East Of Halewood Masterplan
Redrow, Bellway and Miller Homes are lines up to deliver the residential development

Knowsley approves East Halewood masterplan

Dan Whelan

The council has signed off on a plan to build 1,500 homes on 200 acres between Halewood and Everton FC’s Finch Farm training ground. 

The former Green Belt site was one of ten reallocated for residential development under Knowsley’s local plan, adopted in 2016. 

The site includes two large plots located north and south of the Liverpool to Manchester rail line, and some smaller parcels off Greensbridge Lane and Higher Road. 

Knowsley Council and Optimised Environments, with support from multidiscplinary firm WSP, drew up the masterplan, which also proposes to expand and upgrade Finch Woods as a public park.  

Housebuilders Redrow, Bellway and Miller Homes are among the 19 landowners within the masterplan area.

Redrow has the single largest plot at nearly 50 acres, while Bellway’s largest plot amounts to 30 acres. Bellway submitted plans in February for 413 homes across two of its plots. 

Last October, Redrow submitted a hybrid application for 730 homes across two plots totalling 90-acres, while Miller Homes submitted plans for 162 homes that same month.  

During the East Halewood public consultation process, which ran from February to April 2019, residents raised concerns over the ability of existing infrastructure, such as schools and health centres, to cope with the rise in population that further residential development would bring. 

The most recent council report on the masterplan said: “East of Halewood will provide a high-quality and distinctive new residential offer for Halewood – a place served by excellent infrastructure and accessible to all.

“It will be the most sought after and significant scheme of its type in the south of the city region.”

Mark Foster, associate at Optimum Environments, said: “The progression of the masterplan has been considered at every stage and Optimum Environments has advised the Council throughout the process, from initial technical analysis, option framework testing and design to detailed placemaking guidance.

“The masterplan’s connections with Halewood, sustainable cycle routes, commemorated links to history and purposeful green spaces will be defining features for this new residential, urban extension to Halewood and we look forward to seeing development coming forward in the near future.”

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Good development adds to,the quality of the area and the city region….note the nonsense of this area moving out of Liverpool City Region….it’s is closely linked both via transport and employment….both. The city and the Wirral are intrinsically linked ….in fact Cheshire west needs to join the Liverpool city region and Cheshire east join Manchester .

By George

Poor old Everton. They thought they were moving to a quiet country lane away from the great unwashed…

By Sceptical

Looks good with the park, and nicely laid out with treelined streets. Hope you’re planning in some shops and community facilities.

By The Crows

Can the Knowsley council guarantee we already living in halewood village will not be prone to flooding when most of the greenbelt land will become concrete, if we do get flooded will the council foot the bill

By S williams

Will the be a pub

By Anthony

I understood that red row would not be allowed to build in knowsley how is that allowed to happen

By Netty

Are any of thehouses for houseing stock and any of them bungalows

By Sheila ming

Are there any plans for some decent local shops, and dare I say it, even a decent local pub, similar to what they have in Upton Rocks in Cronton? The area is crying out for such.

By STEVE Kelly

Great news… 1500 new homes will be a great addition to the already overcrowded schools, doctors, shops and roads. No way this passed the consultation stage.

By Halewood resident

Stop building houses on our green space!! Our community is struggling as it is with full schools, no doctor appointments, the roads won’t be able to cope. Stop being greedy and for once think about the environment.

By Jessica Hudson

Consider schools which are over subscribed at present before new housing. Consider increase of a rise in pollution when area becomes over populated. Consider the present pandemic should this or others like it return in the future. More people in one area more strain on health services. Consider how people will afford properties due to the future of economy after Covid-19,job losses, council tax rising as the effect of this pandemic will hit us all financially. Creating new builds with leaseholds that no one can afford and increasing population in one specific area is creating problems for the future..

By Jeannie

This will kill our area. One of the few doctors surgeries we have is in special measures because it can’t cope, the other surgeries and the dentist can’t take on new patients, the shops are already rammed and the schools are seriously over subscribed. This will make people move out of the area, not stay.

By Naomi Eccleshall

Good choice of destination. Near the main roads, trains stations that serve liverpool and Manchester, near the airports.
If people are worried about schools and doctors appointments then they need to demand better services from the public sector- not reduce the amount of homes for people to live in

By Stuart wood

What disaster waiting to happen. No mention in reports of what plans they have, or don’t have with regards to GPS, schools and water levels. Are the Halton plans over the bridge, some quarter of a mile away proceding too? Compounding the problem!!!

By K Williams

Knowsley Council,Optimum Environments, WSP will thay take in to consideration the huge lake on their masterplan in upgrading Finch Woods as a public park ,the lake in question is on the plot of land adjacent to Greenbridg Lane and Lower Road .

By S hughes

The reality is the shops aren’t that busy and they could do with more customers, the schools aren’t over subscribed, the roads are pretty empty and if people can’t get a doctors appointment then complain to the nhs to provide my services or go private!
Get those houses built

By Stuart wood

I have read the whole proposal. It’s a disgrace. No further improvements to infrastructure. Make do with what we have. Just a ploy to gain more income from council tax.
Just one example is that they agree the roads are not sufficient for the additional traffic. Response to that is that they are going to build some cycle paths.
We are going to suffer because of this development.

By Alan