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The city is looking to deal with Airbnb 'party house' customers

Liverpool looks to toughen up on Airbnb

The city council is ramping up efforts to introduce restrictions on unregulated short-term lets with a motion that, if passed, would see the council call on Government to create a separate use class.

Airbnb, the sector’s dominant operator, has come under fire in various ways over recent years, with tourist hotspot cities such as Lisbon and Barcelona taking action to return apartments to a highly pressured long-term rental market, while “party house” lets have created negative coverage – the business itself has now put in motion plans to restrict lets to under-25s who receive negative reviews.

It is the party house market that Liverpool is seeking to address. A motion by Cllr Alan Tormey aims to tackle what is referred to in documents prepared ahead of the council’s housing select committee this week as a “headache”.

Cllr Tormey put forward a similar motion in November 2019, but the motion fell and was not debated – under council rules, a six-month gap must elapse before it can be resubmitted. In the new motion, he asks the committee to note concerns raised by residents and local businesses over short-term unregulated lets, including noise, waste management and antisocial behaviour issues; the impact on the residential market, with fewer properties available for rent; and the impact on the licensed hotel and B&B sector.

Should the committee agree, the council’s cabinet member for housing – deputy mayor Cllr Lynnie Hinnigan – will write to the appropriate government ministers and to Liverpool MPs calling for a change in planning law to create a separate use classification for short-term holiday lets, similar to that used for houses of multiple occupation – there is an additional call that a licensing regime should be set up to enhance management practices around lets.

The committee would also call for powers to enable councils to apply an enforceable exception to such a classification, allowing use of residential premises as temporary sleeping accommodation for up to 90 days, as has been pursued in Greater London.

Cllr Tormey’s request is that the question should be raised as to whether Airbnb premises should be brought under the business rates system, again echoing situations in other tourist hotspots where guests paying city tax, or “tourist tax” has been an area of contention.

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Liverpool is the pearl of the Mersey, abundant with architecture and historic importance. Certainly not suited or appreciated by the airbnb archetype.

By Liverpool romance

Does this mean we will be getting rid of those tacky hen parties?

By Michael McDonut

Good idea!

By Grantt Schnapps

The plan has always been to turn Liverpool into a cheap tourist spot, and to turn Manchester into the north’s business district and regional capital.

We get the hen parties, whilst Manchester gets the conferences. Don’t speak out or you will be labelled a conspiracy theorist.

By Michael McDonut

Why not just adopt the 30 days and 30 nights rule like in London? No need for a new use class.

By Anon

I detest this idea… Aren’t the hen parties keeping Liverpool open? Who is going to use the zip line???

By Cheshire boy

Apart from that: Not enough housing. The council should build more houses: sell them and rent them. Sell some of them, and make a profit, and finance essential services and cut council taxes. Dead easy. And while you are it, get London to stop immigration. Less folk, less need for house.

By James Yates

No Michael.
Everyone’s voice should be heard.
It’s just that you assume the success of Manchester is due to government preference as if Manchester hasn’t earned everything it has received.
You come across as very bitter and deluded.
Most people I know in Manchester (in fact I can’t think of one wet wipe) want the best for Liverpool. But then again you probably base your opinion on football politics like a child. Or even worse, the trolls on this website.
Anyway good luck with the ranting, it will only make you feel worse in the long run x

By Anonymous

Liverpool Romance you do know the source of the Mersey is under a Sainsburys store in Stockport?

By Anonymous

If it’s a housing shortage that is of real concern, planning permission and should be spend up and taxes cut to encourage more building, especially in the city center- no need for more unnecessary regulation

By Stuart wood

Dear god I know we are going to need all the we can get in the coming years but air bnb and zip wires are not going to help us build our reputation as the pearl of the orient, the last shining beacon of calm and glory before you hit Birkenhead.

By L8Romance