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Kensington is one of three roads being considered under the red routes scheme

Liverpool pushes on with red routes plan

Liverpool City Council is pushing ahead with plans to introduce red routes, where vehicles are not permitted to stop, on three of the busiest roads leading into the city centre.

The council first outlined its proposals for the red routes in December last year, and is now looking to commission consultants to work up plans for the no-stopping routes.

The council has identified three areas where red routes might be introduced; the A57 Kensington and Prescot Road; the A562 Smithdown Road in Wavertree; and the A59 County Road and Walton Road, near Goodison Park.

The consultants will be required to outline the reliability of the existing network, and how new technologies and interventions could be applied to improve journey times and reduce congestion on the routes, particularly through the introduction of these red routes.

The red routes will be the first of their type in the city region, and will prohibit any stopping, loading, or unloading. The rules do not apply to licensed taxis and blue badge holders, but will be enforced between 7am and 7pm between Monday and Sunday.

Fines for stopping on red routes could potentially be higher than those which are applied to yellow lines. The council said these routes would improve safety for pedestrians and speed up journey times to and from the city centre.

A consultant will be appointed in May, and a business case is expected to be completed by the end of September this year. There will also be a consultation process with the public to gauge opinion on the three routes and how to implement them.

Speaking in December, deputy mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne said the city could “listen carefully to feedback” from the public and would “look to put in place measures which mitigate any impact on local businesses”.

She added stopping on the routes had led to “inconvenience, congestion, delays, and increases [in] pollution”.

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Does this stop refuse collection vehicles stopping and collecting, poor delivery drivers schedules will be terribly disrupted by this action meaning longer hours starting and finishing. Congestion will spread to other streets where people will park, this needs re-thinking just like their plans for the Strand have been revised.

By Man on bicycle

Onwards and upwards for Liverpool


Should be purple routes obviously. You know, to match the non-partizan wheelie bins

By Robert Alatt

@Dan you should say, Onwards and Onwards no stopping till you hit the Mersey!

By Kenny Kerb

@KENNY at least we have a sea view


Plans for the strand are going ahead, bikeman.

Refuse vehicles can’t stop on those routes already

By Town Planner



Stopping on Smithdown, particularity the lower end, drives drivers crazy. It’s already a single yellow line but people park along the route all the time. With camera technology this should eradicate the problem. A few fines should force them onto the side streets.

By MrD

@Town Planner, it must have been a mirage then on the Strand, who empties all those bins from Tower buildings etc, in the Alleyway to Ma Boyles Strand side? Also my point is if you have a collection/delivery firm this makes your job even more difficult, plus the business owners who work all day shopkeepers, cafe owners, have to go to cash and carry even later on making very long working hours, I suppose if you are not affected by this you are okay..but if you are then, see how it goes?

By Man on bicycle

Killing the high street big joe will not be happy until every shop is closed except for Liverpool 1

By Frank williams