PRP Laurus Homes Clitheroe

Laurus expands into Lancashire with 184 Clitheroe homes

Housing provider Laurus Homes has set out its first site in Lancashire with a 184-home development in Clitheroe, set to start on site in February next year, subject to planning consent.

The housebuilder, which is a joint venture between Trafford Housing Trust and housing association L&Q, has submitted an outline planning application for the site on Whalley Road; the 184 homes are split between a mix of one-bed apartments, two, three, four, and five-bed houses.

Around half of these properties will be made available for affordable rent or shared ownership.

Designed by architect PRP, the housing scheme already has outline consent with the housebuilder looking to submit a reserved matters application finalising its design next month. Subject to a positive decision, Laurus is aiming to start on site in February 2019.

Since launching in a joint venture in 2016, Laurus Homes has primarily concentrated its developments in Greater Manchester; the Clitheroe site represents its first foray into the Lancashire market.

The company is planning to build 2,000 new homes across the North West by 2020.

Projects currently on site include projects in Walkden and Whalley Range, while the company is also completing housing schemes on Washway Road, Altrincham, and Cross Street in Sale.

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really more new houses? not sure the needs is there plenty of empty house and already over a thousand already granted permission. #gridlock #concretevalley

By Isthereaneed?

Not wanted not welcome.

By Noddy

Not more houses! Shortage of doctors, dentists,, school places, parking nd not easy to get in or out of Clitheroe. Why are they letting more and more people flood into a gridlocked town.

By Concerned

When will the residents of Clitheroe be listened to — we don’t want or need any more houses in our town!!

By Toomany

Absolutely ludicrous we are packed to the rafters what’s happening to are lovely town

By Rebecca

No more. Stop ruining the Ribble Valley.

By Very Concerned

Greed before need. This town is becoming choked by capitalism.

By Steve m

Surely before any decision is made to allow more housing you look at infrastructure ? Already new development at Henthorn Road sees only one road in and out of the new estate – grid locked in the morning and at night
As already stated there are insufficient schools , dentists , dr places , – the most important factor is road network – clearly not sufficient or of the right specifications. – I am certainly not a NIMBY but where is the planning ? Build on vacant land – grid locked

By Colin Thornton

No need for these to be built! Already plenty built in the last 5 years already up for resale and over 1000 still to built! Stop ruining our beautiful area with your ridiculously overpriced housing, yes there is a need for the affordable homes here, but all that’s being offered is the token few which stretch people beyond their means if they can get the deposit together. As already mentioned we need a serious overhaul of the local infrastructure to include at least another school as most families moving into the area will need to send their kids outside the borough to attend school!

By Clitheroe resident

What part of whalley road ??

By Anonymous

Far too many houses being built – absolutely ridiculous that more are being considered – we need schools, doctors, dentists etc to cope with the number of people moving into the houses already being built. Then there is the issue of all the extra vehicles causing gridlock everwhere. Also, what happened to saving the planet – all these new houses are using gas and electricity – makes a mockery of switching off lights on motorways to be “green”. I haven’t seen anywhere where they mention building new reservoirs either – after the summer we have just had it has highlighted that this is a necessity with how low the water levels are STOP THE BUILDING NOW ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

By Sheila

@Sheila – I trust you’ve sent your detailed appraisal to the developer’s of this scheme? I imagine their viability department will be enlightened by your in-depth research

By Anonymous

People in the Ribble valley don’t like their little idyll being built on. They want all the new houses to be on Brownfield sites in Burnley.

By Elephant

I went for a drink in Clitheroe recently, what a weird place, proper League of Gentlemen vibe, I paid for a pint which wasn’t given to me, when I pointed out I’d hadn’t been given it yet they called the bouncer over.

By James

NIMBY’ism alive and well in Clitheroe !

By Anonymous