Works to the Strand include a four-lane highway, public realm and the removal of the bus interchange

Liverpool outlines £45m city centre connectivity plan

The eight projects being progressed by Liverpool City Council would see a major reworking of the Strand into a four-lane highway, the construction of bus and coach parks, and upgrades to public realm and cycle routes.

The council’s cabinet will meet next Friday to discuss the Liverpool City Centre Connectivity Scheme, which includes several initiatives outlined in Liverpool’s ambitious Strategic Investment Framework launched in 2012. The SIF provided a shopping list of more than 100 projects that could be delivered in the city over the next 15 years,

Almost £40m has been allocated to the connectivity projects from the Local Growth Fund, and a further £6.3m is due to be received through match funding.

To be completed by the end of 2019, the programme of works encompasses:

  1. St George’s Plateau – New event space: To be created by reclaiming northbound lanes of Lime Street increasing current event capacity
  2. The Strand: New four lane highway, new north-south cycleway, enhanced animation of public space and road enhancements to improve pedestrian links from waterfront to the Commercial District and main retail area. removal of key junctions including the bus interchange at Mann Island to the Pier Head
  3. City Bus Hub: To be established near Queen Square bus station accompanied by a new bus routing strategy that will cut congestion and pollution. Queen Square bus station will be used for all northbound routes and Paradise Street station for all southbound routes
  4. City Coach Park: New off-street layover facility and rest area for drivers and reduce congestion in the city centre
  5. Canning Dock Bridges: Four new bridges created to link Salthouse Quay and Albert Dock with Mann Island opening up land for future development
  6. Moorfields entrance: Upgrade to Moorfields station and surrounding public realm to enhance quality of arrival in the Commercial District
  7. Brownlow Hill: Upgraded public realm and new cycle links from Lime Street station to the Knowledge Quarter, which is part of a £1bn regeneration plan
  8. Dale Street: One of Liverpool’s ‘Great Streets’, forming part of World Heritage site, will see public realm upgrades plus introduction of new east-west cycleway from Lime Street

The city council report is proposing that the eight projects are split into two contracts, the Strand being a standalone piece of work, and once approved by cabinet will go out to tender.

Once the tender exercise is complete, the cabinet will receive a new report with detailed costs, timescales and further recommendations.

Consultation with stakeholders on the scheme has already begun and a series of public consultation events will begin in September.

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This is a cracking scheme; but wonder whether enhancing road capacity elsewhere is required in order to cater for the redistribution of traffic around the City Centre.

By Anon

They really need to think about the Strand again, it is busy all day long with four lanes in each direction. One small problem leads to gridlock..and what about the Emergency services trying to weave their way through. Also the amount of buses that use the Strand is minimal, this strikes of a plan a few years ago to ban all traffic from the City centre and keep it on the outer roads, this would surely kill off a lot of business’s and access. The other points need reconsideration too, the bike lanes are fine as long as they are used and actually go somewhere.

By Man on bicycle

The Strand boulevard is a brilliant idea that’s been a long time coming. Tree lining and greening this area will turn it into a European destination similar to Las Ramblas in Barcelona.
The highway is 8 lanes at junctions and at the central point only, it’s four lanes anyway at most other sections. It was designed in the 80s as a ‘thundering’ ring road for traffic to race through. Liverpool’s a different sort of place now and the current lack of any traffic calming is a danger to the many visitors and tourists that keep the tills ringing in all those businesses. Through traffic should be directed around the top end of the city at Low Hill etc on the edge of the expanded knowledge quarter and science park.
The bridges across from Albert Dock to Mann Island will also make a huge difference and bring the whole area to life from the docks to the Pier Head.
Most of these projects are very well conceived in principle. St. George’s Hall for example, little seen by many of the thousands of visitors to the city will front onto the beautiful square it has always shouted out for and should become the cultural heart of the city and a great place for special events particularly at Christmas.

By Alfie

The strand is very busy with the current lanes, surly cutting that back will cause more congestion

By Stuart wood

It would be interesting to see the proposed cross section for the Strand. Agreed that it’s often congested but increasing capacity isn’t the solution – especially at such a sensitive location. For so long, it has separated the city centre and the Albert Dock (partly reconnected by the location of LIverpool 1). Reducing the speed/ frequency of movement on the Strand is very forward thinking and exciting with the potential for knitting together the city centre again.

By Dave

Hopefully this money will be spent with more thought. There are still painful memories of the £70m spent on Edge Lane, converting a TWO LANE road into a TWO LANE road with trees! Total waste of money.

By Steve B

That’s not true Steve B…. Edge Lane was severely restricted from Durning Road/ Holt Road to Low Hill, and further restricted beyond there to Islington. It isn’t now. You are comparing apples with pears.

By Alfie

I’m absolutely convinced, that if this city got its arse in gear, and got the right mix of public realm, high-rise, low-rise and everything else, it would out-Chicago, Chicago.

By Patt

It’s gonna happen Pat… the lower rise opposite the old docks in Baltic etc, and the high rise up on the hill in the knowledge quarter and science park, as well as in areas such as Pall Mall / Pumpfields I reckon.
The knowledge quarter will expand towards Edge Lane and join up with the Littlewoods building eventually….

By Alfie