Legacie Parliament Square

Legacie targets February start for Baltic Triangle flats

Developer and contractor Legacie is set to start on its £90m Parliament Square project in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle early next year, with around 40% of the project already sold to foreign buyers.

Legacie secured planning permission for the project in September this year and is aiming to deliver 505 apartments along with 12 retail and leisure units totalling more than 20,000 sq ft on the site on Parliament Street and Greenland Street.

Designed by Falconer Chester Hall, the project will see the construction of four blocks ranging between eight and 18 storeys in height, linked by a communal courtyard and public realm. Accommodation is split between studio, one, two, and three-bed apartments.

The site is in two parts with one area currently occupied by a warehouse and an enclosed yard, while the second is vacant. Both are considered brownfield having been previously developed.

Legacie will develop the project using its in-house contractor Legacie Developments and is aiming to have the scheme ready to hand over by the last quarter of 2020.

John Morley, the developer’s founder, said: “There’s been some negativity surrounding development schemes in Liverpool recently, yet despite this, the city remains an exciting prospect for foreign purchasers. There are various schemes being built in the city due to its high rental demand and returns, with Legacie at the forefront of the regeneration.

“Parliament Square has attracted interest from an array of international buyers who are all keen to be part of the redevelopment of an up-and-coming area of Liverpool and the evolving story that is the Baltic Triangle.”

Legacie Developments’ other schemes in Liverpool city centre include Reliance House on Water Street and Ropemaker Place on Renshaw Street. The developer has also carried out a restoration of shops on Dale Street opposite the former Municipal Buildings.

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Depressingly out of context as usual, another landmark part of the city ruined….

By Hugo Drax

The Council talk about their nervousness about the development of fractional sale resi schemes within the city, even setting up a consultation, yet they themselves have sold half of this site to this developer who is offering guaranteed returns for fixed periods = fractional sales….

By Baz

I think we’re at the point were using the word ‘context’ should merit a one month ban. Clearly it’s just intellectual cover for Troglodytism.

By Denby

What a surprise! Legacie said they wouldn’t be selling these overseas on the fractional sales model (guaranteed rent etc). I dread to think what corners will be cut and the ‘legacy’ this development will leave behind in 20 years time when these guys are long gone.


SC. No they didn’t. Are you sure you’re not mixing Legacie with the Great George St project? The developers on that one did say they weren’t looking at fractional sales. Legacie have used fractional sales for all their developments.

Hugo Drax. Landmark part of the city? It’s still a dump. Yes, Constellations is nice but they planned for this and moved. Constellations was always a temporary scheme anyway. They knew they’d have to move. This new project creates a new context. High-quality, suitably large gateway buildings on a major route. Now we have Constellations in their new venue AND 30k of new commercial occupiers.


Please to see this development being erected

By Ben

If ‘context’ is to be banned then so should ‘gateway site’. I don’t mind the building per-se but I would have liked to see a visual impact assessment on the Anglican Cathedral/Cains Brewery which are key skyline features of Liverpool. Also I really don’t know why it was considered ok to waive the s106 money for this scheme…

By Du Be Ous

I like it!

By Gerry Pacemaker

who are Legacie anyway?

By Joe Anderson

Why do LCC keep waiving the s106 agreements, getting these developers to invest in the area, instead leaving it to them to spend on external works which then disappear as the scheme progresses… I can’t see ‘legacie’ leaving much of a legacy in ten years time!

By In the know

Why don’t they use S106’s funds or some of it to provide accommodation for. Homeless children and/or those coming out of care, it’s wrong that youngest are literally discarded when they reach 18.

By Just saying

Brings reopening St. James underground a step closer! This was a very busy area in the past too, with the ‘landmark’ Royal Southern hospital on the site. The scale is good and the massing well thought through in this context. Make sure you get the the surfaces/public spaces right; this should be carefully monitored. I think the 106 was waved for this.

By Roscoe

Well that completely blocks my view of the cathedral.. along with everyone else’s in my building


@CB – An estate agent friend told me years ago, don’t buy a home for the view unless you own the view.

By Reality