Blundell Street Apartments
The scheme is the latest in the ongoing regeneration of Liverpool's Baltic Triangle district

Latest Baltic Triangle apartments move forward 

Dan Whelan

An entity of TaylorHighdale, a developer headed up by directors Robert Taylor and former Liverpool footballer Sean Highdale, wants to build 86 apartments across two blocks on the corner of Blundell Street and Simpson Street in the city centre.

The 78,000 sq ft development, being brought forward by an SPV called Blundell Street, would comprise a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom flats, contained within a new-build eight-storey building and a retained three-storey warehouse built in 1916. 

A terrace on the roof of the new-build block is also proposed, and there would be 6,500 sq ft of commercial space on the ground floors of both buildings. 

Designed by architect Modern City Architecture and Urbanism, the scheme has been recommended for approval by Liverpool City Council’s planning department next week. 

An earlier, 10-storey, iteration of the scheme was scaled back due to concerns over the its proximity to Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral, This prompted the developer to reduce the number of apartments to 86 from 92.

The Planning Studio is the planning consultant for the project. 

Taylor and Highdale also run a firm called Chaloner Street Developments, which is working on a project to redevelop the former Norton Scrap Metal site off Upper Parliament Street in Liverpool to create 650 homes and a 200-bedroom hotel.

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By Michael McDonut

Erm wasn’t a SRF produced designed to mitigate super ugly schemes like this one. Btw Sean never played a single game for liverpool, he was a Vauxhall motors man through and through….piss poor effort all round me thinks

By Sigh

Should read ‘The scheme is the latest in the ongoing degeneration of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle district’

By Mikes mate

Any balconies?

By Fresh Air

Is that the best they can design? Is it all about functionality: get it up get ‘em in

By George

Almost certainly a phantom project. Highdale has never built anything.

By Denby

The other site is off Parliament Street not Upper Parliament Street. This’ll be the first stage towards connecting up towards the Baltic Fleet pub and the Nordic Church via the Wapping Tunnel area. It’ll all join up much better as this is developed.

By Red Squirrel

No balconies after COVID?


Random window patterns, really? arent we past that now?

By Random

More and more BOXES. So boring now.

By Ben

Would like to think this will go ahead and get more people into the Baltic , however on research the people behind the scheme seem to have ,or had , involvement in a number of companies.
The design/refurb is ok and seems little different to what would be found in parts of Hamburg or Marseille , but the annoying thing once again is that 10 storeys was deemed to be too high, no wonder investors are hesitant.

By sound

Voted one of the coolest places to live in the Uk

By Anonymous

@Anonymous. Indeed. A spaciously planned city with so much historical importance. From the top heights of Brownlow Hill with its elevated views, to the Liver building, which was indeed the worlds first skyscraper which shaped New York into what it is today.

By Liverpool romance

If the look they were going for is ‘cheap and ugly’ then job done. I’ll bet however there’re not actually going to be that cheap.

By John

A zip wire and then this ! is this really the quality investment we need . I despair when i see the levels of investment other places getting particularly London. its always the way throw them a few crumbs as long as they’ve got a few ‘heritage buildings’ they’ll be happy.

By L12

Given the comments on here about the developers track record, lets hope its doesn’t get built, its an absolute shocker. Looks like it belongs at the back of TJ’s with all that other dross that is going up.

By Oscar

I like this scheme, fits in very well with the local context and feels like part of the Baltic triangle already..well done

By John woods-L19