Latchford resi scheme wins approval

Simon Donohue

A residential development of 104 dwellings on 8.4 acres of urban green space has won approval from Warrington council.

Mosaic Town Planning represented Halebank Developments in securing consent for the development of the former tannery lagoon at Latchford, Warrington.

Although the land is identified as urban green space, the council accepted that it only fulfils a limited recreational function. It is in private ownership with no public access, and alternative open space in the area exceeds the policy requirement.

Architect Pozzoni produced the design proposals for the residential development, which includes a green gateway at the site entrance.

The council agreed that the proposals would contribute to the regeneration of the inner urban area and provide affordable housing to meet identified needs.

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aw heck that land is toxic.. lets hope they have cleaned it up 

By Karen Maskall