Liverpool calls for urgent devolution talks

Members of Liverpool City Region's Combined Authority have asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer to begin immediate discussions for the devolution of powers to the region.

The leaders of Sefton, Wirral, St Helens, Halton and Knowsley councils, the Mayor of Liverpool and the chairman of the local enterprise partnership met with Lord Heseltine and Lord Adonis in Liverpool on 17 November to discuss devolution, following the recent announcements of progress in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.

The group agreed to approach central government as a matter of urgency.

In a letter to Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne this morning, Cllr Phil Davies, chairman of the Combined Authority, requested that a meeting be held "at the earliest opportunity between Government and ourselves to consider and agree the best way to take forward this important issue".

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is due to meet on Friday 21 November to discuss a set of proposals relating to devolution.

Ahead of the meeting, Cllr Davies said: "This meeting was very constructive. Agreement was reached between me, the other leaders of the constituent local authorities, the Mayor of Liverpool and the chairman of the LEP to approach Government and ask for the kind of rapid progress towards devolution that we have seen for Manchester, and that is beginning to take shape in other northern regions.

"Momentum is gathering for City Region devolution, and we are agreed that Liverpool and our City Region needs to be at the forefront of the debate. I fully expect that we will agree a strong package of proposals at this week's meeting of the combined authority, which will form the basis of the discussion with Government."

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Under no circumstances should this set of idiots be given more powers. Manchester have matured enough to have their own say, Merseyside has not. Too political, too narrow minded, too concerned about history, too public sector reliant and far too unrealistic about their economic pedigree. Never say never, but devolution a generation away at least.

By gideon

One of Merseyside’s biggest problems is that idiots like Gideon seem to want to talk us down all the time and refer back to previous eras.

By Deluded

Totally agree with the previous comment. Liverpool is streets behind Manchester, and I’m a loyal scouser. The current mayor is a total diaster in terms of the decisions he’s made in regards to property – he is easily led and is making some very dubious decisions….. There is a distinct lack of business experts advising decisions and it shows. Devolution would be the final nail in the coffin.

By Concerned Property Professional

Here here Gideon totally agree with you! Could not possibly give Big Joe any more power than he has now! That would be a disaster!All very short term and not thought out at all! Just sell sell sell!

By I agree with Gideon

When do we vote for the new Mayor again is it 2016?

By Hans

Wow people from Liverpool really know how to talk there city down ….like the politititions that run it …Liverpool has massive potential and looks great ATM … Stop whingin

By Vegemite

Re previous comments if you are from Liverpool ?? Think you are so negative and don’t think Liverpool are streets behind Manchester ?????? Joke whiners

By Vegemite