Pall Mall Phase One Indicative Design
Kier Property & CTP's Pall Mall will form part of the expanding business district

Liverpool picks team for business district expansion

Liverpool City Council has chosen Arup, architect Shedkm, heritage consultant Rob Burns, and property consultant Worthington Owen to masterplan the extension of the city’s 40-acre business district.

The four companies have been appointed to draw up a spatial regeneration framework to attract new commercial investment and maximise the potential of the existing business district, which sits to the north of the city.

The area will include Pall Mall, where Kier Property and CTP are delivering a 400,000 sq ft office-led commercial development, and is also intended to link to Peel Land & Property’s £5bn Liverpool Waters scheme, which also has the potential to house new-build offices.

Liverpool’s business district has experienced increasing demand for offices but falling supply; the latest figures suggest there is only 958,000 sq ft vacant within the area, and only 330,000 sq ft is ready to occupy. Last year, the city reported its highest uptake since 2009, but again, supply has been deemed too low, with the only major upcoming developments being at Pall Mall and Liverpool Waters.

Nearly 97% of total take-up is grade B space, while there is also no vacant grade A office space remaining in the commercial district. Based on current projections there will be no grade A office space available in the city centre by the end of the year

The council agreed to put £100,000 towards preparing the masterplan at a cabinet meeting in May this year, and the intention is to have the first draft of the masterplan prepared by next month.

Following consultation early next year, public feedback will be weaved into the masterplan, before the final strategic regeneration framework document goes to the city council for full approval in the summer.

Garry Banks, director of Arup, said: “The team we have brought together to deliver this strategically important piece of work have a long and successful track record of working in the city.

“This project must enable the proactive development of the commercial district in a strategic and cohesive way and must connect the district, not just to emerging areas but to existing neighbourhoods to help the continued enhancement of Liverpool city centre.

“Working with all partners and stakeholders we will deliver an SRF that will support the creation of a vibrant and successful commercial district that can help attract the high value, high skill jobs that will support the city and wider City Region growth objectives.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson added: “This is a vital piece of work because we all need to ensure the district remains a vital cog in our commercial economy for the next 20 years and I look forward to Arup and the team providing an approach that addresses these challenges in a way that will underpin the future of one our major employment zones.”

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Why does an SRF not already exist? Liverpool Labour have been asleep at the wheel. Gross negligence.

By Denby

Hopefully an SRF that protects Bixteth Street garden

By Mikes mate

RE: Mike’s mate

What so you can go Morris dancing in the middle of the business district? No, build them high and pack them with employers. And enjoy the new and improved public space provided over the under-used collection facility for winos that Bixteth ‘Gardens’ is now.

By Denby

Mikes Mate, hopefully not as Bixteth “gardens” is a worthless patch of nothingness that is only sporadically used by a very small number of people the vast majority of the time. Roll on those thousands of decently paid white collar jobs that the city desperately needs to have a futrure. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to walk around the new high quality green open space that’ll be up and running by then.

By Morgan

There is no such place as “Bixteth Gardens”. That name has been invented only since this matter arose, and not by the residents I have spoken to. Those I spoke to were only concerned with quality and not wanting bars next door to them, rather than opposed to development which is welcomed.

I hope that the concerns of the real residents are heard, and that high quality office space is built as a result. It would be a travesty if non resident objections were allowed to be used as an excuse to bin offices in favour of different, highly disruptive use.

Suffice to say, if there is anything other than high quality offices allowed in this location, the matter will be fully examined.

As for the city council creating an SRF. They’ve had 10 years of leadership to get that done and they’re only just starting. The responsibility for anything other than day to day admin should be taken away from them, and responsibility for the economy and economically important frameworks taken by the combined authority.

By Mike

Hopefully this will also encourage the celared site car parks around Moorfields and Tithebarn Street to be developed. There’s too much empty, derelict land for a location like this where there is so much potential.

By Wensley

I hope it is quality offices rather than the dross thats so far been presented. Bixteth Street Gardens needs to stay and be enhanced whilst development commences from the gravel car park. Creating a long slither of shaded green space that may take 15+ years to complete isnt good enough for the commercial district.

By Mikes mate

Re: Mike’s mate, i’m not entirely sure why you feel they a dross and the public realm offered looks far more pleasant that what is currently there, but is it not the case that development further up the gravel car park is somewhat restricted due to the merseyrail tunnel and openings below?

By L19

No point building offices if there’s no demand. If there was demand, there’d be offices.


Better late than never I suppose.

By John Smith

Re: PDM, not sure if you mis-read… ‘Nearly 97% of total take-up is grade B space, while there is also no vacant grade A office space remaining in the commercial district. Based on current projections there will be no grade A office space available in the city centre by the end of the year’. Suggests there is a good volume of demand no??

By L19



PDM is trolling Liverpool posts !!!!

By tracy

Another manc on the Liverpool articles…

By Ryan