Lidl Winton Concept
An early concept image of the proposed supermarket

Lidl buys Worsley site formerly set for housing

Lidl has purchased a site in Worsley from Kay Atlas, a subsidiary of Robinsons Brewery, to build a 14,300 sq ft supermarket to add to its UK portfolio of 710 stores.

The retailer has bought the site of the former Brown Cow pub on Worsley Road, Winton, in a multi-million-pound deal, and is now planning to build a supermarket along with car parking space.

The site of the Brown Cow pub, which closed in 2015 and has been subject to vandalism and fires, was granted planning permission for 44 homes in December last year, including 21 two-bed apartments, eight three-bed houses, and 15 four-bed houses. It sits on Worsley Road just off the M602 and borders Worsley Brook.

At the time, Salford Council representatives said it was “trying hard to re-use brownfield sites… to meet our housing needs”.

However, following the purchase, a supermarket is now set to come forward on the site as part of Lidl’s plan to open 50 new stores per year.

The retailer is set to hold a public consultation on the plans in the coming months.

Lidl UK’s regional head of property, Nick Harvey said: “We are delighted to be proposing a new store in Worsley, which marks another milestone in our ambitious store expansion programme for Greater Manchester.

“We’ve seen incredible demand for Lidl stores across the country and look forward to offering our quality products and incredible value to shoppers in and around Worsley.

“We are firmly committed to helping boost the local economy by creating new jobs and working with local suppliers in the construction of the new store. The team are very much looking forward to confirming a date for our public consultation day when we will outline our plans and get input from those who will directly benefit from the new store.”

Other stores Lidl is set to open in Greater Manchester include a supermarket next to Baguley Tesco Extra, and its first in Trafford at the site of the former PC World on Chester Road.

Brown Cow Pub

The Brown Cow has been derelict since closing in 2015

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This was a great pub n the old brown cow before it
Maybe its what Winton needs
Not sure
But so pleased its a start
Hope it go s well for them

By Roy mozley

This should not be allowed to go,ahead… why do the people of winton need another supermarket!! It’s not good for the area and I recommend that this is turned down and the homes should be built which I think would be more pleasing to y
The eye plus great for the area rather than a Supermarket thatbwill load roads with traffic and wagons that are delivering … not good

By Paul

Great news just been saying we have got no shops left here great news we are getting a list.

By Rona anderson

The site is in Winton, not Worsley

By Gordon

Everyone I know who actually live in Winton are absolutely thrilled with this. There is no other supermarket near here except the little Asda in Peel Green. It will be good for the elderly not to have to travel. As for wagons, you might get two or three a day. Far more pass up and down Worsley Road every day.

By Rachel

It’s not worsley it’s Winton…I wish developers would say the name of the area instead of changing borders and boundaries just to make it sound better… Winton is a pleasant area to live in and deserves to be acknowledged..

By Steve Dale

this is going to make a bigger problem for traffic surely, worsley road and parrin lane is bad enough now

By ros

@Ros – you’d better get on your bike then if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic!

By Anonymous

Good competition for local shops

By Anonymous

This will be fabulous for the many local people who don’t have cars, not everyone contributes to traffic and the world doesn’t revolve around you and your car. Worsley Road already has loads of lorries up and down at all hours of the day and night, a few more won’t make any difference to those of us who live on the road.

By Anonymous

I think it’s a great idea lived in Winton all my life it will be great for families and the elderly around the area, no buses to use,on the doorstep. BRILLIANT .

By motty

what a great thing for Winton to have our own supermarket brilliant

By anonymous

Can’t wait for it to be built as we in Winton have to travel to eccles for our nearest big supermarkets can’t see it making lots more traffic as it would with houses and flats especially when most houses and flats have two cars

By Lynne

Why would a discount supermarket like Lidl cause problems for the area, one of Lidls policies is to give local people the chance to work and have good quality food that people can afford fresh fruit and vegetables and a bakery all at very very good discounted prices plus and this is a big plus local jobs for an area that’ has a high level of of unemployment come on look at the bigger picture before you make dad comments, a very famous quote ( you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time) as in this case.

By Joe

I think it’s a great idea , jobs for local area and for people who need access to shops it’s going to be a positive thing for winton area , traffic is not going to be a problem once it’s built might cause issues during the building of supermarket Lidl , but no more then if housing was being built, winton is a great place to live and is close to worsley border soon to have RHS which will also bring new people to the area of winton worsley.

By Linda

I like the idea of Lidl opening a new store on site where Brown Cow used to be as it will be handy for a lot of people but I am concerned about the effect this could have on Eccles. Things are not good in Eccles with more units becoming empty all the time & the place looking increasingly rundown & overlooked by new businesses.
What happened to the plans to build homes on Brown Cow site. It seemed to have got approval & be going ahead

By Anonymous

Thrilled if this opens

By Anonymous

I hope it gets built believe it will do well and handy for the local community

By k mozley

Pleased to learn about the proposed Lidl supermarket and hope it goes through. It will provide a wider range of fresh products than the smaller shops in the area. Particularly convenient for those of us living in the Winton area. Good if it brings more jobs to the area too.

By Lyn

Fantastic, I have to travel on 2 buses to get to Lidl in Salford when they have bargains, it will be great to walk locally, great for the elderly who shop every day, hope it all goes through well done Lidl
Many people will shop with you.

By Msm

Great news. Hope this gets built. Will be great for the area. It is much needed and I know I and many people I know will shop there.

By Anonymous

Gerrit built great for winton

By Anonymous

There does not seem to be any rush in developing the Brown Cow site? Does anybody know if Lidl are going ahead with a new store.

By Rick

The area is Winton not Worsley please do not do what Peel Holdings did when they built the monster Trafford Centre changed historical names and areas that have stood for years, long before the big companies take over our local community history and change borders place names because they have money to do so….

By Stephen Dale

This place was savaged by fire multiple times. The only reason this plan is going ahead, is because of the fire in 2017 that caused the entire building to collapse.

By David Smith

Maybe Roy Mozley should live in the area before leaving a comment on what he feels would be good in the area as he doesn’t live in the area so maybe make your comments on your area. Fantastic idea looking forward to it opening.

By Anonymous

Well housing and economic food shopping facilities are essentials

To be honest pubs are abundant in Eccles Salford areas