is a scheme that will certainly unleash huge benefits for all concerned be they commuters, businesses, residents and visitors to our city.”

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Long overdue. Make sure this junction is future proofed to allow for extension through to the Technology Park and edge of city centre.

By Roscoe

Much needed and vital

By Anonymous

More lanes = more traffic. The Trafford Park Line only cost £350m. This is £120m for one junction.

By Induced Demand

Why wasn’t the M62 taken straight into the city as was the original idea ?…..alas….COST I fear…
This too will be watered down accordingly

By Anonymous

This junction is bottleneck to Liverpool. Hope this reduces time going in and out of the city….Much need and city is expanding and growing….

By Anonymous

Part of the reason for the M62 stopping short was difficulties in Edge land which has finally been made dual carriage way after the project suffered years of delays due to legal battles led by campaigning gran Elizabeth Pascoe over a compulsory purchase order used to buy up houses next to Edge Lane

By Anonymous

Providing for increased commuter traffic is the exact opposite of what is needed in a climate emergency.

Labour City Council and City Region administrations are showing they have learned nothing.

By John Coyne

Another flyover beats the dust. He does like to demolish a flyover does our Joe!

By Craig

Seems they did it back to front originally, there has always been dual carriageway from queen’s drive to Old Swan lights, so why didn’t they take the M62 over the ring road as a dual carriageway then, with a large round about for the ring road underneath, or is that an unreasonable thought.

By Steve

How about some more sensible plan to cut ‘commuter misery’, such as by investing in public transport and safe cycling infrastructure?
You have a carbon target to meet, LCC, and you won’t achieve it by inducing car demand.

By Active Travel Trev

If there is less standing traffic then surely there is less pollution as the engines are not idling or stop/starting for new models. As for the green councillors remarks noth here and on the radio, people travel from all over the UK to Liverpool via this route. Many are trucks and coaches etc, how would they use public transport more efficiently?

By Motor way queuer

The project is great, can the council invest monies cleaning up the entrance to the city! The amount of rubbish on the sides of the motorway, overgrown vegetation. First impression, we are not a clean city.

By Graham

Landmark piece. Does that mean we will be getting a residential tower at the end of the M62 to be delivered by North Point Global or Signature Living?