Liverpool LEP welcomes port access funding

The Government has confirmed its latest funding commitments for road improvements schemes in the North West; nine projects worth £800m including motorway widening and port access.

Detail of the North West of England road schemes in current funding programme

Scheme name

Scheme description


M60 Junction 8 to M62 Junction 20: Smart Motorway

M60: Junction 8 to M62 Junction 20: upgrading to Smart Motorway between J8 and J18 on the M60, plus smart motorways with all lane running on the M62 from junctions 18-20


A556 Knutsford to Bowdon

A556: Knutsford: replacement of the A556 between the M56 and the M6 with grade separated dual carriageway, including a bypass around Mere, improving a road that serves as the main southern access to Manchester


M6 Junctions 21A-26

M6: Junction 21a (M62 Croft interchange) to Junction 26 (Wigan): upgrading to Smart Motorway including hard shoulder running; this links to the Smart Motorway scheme on the M62 junctions 10-12 to the east


M62 Junctions 10-12

M62: Junction 10 (M6 Croft interchange) and Junction 12 (M60 Winton interchange): upgrading to Smart Motorway including hard shoulder running; this links with the M60 Smart Motorway schemes to the east and M6 schemes to the west


M60 Junctions 24-27 and J1-4

M60: Junction 24 (M67 Denton interchange) to Junction 27 (A560) and Junction 1 (Stockport) to Junction 4 (M56): upgrading the south eastern quadrant of the M60 to Smart Motorway including hard shoulder running on the contiguous section from junction 24 to junction 4


M56 Junctions 6-8

M56: Junction 6 (Manchester Airport) to Junction 8 (A556): upgrading to Smart Motorway including hard shoulder running; together with improvements to the A556, M6 Junction 19 and M6 Smart Motorway this forms part of a comprehensive upgrade to Manchester's southern access


M6 Junctions 16-19

M6: Junction 16 (A500) to Junction 19 (A556): upgrading to Smart Motorway including hard shoulder running; along with other improvements to the M6 and M1 this forms the top end of the 'smart spine' linking London and the North West


A585 Windy Harbour – Skippool

A585: Windy Harbour to Skippool: new bypass of two congested junctions on the A585(T) at Fleetwood north of the M55; this will reduce the impact of traffic on two villages and remove a major bottleneck on the main road to Fleetwood

Autumn Statement 2014

M62 Junctions 20-25

Smart motorways across the Pennines, from Rochdale to Brighouse. Links two existing SM sections to create a continuous smart route from Manchester to Leeds.

Autumn Statement 2014

A5036 Princess Way – Access to Port of Liverpool

A5036: Princess Way: comprehensive upgrade to improve access to the Port of Liverpool to much better access along the A5036 link; this is a central element of the Liverpool Local Growth Deal

Autumn Statement 2014

Mottram Moor link road

Mottram Moor: a new link road from the M67 to a new junction at the A57(T) at Mottram Moor

Autumn Statement 2014

A57(T) to A57 Link Road

A57(T) to A57 Link Road: a new single carriageway link, bypassing the existing A628/A57, and the A57 Woolley Lane/Hadfield Road junctions

Autumn Statement 2014

M6 Junction 22 upgrade

M6 Junction 22: upgrading the M6 junction 22 by providing additional capacity

Autumn Statement 2014

M53 Junctions 5-11

M53: J5 (A41) to Junction 11 (M56 Stoak interchange): upgrading to Smart Motorway including hard shoulder running

Autumn Statement 2014

M56 new Junction 11A

M56: new Junction 11a: provision of a new junction to serve Runcorn: this will provide a new link to the Mersey Gateway Bridge

Autumn Statement 2014

M6 Junction 19 Improvements

M6: improved junction with the A556, to take account of traffic from the improved A556 and from the new smart motorway from junction 19 to Stoke.

Autumn Statement 2014

M55 Junction 2

Addition of the 'missing' junction 2 to the M55, to connect to the Lancashire CC-delivered Preston Western Distributor Road.


M60 Simister Island Interchange

Improvement to the Simister Island interchange between the M62, M60 and M66 to the northeast of Manchester. Introduces more free-flowing movements to substantially improve one of the busiest junctions in the North West

Autumn Statement 2014

Northern Trans-Pennine study

Study of the case for dualling the A69 and/or A66 to create a new strategic link across the Pennines in northern England.

Autumn Statement 2014

Trans-Pennine Tunnel Study

Study of the viability of a tunnel under the Pennines to link Manchester and Sheffield.

Autumn Statement 2014

Manchester North-West Quadrant Study

Study of how to improve all modes of transport to the north and west of Manchester to ensure the road network can continue to support the city's growth.

Autumn Statement 2014

Port of Liverpool trafficRobert Hough, chairman of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, said: "When we submitted our Growth Plan we were conscious that what our city region needed was major infrastructure investment to enable growth. Some of that investment would be required from national budgets outside of the Local Growth Fund itself.

"We identified 13 local major schemes, the funding for which was announced in July, but on top of that we identified the need to improve Access to the Port of Liverpool, invest in a new motorway junction servicing the £600m Mersey Gateway project in Halton as well as improvements to the M6 at Junction 22 to enable developments at the Parkside site in St Helens, and we also included the need to improve the flow of the M53 to aid traffic movements to and from the Wirral and the connectivity with Cheshire and North Wales.

"This is a real coup for the city eegion as it now looks like all of those scheme 'asks' are being funded. I do not think many other areas will be benefiting as much as we are from today's announcements and it is a huge credit to the work we, as a private sector LEP have done, in promoting the economic case for investing in the city region."

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