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Lancaster prioritises Morecambe in £25m funding bid

Lancaster City Council has put in a bid for money from the Government’s £1bn Future High Streets Fund, focused on the regeneration of Morecambe town centre.

The council described the bid as “ambitious” and said it aimed to make central Morecambe “a better place to live, visit and trade”.

The bid builds on work undertaken to prepare and deliver the Morecambe Area Action Plan, which brings together the public and private sectors to implement changes to the town, along with guiding other investments, such as for Eden Project North.

Schemes include improvements to encourage sustainable travel and better facilities for walking and cycling. There is also a commitment to sustainability, and where there is investment in buildings, low carbon construction will be specified.

The development of Morecambe town would look to bring vacant areas, underused and derelict property back to productive use, such as with offices, hotels and residential.

There would be better pedestrian linkages between the high street, seafront and the proposed £80m Eden Project North visitor experience, to increase footfall through the town centre.

If successful, the funding would also create more public open spaces for flexible uses, community events and leisure opportunities, and fund a cultural strategy, which would be based within Morecambe’s Winter Gardens.

Cllr Tim Hamilton-Cox, Cabinet member with responsibility for economic development and regeneration, said: “The council wants to work in partnership with other property owners in central Morecambe to create a more attractive and animated town centre.

“With the hoped-for arrival of Eden Project North, visitors will be attracted to Morecambe from across the UK and internationally.

“That prospect, and the Future High Streets funding, could provide us with the perfect opportunity to ‘build back better’ after the impact of Covid-19 on local businesses and jobs: to invest in a town that should become greener, more prosperous and attractive as a result.

“We won’t be able to do this alone and there’s no doubt that by itself £25m can’t address everything. But what it will do is provide the catalyst for others to invest in the town and, if the bid is successful, we’ll be looking to work with all our communities to ensure the plans benefit everyone.”

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Never happen nothing has yet

By George Beacham

Love Morecambe but the authorities need to clear out all the druggies who accost you when walking around! Such a pity

By Norma Bullen

Morecambe should bring back the illuminations and to tidy up shop fronts and also bring down the business rates and cheaper shops for people to rent or lease

By Nadine hardman

Morecambe Bay is a gift of nature, a wonder every bit as inspiring as the Lakes and Lancashire Fells. Great that Lancaster City Council is prepared to get behind the collective push to bring Eden Project North to Morecambe, and to recognise that the future of the city, the town, and the wider Bay area are properly interdependent. A tram system, connecting City center to waterfront would be transformative. The Lancashire-wide initiative to promote local produce, food and wellbeing is mouthwatering in its potential. Morecambe, Brighton of the North is how I’ve thought of it for years and, sure, it is a long time coming, but I’m convinced that a decade hence we’ll look back on “The Bay” as an excellent TV drama series that captured Morecambe as it was, not as how it has remained. All support to Tim Smit, Grimshaw Architects, Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust, Lancaster University, Lancaster City Council and all the people of Morecambe brave enough to hold a vision for a better future for this wonderful place.

By Phil Griffin

Sounds good, let’s hope something will happen, something to look forward to. Morecambe is a wonderful place to live.

By Carole

Utilise the funds to get the planning department fully staffed to enable the many exciting projects to progress.
Also create parking areas in the derilict Middleton Industrial areas and put new tram links to the town centre. Three ideas that could have a big impact on investment .?

By John Ward

It’s great that there is some focus, but having grown up in Morecambe, this seems like a re-hash of the 1990s Tern Project that revitalised the promenade area and sea-front. Yes, we are 25 years on from that now, so some updates will happen (but work has been ongoing anyway, with upgrades to the sea wall etc to improve the public realm)

What really needs to happen is now a turn around and look at the buildings on the sea-front – albeit difficult with multiple ownership, this area needs some investment in time, thought and money to improve the area and get ready for the Eden Project and the interest and investment that will bring to the area.

There is much to be celebrated in both Lancaster and Morecambe, but it needs a joined up approach to bring the area to life. Not back to life, but TO LIFE for the future.

By Anonymous