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Previous redevelopment proposals have not materialised. Credit: Urban Edge

Lancaster snaps up Morecambe’s Frontierland 

Dan Whelan

The acquisition from supermarket company Morrisons provides fresh hope that the former Western-style theme park could finally be redeveloped after closing more than 20 years ago. 

Lancaster City Council has bought the Morecambe site for an undisclosed sum in a bid to kick start a project to revamp the 7.6-acre plot, located off Marine Road West. 

Frontierland, which closed in 1999, has been the subject of several failed redevelopment attempts.

Most recently, developer Opus North won approval for a £17m mixed-use scheme known as Bay Shopping Park in 2014. 

The proposals included 120,000 sq ft of retail space, 15,000 sq ft of restaurants, pubs and cafes, a 62-bedroom hotel and 336 car parking spaces.  

However, the project never materialised and planning consent has now expired. 

“By owning the land, we now have the potential to use the site to help drive the reinvention of the town,” said Cllr Tricia Heath, Lancaster City Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for economic recovery. 

“There are a number of options available that provide the opportunity to capitalise on the renewed interest that developers are showing in Morecambe. 

“Frontierland has been left to decay for long enough already, so the council felt it had to step in and pursue its own redevelopment plans to provide long lasting economic, social, and environmental improvements.” 

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Good move. The Bay Shopping Park would have been negative for the wider town.

By Gene Walker

Long overdue. Well done Lancaster Council, make it somewhere people will want to visit and join up both ends of Morecambe. It’s been an eyesore for far too long

By Alex Duffy

Glad to see an eyesore being taken seriously .
Mixed use with some much needed quality homes would be good too

By Rick

Needs to consider with Eden project

By Gary

I hope it goes ahead. About time

By Derek

We really don’t need any more big retail space in the area. Restaurants, bars, hotels, leisure space, a fun swimming pool would actually draw people in

By Chris

Great news for Morecambe ,would be nice to see a mix of bars and eateries with an open plan site ( outdoor central seating area with screens etc) , still miss the old frontier land however , spent much of my childhood in the old wooden dipper !

By Steve brown

Long overdue. There is a lot of potential to put Morecambe back on the map.

By Graeme Austin

I think a development like “the Bay Shopping Park” would be amazing for the area. Creating 1000’s of jobs,
Not only during the construction but long term, something morecambe differently needs.

By Naomi

New to the area since December 2020. The “eyesore” is off-putting – I would hope there would be a place for community based enterprise,not just commercial. People need space to come together.

By Elizabeth Crampton

Got to be leisure

By Peter Wright

Great news at long last. It has been an eyesore for everyone for too long. Especially as we have a lovely prom and glorious views. I am so glad to live here. Looking forward to seeing this happen.

By Bernadette speakman

About time. Morrisons should be ashamed of themselves for letting this drag on for years. Hopefully they don’t build houses on it, instead something that will benefit the town like a park with gardens

By Ragnar

Please think about the children , and lets do something exciting for them to use along with family fun please.

By Susan Burke

Morecambe needs a great increase in leisure and hotel accommodation for the future

By Harry hardiker

Great,not sure about the hotel, as the local b&bs will close. The project will create jobs, that must be good.

By Carole morris

I really hope this all comes together Morecombe needs to come alive again its got so much going for it close to the lake’s beautiful views across the bay

By Liz Ashby

Why a undisclosed sum for frontier land? Does Lancaster Council have something to hide? It’s not even their money

By Peter myers

Long overdue the town needs redevelopment

By Peter Simpson

Something good for families and young people nothing for them to do, as they grow up. Swimming pool etc would be great.

By Pat Hooton

When the Eden project goes ahead we’re going to need to feed and offer refreshments to all our visitors. An outdoor food court hosting a variety of eateries would be excellent, not to mention the jobs it will generate for the area

By D.Nichols

Lancaster City Council are only interested in Lancaster. Morecambe have always been the poor relation.

By Wendy Richmond

Take away the funfare now and there’s nothing much for young people. Definitely a swimming pool…eateries, bars and leisure space.

By Mags Eckersley

Great news for the western part of our town. Let’s consider ideas that will link in and complement The Eden Project. A mixture of quality housing generating income to support development, leisure along the lines of Freight Island Manchester and a multi-use space which could offer pop up facilities, for example, ice skating. In addition to fixed bars and restaurants pop up street food outlets. Less “chain” outlets and draw on more local and regional influences including providing the skills of local people the opportunity to showcase their work – art, music, crafts and share their skills with others which will build local confidence and provide Fun! We could have a food fayre, flower and produce show or a Flower Show – lots of variety to draw people in. Remember Light and Water and Womad?

By Julia Reay

I think more retail and eateries would detract from what is currently in place, they should consider using some of the space to get the camper vans off the front with day, overnight and short stay holiday fees. A great leisure pool, nightclub and indoor karting. Maybe a scuba diving club/school. Something that encourages visitors to stay and spend and something residents will enjoy in low season.

By Alyson

Look at what Butlins have with their Skyline pavilions, constructing something like this with restaurants, bars, and fairground rides all under cover would create all year round facilities to attract tourists and locals to the area along with the Eden Project across the road

By Stewart Higgins

Great if we could see something like Sandcasle Water Park.

By Ste Hunt

A swimming pool is a good idea and perhaps a premier Inn. Play gym for kids, wacky Wearhouse is rundown.

By Natalie Lisgo

I hope this is not a ploy to put houses on it.

By George.Beacham

Good news .but what about the disgusting arcade next to b and m .worst eyesore ever .accident waiting to happen.

By Lillian

Any development on that site will be positive. The original proposal was exciting. Unfortunately Lancaster City Councils track record is not a good one so any development with them at the helm will fall short. Please prove me wrong!

By Les

Hope it won’t be houses on the site or a car park. It needs something that can be used all year round for residents and visitors. Council needs to get together with eden project. We are short of some really classy restaurants. It has to look good being on the promenade ,no cheap shops.

By Moira stretch

What a waste of tax-payers money. It is derelict because no one wants to occupy it. There was planning permission for leisure and retail, but no tenants were forthcoming. Nothing has changed, except that it is now a burden on the tax-payer and not Morrisons. Covid has simply made the leisure and retail landscape worse. It will have to be used for social housing. No one else will be interested.

By LucyP

You really need to be spending money the people of Morcambe are paying for services NOT being done the streets are overgrown with weeds and your excuses about being environmentally friendly don’t wash
it’s a Disgrace that the people of Morcambe should feel shame instead of pride for their Rich Town
because you the Elected are letting us down

By Ms Teresa Doolan