Lime Street to close as Neptune begins £39m development

The road will be closed for three weeks starting after the bank holiday for work to begin properly on Neptune Developments’ £39m scheme in Liverpool city centre, which was held up by heritage objections to the demolition of the Futurist Cinema.

The scheme, devised by Liverpool City Council in partnership with Neptune Developments, includes a hotel, shops, restaurants and student accommodation between the Crown and Vine pubs.

The work next week will involve the remaining frontages on Lime Street being taken down as part of the clearance of the site. Bolton Street will also be closed. Two years of construction will then begin.

Cllr Ann O’Byrne, deputy mayor of Liverpool, said: “Lime Street has been neglected for far too long and this scheme will see it brought back to life, creating much needed new jobs and a fitting gateway on one of the main routes into the city.

“We know that the road closure will cause disruption for motorists and commuters but it is absolutely vital to the project. Once this work is complete and the site is cleared, we will be able to get on with the construction side of the development and we are confident there will be no need for further full closures.

“This is an exciting time for the area as we crack on with a scheme which will help transform the fortunes of Lime Street and make it part of the city that we can all be proud of.”

Developers are working with the city council to reflect the former Futurist cinema – which could not be saved because of its poor structural condition – in the development.

A planning application is also expected to be submitted shortly to restore the ABC Cinema and transform the listed Art Deco building into a major live music venue and TV studio.

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Finally. Liverpools problem for too long has been holding onto building that do not meet requirements or spec

By J

What? Other examples please?

The new stuff proposed doesn’t look great. Liverpool, and this important gateway especially, deserves a bit better.

By zebith

Cheap and ugly. Par for the course for Liverpool.

By Backwardist

Backwardist – its not though, is it. Dimwit.

By zebith

LCC and its officers attend property events and go on missions to the likes of China etc, and what do we seem to end up with, the same old builders and developers based in Liverpool.
I wish there was some more imagination at times and a little thought on interaction with the people.
But I would not agree with the posters comments about Liverpool being Cheap & Ugly more akin to their own failings or ignorance.

By Man on bicycle

Man on unicycle – agree, Liverpool ain’t generally “cheap and ugly”. Can only think that is retaliation to the constant criticism (from the likes of me!) of the rubbish thrown up in Manchester. My problem with this scheme is that it almost belongs in that city in respect of its mediocrity

By zebith

The important thing now is to move on from this… the ABC is looking like a good scheme with a great concept for putting Lime Street back on the city map. And this is much more important, it faces Liverpool’s ‘Forum’ at St. George’s Plateau.. If we can get this one right, it will bode well for for an eventual rethinking of St. John’s.. The Futurist row, doesn’t face the Plateau… the Crown pub and a couple of other buildings retained do.. they’re crucial to sense of place, and real quality with the art nouveau features..
St. George’s Plateau’s new square/public space is gonna be crucial to taking Liverpool to the next level.. the ABC could be seen as the first step in getting this area connected back up… After that, Ranelagh Place (Adelphi Square)… needs traffic calming, sorting out… Futurist row links these two important areas… so yes, could be better, but bigger things to come and let’s make them better!

By Alfie

I disagree zebith and bicycle, a lot of the stuff proposed in Liverpool is cheap low rise rubbish, this looks rubbish too. You couldn’t tell me one good realistic proposal right now.

By Widnes the fitness

Even on this thread zenith finds a way to slag off Manchester and cries when there is even a tiny criticism of something in Liverpool. We can see right through your nonsense zebith.

By York Street

I wish people would read my post with a little more understanding. I originally criticised the first rendering for this project, but at the end of the day we had only one developer who was going to take it on. Also I think the comment by the troll about Liverpool being “cheap and ugly” was a general slant against Liverpool, so please read my posts carefully and don’t use my words for your own agendas.

By Man on bicycle

This will undeniably be a great improvement to Lime Street regardless of different opinions of the buildings. Now we are getting a ‘Futurist’ approach’ (forgive the play on words) to this part of Lime Street it needs quickly following up with the area behind the old 051 cinema and the Mount Pleasant car park. We need a big new square behind this area, where the car park is, to link the Knowledge Quarter act as a public transport interchange and take the traffic out of Ralelagh Place by the Adelphi. We need a bold vision for that part of the city. If we get rid of the right turn as traffic comes up Ranelagh Street to the Adelphi we could have a pleasant pedestrian ‘Adelphi’ square linking the central part of the city to the Georgian and Knowledge Quarters at this point. Taxis & buses could all be routed around up Copperas Hill and it
would give the city a new focus half way up the hill.

By Alfie

Zebith you are right about this looking like something in Manchester. It is similar to the sort of stuff we throw up in Moston and Cheetham Hill.

By Elephant

Ah.. Cheetham Hill.. those were the days on Smedley Avenue, cycling through to Blackley via the river Irk. They’ve got a Patisserie Valerie up there now too!

By Alfie

Patisserie Valerie in Bury too.

By Elephant

Where do you live Elephant? Good to see north side of Manchester coming on.

By Alfie


By Elephant

Almost any development is preferable to dereliction, but even so, this is a particularly bland and unimaginative scheme. That said, the building is essentially a steel and concrete box with clip-on panels at the front. In time, with a bit of luck, discerning occupiers might wish to stamp some identity on their own sections. I live in hope.

By moomo