Liverpool to conduct student resi review

Liverpool City Council is establishing a task group to study the amount of student accommodation in the city and how developments affect other land uses.

The council said the decision to create the group followed moves by developers in recent years to create large-scale student flats in the city centre which "are generally good quality", with a range of facilities and close to universities.

The review will examine what impact the conversion of city centre sites is having on other competing land uses such as businesses and retail, as well as the infrastructure of the area.

The group will include representatives of the universities, student bodies and developers and will aim to reach conclusions on:

  • The suitability and viability of the current student accommodation offer in the city centre
  • The need for growth to meet future demand
  • The impact on the city centre and other affected areas of continuing to grow the accommodation

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: "I have asked for this review because, although we very much welcome and value the contribution that students make to the city, we need to be mindful of the recent rapid growth in student accommodation, and the knock on effects it could have should there be any marked fluctuations in demand. It is crucial we have a diverse mix of uses of buildings in the city centre for residents, businesses, students and visitors alike."

A report recommending the setting up of the task group will be considered by the cabinet on Thursday 2 April. If approved, the review group will agree a final report and recommendations in May 2015 which will then be considered by the cabinet.

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Student developments, especially those as speculative as all the ones in Liverpool need to be put on hold. The famous savills report of 2009 stating the need for more student beds failed to take into account all of those HMO’s etc on Smithdown and in Kensington which is now leading to a massive oversupply. We need more mixed use schemes, more residential, more good quality office space. Take a leaf out of Manchesters book and lets capitalise on our fantastic city.

By Sam

I’d hate to have a scheme completing in the next few years as we’re heading for massive over-supply, and rents will be hit for a few years until new supply stops, and the marter corrects………………. Students want to be closer to town these days, but at the same time most don’t want cluster flats as rooms tiny and too many rules and regulations for the average party Animal student!

By Henners

Is the average student a Party Animal these days? I know we all were, but even then there were a lot of quiet, focussed kids you never saw outside of lectures, and who only stayed for term-time especially overseas and mature students – of which there are greater numbers now. These are the ones for whom a single study/bedroom in a managed environment is very popular. I don’t dispute the oversupply at all, but I do think there’s a need for a wide range of accommodation.

By Steve