Hoylake Promenade, Hoylake, C Jonathan Caswell
The proposed masterplan calls for a remodel of the town's 120-year-old promenade. Credit: Jonathan Caswell

Hoylake masterplan pitches historic promenade remodel

Julia Hatmaker

A revamp of the town centre and Carr Lane Industrial Estate is also proposed in the document, which is being considered for inclusion in the town’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Community Planning Forum Hoylake Vision commissioned the masterplan, which was made by consultants AECOM. The document is based on findings from a 2020 consultation process that was run by community-interest company Placed. Wirral Council and non-profit Locality contributed funds for the project.

The plan focuses largely on three main areas: The Carr Lane Industrial Estate, The Row on Market Street and The Promenade.

Carr Lane Industrial Estate: proposals include building a new community hub, enhancing green infrastructure, building a variety of mixed-housing types, linking smart-bus transportation, and making walkable and cycle-able streets.

The Promenade: the masterplan promotes rebalancing combined street space so that pedestrians are at the forefront, followed by cyclists and vehicles. It also suggests creating more access points to the promenade and the beach, incorporating more public art, extending the native planting scheme along the whole of the promenade and incorporating atmospheric evening lighting. A multi-purpose zero-carbon community café and off-road wheelchair and cycle hire hub are also proposed. Plans call for EV charging points and an integrated SuDS scheme to address drainage issues.

The Row on Market Street: Revamping the town centre includes creating a mixed-use development that has either a community or arts building focus, according to the masterplan. That building would sit alongside smaller local retail or business incubator units. Proposals also call for an indoor theatre or music venue and flexible outdoor space that could house a market.

Mark Howard, chair of Community Planning Forum Hoylake Vision, said he found the proposals for the promenade “especially exciting.”

“It is very much a promenade concept for the 21st century, putting ‘people before cars’; single level porous surfacing with pedestrian crossovers; improved traffic management and parking; EV charging points; and cycle lane markings,” he said. “We are also still very keen to hear more suggestions from residents and businesses.”

The public is invited to provide its feedback on the masterplan proposal, a revised version of which will feature in the Hoylake Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Community Planning Forum Hoylake Vision hopes that having a masterplan and a Neighbourhood Development Plan will aid the community in securing future funding from the government.

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