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CTP is developing Pall Mall Gardens in Liverpool

Liverpool approves Bixteth gardens project to pave way for £200m Pall Mall

Despite fierce local opposition, planning permission has been granted for the controversial replacement of Bixteth Street Gardens, a nine-month programme that forms the first part of CTP and Kier Property’s £200m Pall Mall development.

The proposals for Bixteth Street Gardens have attracted vehement opposition from local politicians and residents, despite assurances from the joint venture developers, which are working with landscape architect Re-form, that there will be double the number of trees and three times more planting once the project is complete. Officers had recommended approval.

The Pall Mall project as a whole is to feature three speculatively-developed offices, a hotel, and around 80,200 sq ft of public space including a new square. Overall, there will be around 400,000 sq ft of office space.

The replacement of Bixteth Gardens attracted criticism from local groups as well as eight local councillors – Cllrs Nick Small, Sharon Sullivan, Christine Banks, Steve Munby, Thomas Crone, Sarah Jennings, Anna Key, and Lawrence Brown. An online petition, the organisers of which held a meeting last night at One Fine Day, has garnered around 1,750 signatures.

The councillors argued that the city could not afford to lose the green space, with some arguing the site is designated as such in Liverpool’s Local Plan and should be left alone. Cllr Small argued the area was “a catalyst for attracting people to come and live and work in the area, and the removal of the mature trees will undermine the air quality in the area, as they help to address harmful emissions”.

Cllr Small had suggested that the planning application for the remediation should be heard at the same time as a planning application for phase one of the development, including the first office building and the public realm. This is expected to follow in the coming months, with work on the office set to begin this year.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “The proposed Pall Mall scheme is of huge importance to the development of our Commercial District as we need Grade A office space to attract companies and highly skilled jobs to the city.

“I’m delighted we have the green light to begin clearing the site in readiness for the next stage of this scheme which if approved will deliver a much needed high quality green square and new public realm for workers and residents to enjoy throughout the year.

“Judging by the designs it would set a new benchmark for our open spaces and help shape the wider development of the district.”

Tom Gilman, managing director of Kier Property North, added: “This is an important milestone for Pall Mall and Liverpool’s Central Business District, bringing the development one step closer. Liverpool City Council’s reclamation and enabling works are essential to the development of the site which will provide a new and enhanced space for those working, living and visiting the city centre.

“We have been working hard with our team, other stakeholders and vitally the local community, to progress our development plans and look forward to [submitting our planning application for the first phase of development shortly. Our aim for the new Pall Mall scheme is for it to be a destination space in the city centre that will create new jobs and training opportunities.”

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That building looks identical to on situated on Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. Don’t do it Liverpool.

By l131b

@l131b Yeh sure don”t do it Liverpool don”t create jobs and much needed growth !!!!!!

By Sam

Common sense prevails, well done LCC planning department, considering the shameful shenanigans by certain members of the council purporting to oppose it but putting the future of Liverpool’s business opportunities in peril because of their own agendas. It is about time they stood on their own mandate or party, this infighting is potentially damaging to Liverpool. I am sorry that the local objectors were taken in by this, but progress is progress.

By Town Hall Tommy

What % of the public space will be lost? CGs can be deceptive but looks like a reasonable amount will be retained here?

I am skeptical having seen what happened with Pic Gardens (agree that the building looks eerily similar!) although this part of town could never get into the same state as that hellhole!

By Public Open Spice

CPRE also put the oar in, attempting to stop this. The people who moved to Liverpool from Dublin must be dissapointed.
I asked CPRE lady about why she was objectig against CPRE she did not answer. Just like when I ask the CPRE itself about a previous App.

By John Bradley

@Sam I see you missed the point of my comment. The principle of the development was not my objection. It was merely the design, and I quote my previous comment in the hope it won’t go amiss this time ‘That building looks identical to one situated on Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.’ Now if you have taken the pleasure of seeing this building, you may comprehend why i decided to comment.

By l131b

This decision comes after the Planning Committee were provided with what I consider to be yet another “partisan” Planning Report on which to make this important decision, as found recently in a High Court case which slated both the City Council and the Planning Office over their administration of Calderstones Park planning application debacle and some highly questionable practices involving the Legal Process which seem to have been completely overlooked.

This ill informed decision needs to be challenged and halted ASAP, with a High Court Injunction if necessary, before this multi million pound speculative fiasco is allowed to deprive Our City of yet another Public Open Space and destroy this unique urban eco-system.

By Terry Clarke

Open Space? you’re having a laugh, this was left for future development and now is the time, a new improved outdoor area will be created and how do you know it will be a fiasco, the city is planning for the future, there is a lack of good quality office space for modern use.So please stop trying to block progess. So in the future may we suggest when a site is cleared for redevoplment, that the city leaves it in a untidy and unpleasent condition, so anybody coming along will try not to class it as an area of outstanding beauty.Let’s be honest you want to keep that view to yourself without regards for employment prospects for people who need jobs.

By Accept it

@Terry Clarke may make some fair points around due process – we shall see, perhaps.

But claims about the environmental wonders of ‘Bixteth Gardens’ are so over-blown as to be fanciful. It reminds me of my uni days when the loonies who always took over the Students’ Union would cry ‘racist!’ should anyone disagree with them in order to close down debate. Nowadays they cry ‘polluter’ and claim that we face environmental armageddon should we lay another brick.

