Knowsley aims for 8,000 new homes by 2028

Simon Donohue

Knowsley Council has finalised the core strategy component of its Local Plan, including an ambition to build 8,000 new homes in the borough by 2028.

The core strategy also sets out a goal to create attractive places to live, work and spend leisure time, create new employment opportunities, decide how town centres and smaller shopping areas should be developed, make the best use of green spaces and decide how to tackle climate change.

An examination in public will take place following submission to the secretary of state.

This will be chaired by a Government-appointed planning inspector and will involve public hearings, expected to begin in November.

The council will then seek to adopt the core strategy as part of its statutory local development plan.

Cllr Dave Lonergan, Knowsley Council's cabinet member for regeneration, economy and skills, said: "This has been a large piece of work which has been carefully considered with input from our residents and local businesses at every stage.

"It is important because it sets out how we want Knowsley to look in years to come – and how we can use development to achieve some of the things that are most important to local people by providing access to employment, housing, and leisure opportunities."

Information about the Local Plan and the forthcoming Examination in Public can be found on the council's website at

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Yep, gotta get all those welfare queens into nice new houses…

By Tax Payer

Tax Payer: Sweeping generalisation there ….

By Jools

Jools: I knew it wouldn’t be long until the professionally offended turned up….

By Anonymous

Anonymous – not offended in any way – just making an observation. Happy to put my name to my comment also.

By Jools