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A planning application has been submitted for The Factory, the £110m arts centre being designed by Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture as part of the £1bn St John’s neighbourhood in Manchester.

The Factory has been earmarked as the permanent home of the Manchester International Festival and will provide a venue for theatre, music and art events.

The complex will be large enough and flexible enough to allow more than one new work of significant scale to be shown and/or created at the same time, accommodating combined audiences of up to 7,000.

As part of the Autumn Statement in 2014, the Government committed £78m to the project, with Manchester City Council delivering the rest of the funding package through planned land and property sales, public subscriptions and donations.

Construction of The Factory is part of the £1.2bn plans for the St John’s neighbourhood, which will see the delivery of up to 3,000 residential units, 600,000 sq ft of workspace, and a mix of hotels and cultural buildings. The scheme is being delivered by Allied London and Manchester City Council.

The project will be OMA’s first major public building in the UK.

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By A Manc

Very nice. Finally, some interesting architecture!

By David

Cool architecture but it will be completely hemmed in and obscured by Allied London’s looming PRS towers.

It pains me to say it but that’s just typical Manchester isn’t it? It’s all about extracting the absolute maximum commercial value from every last scrap of land and to hell with the consequences. What happened to civility and liveability and shaping those economic forces to create an environment that works for people as well as business? The town hall apart, all of our most impressive buildings are obscured within a riot of competing buildings. I can’t believe we’ve gone and done the same here, even after all that masterplanning! No wonder the city gets a bad rep sometimes.

‘Twas ever thus though.

By Cost known, value irrelevant.

Not sure Rem would like one of his buildings described as ‘nice’; I guess OMA know what they’re doing!?

By Graham

Spot on cost known

Manchester is allergic to space.

As you say our great buildings are cramped in and completely overshadowed by looming buildings in order to squeeze every penny.

Because of this lack of space, there is a lack of perspective for our landmarks and our city centre is much worse for it.

Even our great town hall is crammed in, and due to the metrolink so is st peters square, and especially market street.

Hate to say it but they should have knocked down most of manchester and rebuilt/rethought it like napolean did with paris!

Too late now.

P.s Still love manchester…just not as great as it could have been.

By luke