K2 hands over new home to Morris & Spottiswood

Liverpool-based K2 Architects has completed the £2m transformation of an industrial unit into the new regional office for fit-out firm Morris & Spottiswood in Birchwood, Warrington.

Garrett House, a 12,000 sq ft of warehouse and office acquired by Morris & Spottiswood, was remodelled along design guidelines generated through a series of workshops led by K2 with the client's staff.

Extensive structural remodelling allowed a retrofit over the existing cladding with a new façade, opening up the entrance area with new curtain walling, allowing natural light into the reception area and meeting rooms above.

Mark Davies, director of K2, said: "Morris & Spottiswood wanted to continue its investment in the North West business and team, whilst creating an impressive regional office able to service the English market. Rather than demolish the original building, we completely remodelled it in order to maximise space and minimise the build cost. The result is a creative and stimulating corporate building to showcase their aspirations as a leading fit-out contractor to both existing and potential clients, whilst integrating the distinctive personality of the Morris & Spottiswood brand."

Davies said an increasing number of firms across the UK are looking to refurbish and upgrade existing premises as opposed to relocating.

He added: "K2 Architects has a track record of transforming industrial spaces into innovative corporate headquarters that house all of the company's functions under one roof.

"We are keen to work with businesses to show them how we can deliver exactly the building they require without the expense and disruption of moving."

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More news to be announced on our continuing growth in the manufacturing, commercial and logistics sector in the next couple of weeks

By Kevin Horton K2 Architects

This building sits next to our flagship office building, Rutherford House. It has been an eyesore and a cause for concern to us for some time. We are delighted with the new look building and wish the new occupiers well. This will also enhance the non MEPC Birchwood estate.

By Imran Younus

It was a pleasure working with K2 to transform this building which upon possession was extremely dilapidated. It now serves us well in our pursuit of growing our market share in the NW and wider UK fitout and refurbishment market. It’s a pleasure to work in such a fantastic environment and hopefully this will encourage future employees during our current recruitment drive.

By Liz Everett

The building will help drag up the general architectural standards of the area up to those of MEPC at Birchwood Park.

By Louis Walsh

Taking a break from X Factor?

By Imran Younus