Sorry, it doesn’t wash. It was always temporary work to grass over a kip to make it acceptable to those occupying the offices in Mercury Court and the whole area has long been earmarked for redevelopment. There’s tonnes of green space throughout Liverpool: the central business district has never had the roaming wilderbeest of campaigners’ fantasies, however, and nor should it: it’s the economic heart of our city and needs constantly to reinvent itself so that our economy remains competitive and relevant.

Perhaps Mr Clarke is prepared to form a party on a platform of “No jobs! No regeneration! Economic stagnation!” – or maybe just admit that he is willing to sacrifice the city’s progress to cause difficulties for the incumbent mayor?

By Sceptical

Pretty typical of the approach used by this borough council these days. So not surprising. With the parkland gone, whatever they want to build will be built as they want to build it.

The merits of the development greatly overshadowed by the method of getting it in progress. The result on the face of it a value engineered, commuter town style, low key office block (if we’re lucky) that looks out of place and which will have the same issues getting filled as any other.

The amount of office space is so small it makes no material difference to the city, but at least one man can claim he’s doing something.

This whole site should have been capable of hosting two million square feet of employment, and attractive to high profile occupiers that drag and generate peripheral investment. Instead only 400k will be built across all “phases”. If the city is lucky.

How come they weren’t keen on presenting their plans at the same time? I hope it’s not because they’re planning on doing something other than an office block. If anything other then what was advertised gets built, you can be sure there will be questions asked as to who knew what and when, with no option given to not answer.

By Mike

Glad to see Pall Mall area develop. We need these Grade A offices badly! Let’s make sure the new green square really does set the standard for similar green space linking an expanding office quarter the length of Pall Mall and ACROSS Leeds Street as well as down to the North Shore (Liverpool Waters AND 10 Streets).

By Roscoe

Excellent news, get them built! Much needed for future jobs and growth. Some myths on here that Liverpool is awash with Grade A office space and we can’t fill what we already have isn’t true. The Grade A space is pretty much all taken and is what is needed to attract quality businesses to the area. Older office blocks that are being converted are doing so because they’re simply not suited to modern day requirements. Glad to see this moving forward, sooner the better.

By L17

It is not a desirable state of affairs to have a major city business district full of surface car parks and undeveloped waste land. ‘Bixteth Gardens’ was only created as a short term fix in a city that was on its arse. That short term fix has rolled on for years, however. Of course the business district requires new office developments; and this one looks to be very pleasant with plenty of trees and planting. It is a win win all around.

If you want to be over-looking parkland then move to Aigburth. Did people really think that Pall Mall would stay in the state it is in forevermore? As if this state of affairs is something desirable.


They need to get the diggers and chainsaws in tomorrow morning, otherwise the Terry Clarkes of this city will end up bringing ruin on us all.

By Morgan

Who is underwriting the cost of spec office space development and the 2 + years from completion it will take before it generates any net income. Not what you do a rights issue for. Is it pre-sold. Won’t happen unless it is.

By Anonymous

What a load of Tosh from this anonymous Developer, so afraid to reveal her/himself, this person hides behind the pseudonym ‘sceptical’.

Attributing remarks such as: “the environmental wonders of ‘Bixteth Gardens’” to me without producing evidence to substantiate such a claim, apart from being totally fictitious. And the use of such words ad ‘loony’, ‘racist’ and ‘poluter’ displays the character and mentality of the other anonymous Developers this person represents in this publication. It is cowardly, as well as downright offensive.

I’m all for a debate and a rational discussion on this topic but not with a faceless entity who hides behind anonymity to spout insults and abuse.

‘Sceptical’, I challenge you to reveal yourself in order that I can discuss and debate with you, and anyone other anonymous contributor to this discussion, in a forthright, constructive, polite and civilised discussion.

By Terry Clarke

I wish Liverpool would pay as much attention to the rest of Merseyside.

By Prenton Paul

PrentonPaul I hear you, but Wirral MBC has got to engage with the city – in cultural, spatial, transport and economic terms and stop turning its back on its neighbour

By LEighteen

I don’t get, is there nowhere else in this city centre they could build those offices ? I mean just walk a bit and you will see plenty of derelict buildings / empty spaces etc. Yes jobs and growth need, all that is clear, we need those offices but I am sure there is no need to destroy the only natural green space here. I’d say they have to plant few more trees and clean up a bit then built offices around this garden but not destroy it. Basically I feel like they do it in purpose, in this whole city centre there was no other place like. Just ridiculous . UK 2020 no more different from USA 1970s, Even in New York the top priority was to keep the Central Park. I don’t think the guys in New York don’t have the sense for business and offices. No brainer, this madness has to stop !!!

By Timtom

I’m amused by the comments stating it was meant to be ‘temporary.’ That may be true, but then the Council intends a lot of things which never come to fruition and because 34 years have since elapsed that means that rights of way now exist. So I suspect that along with the fact that neighbouring properties were not even listed as consultees, means that the process was defective and at the very least will have to be re-run.

In 2016 the City Council planners said this road had a “lack of demand” for office space.
In 2018 the City Council planners said there was “lack of office space.”

Were they misleading in 2016 or 2018?

By Local Lawyer