Paddington Village
Paddington Village is among schemes the council wants help financing

Liverpool asks Govt for £200m project boost

Dan Whelan

The city council has asked Government to help fund developments, including a new cruise terminal and the next phase of the £1bn science and technology hub Paddington Village, as part of a £1.4bn Covid-19 economic recovery plan. 

Liverpool City Council said yesterday that its five-year roadmap to shore up the city’s economy, which took a battering during the pandemic, will help position it as a global gateway city in post-Brexit Britain.

As part of the 178-page strategy, the council is requesting £200m to fund pipeline construction projects and more than £267m for apprenticeship and skills training programmes. 

If delivered, the programme could create 25,600 jobs, 12,000 of which would be in the construction sector.

The report identified more than 25 “shovel-ready” projects that would benefit from Government support. These include plans for 1,500 homes at the Festival Gardens site, and Liverpool John Moores University’s plans for a Science and Technology Innovation Centre as part of its Copperas Hill expansion in the Knowledge Quarter.   

Plans to retrofit 4,000 homes, as part of a “community wealth building” programme, also feature in the roadmap. 

The report focuses on four themes – innovation, housing, employment and creativity and sets out a strategy for growth in each to help drive the Liverpool and wider UK economy in future decades.

The plan will go to the council’s cabinet for endorsement next Friday. 

The proposal, which Liverpool City Council hopes will “prevent a socio-economic crisis deeper than the 1980s recession”, was co-authored by economic consultancy Metro Dynamics. 

Steve Rotheram, Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, has already slammed Whitehall’s financial support to Liverpool during the coronavirus pandemic as a “disgrace” and claimed the city region has a £137m funding black hole as a result.

The plan has the backing of key figures from Liverpool’s commercial, legal, financial and cultural sectors, including Liverpool FC chief executive Peter Moore, Dame Janet Beer, vice-chancellor of the University of Liverpool, and John Godfrey, corporate affairs director of fund manager Legal & General. 

Festival Gardens

Plans for Festival Gardens would see the construction of 1,500 homes

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “The Covid-19 lockdown has left cities like Liverpool in a state of economic paralysis and the option of doing two things: wait for events to unfold or take action. Liverpool has acted.   

“Liverpool has undergone a renaissance over the past two decades and we are not about to let momentum slip.”   

He added: “The return on investment [from our proposals] is huge – a stimulus package that will not just benefit Liverpool, but also the region and the country.” 

Colin Sinclair, chief executive of KQ Liverpool, added in an emailed statement to Place North West: “Liverpool is a global brand. A city regenerated by culture, the creative industries and tourism and increasingly powered by its knowledge economy.  

“This plan focuses on our strengths and will position Liverpool at the forefront of UK’s economic recovery.” 

This week, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority also called for funding support from Government. The authority’s 10 councils claim to have a combined deficit of £368m as a result of additional expenditure and loss of regular income due to Covid-19. 

“Without urgent support, this funding crisis will engulf local government and endanger the vital services that councils provide to the people of Greater Manchester,” said Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. 


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Not much new here so hard to see how it’s a direct response to the pandemic. But if they manage to squeeze some money out of this inept Government then I’m all for it.

By John Smith

As expected, nothing new. Our city underwent a renaissance 20 years ago, which came to a full stop 10 years ago. Without the (thankfully) independently led KQ, itself am ambition much watered down thanks to lack of city influence where it matters, what exactly would we have on the horizon of any significance.

Asking for money for a cruise liner terminal, in the present circumstances, really underlines just how little there is being worked on.

They say two heads are better than one, but in this case I believe the asks would be much more substantial if the document, and consequently work of any inward investment effort, was signed off by just ONE mayor (the real one).

By Mike

The city which gets least asking for more.

By Leyland Lancs.

It’s easy to ask for tax payers money, if you don’t have to pay it back!

By Stuart wood

We need more Liverpool office’s! Much more! But the government has been bias and wants to put them in other city’s. We must get support so youngster’s like my grandson have good jobs to go to!!!

By Mary Woolley

Will the new Zip wire proposal for the City Centre be applying for this funding and what will the weight limit be on it?

By Mr. Y. F. Ront

How many of the cynics on here have bothered to read the plan? How many have even tried to find it? I bet the answer is a nice round figure. Well it’s going to the Council’s Cabinet on Friday, and is on the website. Unfortunately it’s not the whole piece, I’d have liked details of the projects, it looks like some is existing policy as I’m sure I’ve seen reference to some of the material on PNW already, but there’s some good new stuff in there too. The Council has done a good job here I think, and in a short timescale, and I’m all for it.


By Liver lad